Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 336

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 336

Chapter 336 

Olivia’s hand was still pressed on Winona’s wound, making it impossible for her to dodge

She looked at Olivia, who was looking down at her loftily

Winona really felt that she would die here, that Olivia would really kill her

Winona was in so much pain that her entire body was covered in cold sweat, but she did not dare to cry out in pain

She had lived for more than 20 years and had been pursued and admired by everyone since she was young. Her life had always been smooth sailing

She had never been in such a situation before

For the first time, Winona felt afraid. The fear came from the bottom of her heart

She felt that she was done for, completely done for

However, something unexpected happened at this moment

I promise you, we’ll compete again. In public.” 

Olivia actually agreed

The fear in Winona’s eyes was replaced by surprise. She could not care less about the pain in her body. You really want to compete with me?” 

Of course.Olivia nodded. The corners of her lips curled up slightly. Her eyes were deep and unfathomable. Isn’t this exactly what you want?” 

Butwhy?Winona could not understand. Didn’t she already hear their plan? Why did she agree?she wondered

Olivia lowered her eyes. There was a faint smile in her eyes as she said slowly, The Manson family will hold a national painting competition. The entire process will be open and transparent. We will compete fairly in front of the entire country

“If you win, I won’t pursue the matter of you hurting Andrew. If you lose… 

Olivia’s tone paused for a moment. Then, she suddenly bent down and looked into Winona’s eyes. She enunciated each word clearly, If you lose, you will never paint again

Winona was stunned. Before she could react, she looked up and met Olivia’s gaze. Only then did she realize the meaning of Olivia’s words

She would never paint again! Olivia wants to destroy melWinona thought

Winona had been painting all her life. Since she was young, painting had been integrated into her life and could not be separated

For me to stop drawing, Olivia may as well let me dielshe thought

Winona cowered for a moment. Then, she saw her parents, who had their jaws dislocated and were unable to speak. They were completely restrained by Olivia’s bodyguards. Winona mustered her courage again

As long as they survived today and their parentslives were not in danger, they would not have to be afraid of Olivia anymore

So what if Olivia is Sketcher? It has been a few years since she drew, she thought. Moreover, Winona studied techniques and she might be comparable to her in terms of painting

Winona was very confident in her painting skills

More importantly, she still had her parents. Her father could completely control the outcome. Even if Olivia had Daniel, the richest man, behind her, she was not afraid

Behind the Manson family was the Grant family, an incomparably powerful political influence

She did not believe that Olivia could defeat her with such an advantage

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Alright. It’s a deall Winona nodded

When she heard this, Olivia slowly raised her eyelids and gestured for the bodyguards behind her to come forward. Go and record her vow to never paint again if she loses.” 

Winona’s expression changed. She did not expect Olivia to make a record of her vow 

However, she had no choice but to bow her head to the situation. She could only make a wow on ca that if she lost the competition, she would never paint again

DoneOlivia admired the recording as she waved her hand for the bodyguards to let go of Jonny and 


You know,Olivia raised her eyebrows. Actually, I have an even simpler way to make you unable to ever hold a paintbrush.” 

As she spoke, she walked to Winona’s side, pinched her slender and fair wrist, and gently pressed down Winona screamed in pain

It hurts. It hurts so much. What happened to my hand?she thought

This is nothing.” Olivia smiled. “You just can’t lift a paintbrush. I’ll give you a week to prepare for the competition. On the day of the competition, I’ll naturally heal your wrist. If you guys decide to play tricks, don’t blame me for not playing nice

With that, she left with the bodyguards

As soon as Olivia left, Jonny rushed out to call for help. Victoria called the doctor over to take a look at Winona’s hand.. 

At this moment, they realized how powerful Olivia was, They could only blame themselves careless and only brought two bodyguards with them, allowing Olivia to take advantage of the loophole 

for being too in security

Thinking of how Olivia had humiliated and ignored him just now, of how she didn’t even want to listen to him and immediately got someone to dislocate his chin, Jonny felt that he had been severely disrespected and wanted to kill Olivia

She is such a bitch!Jonny thought furiously

The two bodyguards came over quickly and explained that a ruckus had broken out on their floor and that they had been swept away by the crowd

Jonny was silent and did not pursue the issue with the bodyguards. Instead, he said with a dark expression, Go and get the hospital’s surveillance footage. I want that little bitch Olivia to pay the price!She actually brought so many people to the hospital. One of them was even an international fugitive. The hospital surveillance must have a record of it

As long as I can get evidence that Olivia is involved with an international fugitive, I can destroy her! Jonny thought

The bodyguard moved quickly and returned after a while. The hospital said that the surveillance video is broken. They didn’t record anything

Jonny slammed his fist into the wall

He walked into the ward with a gloomy expression. There was a circle of doctors inside, and every one of then had a solemn expression

When Victoria saw Jonny return, she immediately pounced on him and sobbed, Jonny, our daughter’s hand is crippled

Her hand is crippled Jonny could barely believe his cars

Jonny frowned. What’s going on?” 

The attending doctor replied. The case with Ms. Manson’s wrist is very special. It should be dislocated, but the strange thing is it can’t be pushed back no matter what. Even the best orthopedic specialist in our hospital can’t do anything.” 

Useless. Jonny coldly ordered, Arrange for a transfer to another hospital.” 

He did not believe that Olivia would be so powerful

She was just trying to be mysterious. There were so many famous doctors in the world. He did not believe that they could not treat Winona’s hand

After Winona was transferred to a private hospital, Jonny invited dozens of orthopedic specialists over, but none of them could cure Winona’s hand

Jonny finally panicked and called Zelen. Tell me the truth. How good is Olivia’s medical skills? Is she as good as Isaac?” 

The question was too inexplicable. Zelen subconsciously frowned and thought for a moment before saying. I’m not sure about it exactly, but Olivia was already an assistant to Isaac in her teens and participated in major surgeries.” 

The answer was too vague

Jonny was not satisfied and continued to ask, Ms. Zelen, please tell me the truth. How good is Olivia’s medical skills?” 

How would I know?Zelen frowned. I left the Smith family a long time ago, but Isaac often said that Olivia’s medical skills have already surpassed his.” 

Better than Isaac?Jonny was shocked by hier answer

Zelen shook her head. It’s just praise from a grandfather to a granddaughter, so it doesn’t mean anything. However, I estimate that Olivia should have inherited at least 60% of Isaac’s ability.” 

60% he thought incredulously

onny rubbed his forehead. After a while, he suddenly ordered, Go and prepare the competition.” 

His daughter’s hand couldn’t wait. Jonny didn’t dare to bet on it

On the other side, Olivia was painting in the studio. She had not touched her brush for a long time and ras a little rusty

lena sat by her side. She couldn’t really understand. Miss Taylor, why did you agree to the ompetition?” 

livia was mixing the paints. As she did so, she said, To make an example out of her.” 

he wanted to defeat Winona in the area she was most proud of and destroy her spirit

le wanted to make the Manson family lose their wealth and take away everything they relied on

e wanted everyone to know that anyone who dared to touch Andrew would die

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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