Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 335

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 335

Chapter 335 

In the ward, the Manson family were talking when they heard three polite knocks on the door. Who can it be?Jonny thought

He frowned. Just as he was about to speak, the door opened

A young woman entered. Her round face was very likable, but she had a cold expression. Then, two prople who looked like bodyguards entered the ward

Jonny’s intuition told him that the other party did not come with good intentions. Just as he was about to call the bodyguards guarding outside to come in, he saw a slender and familiar figure approaching. It was Olivial 

Jonny shook his head, feeling a little stunned

After Olivia entered, the people behind her instantly closed the door to the ward

She walked to the couch opposite the bed and swept a glance at the room

For some reason, Victoria felt her heart skip a beat

Just a moment ago, she had still been looking down on Olivia. Now that she saw her in person, Victoria immediately became nervous

The feeling was inexplicable

I was the same instinct as when a prey came across the king of the beasts. It was a fear that was etched nto the bones

YouVictoria subconsciously jumped up and ran to Jonny’s side

he thought that Olivia was going to hit her

lowever, just as she moved, she saw Olivia sitting on the couch

ictoria was dumbfounded

oJust now, Olivia just wanted to sit down and not hit me?she thought

Vhy are you here? You even brought so many people. Where are the bodyguards outside the door?” 

nny scolded her from the moment he opened his mouth. Did you attack them? How disrespectful. This 

fore he could finish, Olivia blinked and raised her hand. It’s too noisy.” 

ne of the men who looked like a bodyguard, stepped forward and grabbed Jonny. In the next second

ny’s chin was dislocated

hat are you doing?Fear flashed across Victoria’s eyes

is Olivia gone crazy? She can’t possibly be thinking of killing us here, right? Victoria thought ntically

here are the bodyguards? Where are my people?Victoria’s face was pale as she rushed towards the >r. Before her hand could touch the handle, a man pushed her back and dislocated her chin too

on seeing this, Elena cowered and was a little afraid

via sensed it. She looked up at Elena and said, Go out and wait for me. Stay with Tyson and the 

ers. This is my private matter. It’s not appropriate for any of you to interfere in it.” 

er all, they were provided by the country, so it was not appropriate to ask them to do anything against law. Therefore, the bodyguards brought in by Olivia were hired separately

y were all mercenaries with blood on their hands

r Elena left, Olivia crossed her legs. Her usually uncaring eyes revealed a bonechilling coldness

had always been aloof and indifferent. Even if she was angry, she would only emit an aura that made ble stay away from her. She had never appeared as murderous as today

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It was as if she would kill anyone who disagreed with her!. 

Why did you touch Andrew?Olivia looked up. This was the first time she had confronted Witiona In the past, no matter how many times the two of them met, Olivia never really looked at her. She did not care about Winona at all

But now, Winona had touched the one person that was her sore spot

The moment she found out that something had happened to Andrew, Olivia felt her heart skip a beat. Her anger scored skyhigh and overwhelmed any other thoughts in her mind

Fuck it. To hell with being the dean of the Capitol Research Institute. Why do I have to follow the rules. when lamako in a high position and others can do whatever they want?she thought

In her entire life, she had never asked for anything. Everything she said and did was for others. For the cake of the overall situation, she had done much, all in contribution to everyone. She had waited for so long just to protect the people she cared about

She contemplated. Can it be that just because I keep a low profile and do not lash out ruthlessly, any. Tom, Dick, or Harry could bully me?” 

Today, she would break her own rules once and do whatever she wanted

Do you know who he is?Olivia pointed at the man beside her. She looked at the Manson family and deliberately said slowly. “He’s an international fugitive. He’s wanted by several countries. What do you think about him killing your family of three here today?” 

You’ve gone crazy!Winona could not believe it

How dare the woman in front of me do this? How dare shelWinona thought

Extreme fear made Winona’s face turn pale. Her entire body trembled violently. She could not even care thout the wounds on her body

All along, she always had the impression that Olivia had always been a cold and arrogant woman. Olivia lid not like to talk or attend gatherings. She lived in seclusion

he thought it was pure luck that Olivia was able to get to where she was and became the head of the mith family. It was because Isaac had fallen too suddenly, coupled with the stupidity of Gillian 

Olivia seemed to have never spoken coldly before. She had always been very methodical and reasonable uch a woman was clearly a typical science 

how can she suddenly do something lus. She was a little shutin

o this?Winona’s thoughts were frantic

olivia, you’re crazy!Winona panted heavily. Her voice was trembling. Do you think you can escape if ou kill us?” 

Of course.Olivia chuckled. She looked at Winona as if she was looking at a naughty child. It’s very fficult for you to get out of this, but it’s very easy for me.” 

just want him to seriously injure you.Olivia pointed at the man beside her with a sweet smile. You ould know that my medical skills are very good, but you probably don’t know how good they are. I can Il you now.” 

she spoke, Olivia extended three fingers. I have three ways to injure you without anyone knowing he first is to let him seriously injure you. Then, I will do something to your internal organs. You won’t 

, but you will wish you were dead. The second is that I can use silver needles to turn you into a getative state. The third is to use poison. Although the powerful medicines in the Smith family are kept the Grant family, there will still be traces left behind

? What do you think? Don’t you think my medical skills are amazing?Olivia smiled happily and lked up to Winona

pressed her fingers on Winona’s wounds. Does it hurt?” 

nona was in so much pain that she gasped for air

hy did you attack Andrew?” 

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Winona forced out, The Sullivan family has already let it go. Why are you? Olivia increased her strength. Who said that no one is pursuing the matter?Winona closed her eyes. The pain was heartwrenching, but the strange thing was, she did not feel faint despite the pain. Instead, her mind was very alert

She gritted her teeth and looked at Olivia. Mrs. Sullivan called and said that she won’t pursue the matter, and 

Winona closed her eyes and continued, The driver is my assistant, Clarissa. Even if you want to pursue the matter, you can’t put the blame on me

I know.Olivia tilted her head. That’s why I thought of a way myself. After knowing about this, I immediately contacted international mercenaries. The surveillance cameras in the hospital were also destroyed. How is it? Aren’t I incredibly capable?” 

Capable my ass! She is the devill Olivia is the devil that has crawled out of hell!Winona thought

Winona was almost annihilated by fear, but her desire to live made her think quickly

I must not die

When she thought of this, Winona looked up. Olivia, do you dare to compete with me?” 

Compete in what? The painting competition you mentioned to Jonny just now?” 

She heard everything

Winona was in despair. She felt utterly helpless in front of Olivia. There was no way she could escape

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
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