Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 337

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 337


Chapter 337 

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Although she had already decided to participate in the competition, Olivia did not spend much effort on panung She only practiced for two days before putting down her brush

After that she would only ocasionally go to the studio to practice

Bettany had othicially become Rose’s seventh student. After her wrist recovered, she moved to Rose’s residence and did not return often

This was the tust time she had returned to the Smith family’s villa. She looked very lively

Elena came out to pick her up. She observed her expression and was very happy. “Bettany, you look much 


ttany covered her lace and looked relaxed. Yes, it feels like I’ve been reborn. By the way, what is Olivia 

Paming in the studio” 

Tll go take a lookAs she spoke, she ran towards the studio on the third floor. She stuck her head in and sled foolishly at Olivia. Olivia, can I come in?” 

Olivia looked up. The sunlight cast a shadow under her eyelashes, making her look distant and cold. That changed when she saw Bettany. She smiled. Come in

Bettany leaned over and looked at the still life on the drawing board. She praised repeatedly, Olivia, your painting is really good” 

With that. Bettane took out the painting she brought this time and showed it to Olivia

There was a hint of anticipation and complacency in her expression

umed around and looked carefully for a moment before nodding. You’ve improved a lot.” 

Really Bettany was pleasantly surprised. Mrs. Liebsig said that I’m very talented. As long as I persist in 

inting I will definitely achieve much in the future

Olivia nodded and did not say anything

Bettany looked at Olivia’s expression. She bit her lip and suddenly said. Olivia, I’m working very hard on ating Out of the 24 hours each day, other than eating and sleeping, I spend 16 hours painting. Tell me if I work so hard, when will I be able to catch up to you?” 

Upon hearing this. Olivia’s hand that was holding the paintbrush paused. She looked up at Bettany and suddenly smiled. You want to compete with me!” 

scratched her head and felt a little embarrassed. Mrs. Liebsig said that you are the most talented among her students, but unfortunately, your focus is not on painting. She asked me to set you as my goal and work hard on my skills. As long as I surpass you. I can hold an art exhibition independently. Thats not hadOlivia said. It’s good to work hard, but don’t compare yourself to me

Why Bettany frowned. Suddenly, she was a little unhappy. “Do you think that I can’t compare to you? Are you looking down on me?” 

Olivia snorted and did not give Bettany any regard. She said directly. There are some things that don’t need to be said 

Bettany face turned pale

She had only said those words out of anger. She didn’t mean anything else by it. She didn’t expect Olivia to really look down on her 

In an instant. Bettany felt as if she had been encased in ice. She felt cold from head to toe.. 

Her tone turned icy and her expression turned ugly. Since you look down on me, why did you recommend me to Mrs. Liebsig 

Olivia turned around and looked at Bettany, whose eyes were red and about to cry. She sighed and finally 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

said, I liked the Bettany I met in the small town who didn’t change even in the face of adversity. But now, I look down on the Bettany who is eager for quick success and keeps comparing herself to 


This sentence was like a blow to the head, instantly waking Bettany up

During this period of time, she had indeed become frivolous. She was filled with arrogance. Just because she was taken in by a great teacher, she felt that she was amazing and had completely forgotten why she painted initially

Bettany felt extremely ashamed. She said sincerely to Olivia, Olivia, thank you for teaching me.” 

Bettany opened the door to leave. She bumped into Daniel in the living room

The man sat on the sofa, lazily holding a book in his hand. He looked nonchalant, but he emanated an intimidating aura

Bettany’s heart skipped a beat and she immediately became timid

Is this the richest man, Daniel?she wondered

The most outstanding man Bettany had seen in her life was Marcus. To be honest, although Marcus’s legs were injured, he was still a charming man

Initially. Bettany also fantasized about living a good life with him. 

However, Marcus was too terrifying. He did not respect her at all. It was as if she was just a plaything. He did not care about her and would beat and scold her at every turn

Gradually, Bettany became afraid of him

Is it true that all men of high status in this world are so domineering, that they will look down loftily on everything?she wondered

Because of what happened with the Dillon family, Bettany was a little afraid of that kind of man

Olivia also came out of the studio and went downstairs to the living room. Bettany followed behind Olivia

She was very curious. How does Olivia get along with Daniel? Does she have to please Daniel too?she thought

Daniel was bored to death. He had absolutely nothing to do. The book in his hand was also very dry. He was filled to the brim with frustration

At this moment, he heard footsteps upstairs

He subconsciously looked up and saw the familiar figure again

All at once, Daniel felt that the world changed. It was beautiful again. Everything was fun. It was not boring at all

Even the air was fresher

The book in his hand was also especially interesting

Olivia.” Daniel couldn’t wait to share it with Olivia. Come and take a look. This book is especially 

interesting. Let’s read it together.” 

“What are you looking at?Olivia asked curiously

Daniel waved the book at her. It was a detective novel

Olivia sat beside Daniel. Just as Daniel was about to hug her so they could read together, he realized that there was someone following behind her

Daniel narrowed his eyes and said calmly, This is?” 

Oh. I forgot to introduce you. This is Bettany Fulham, Mrs. Liebsig’s seventh student.” 

Hello, Miss Fulham. Daniel extended his right hand

The man’s voice was gentle and he was tall. His right hand was outstretched and his fingers were clean and distinct. He looked as if he was a prince who had walked out of a drama




bend as 

When he so das framar coded out and in a bowl at work berever your hands stained 

Beremy bed a good relict then, her berly weddenly entered 

In the face of hecneorenes, Marons eyes were fitted with consense. Be cut down on her and even 

were stained with mud and he was ut 

The Tonny thing was that he didn’t want to touch her hands, but he loved to torture her body 

It was really strange Why is there would of different wean Marusand Danel when they are both 

Daniel did not pay much attention to Bettany Heparyngeur and read with Olivia The adversed Clive’s gaze When she fushed reading page, he immearly tumed the page. Whenever be found something funny, he would look e Oliviastare. He would only stille when he saw 

His gaze followed Calla constantly 

Bertany could not help but feelerous when she saw this corre 


Bettany was stunned

Dantel rates his eyes slightly and looked at Bettany 

Bettany subsolously pinched her fingers. She was taken aback and her body stiffened

When he saw this, Daniel smiled and said in a low and pleasant voice, Is it because your hand is stained with pain that you don’t dare to shake hands with me” 

The casual sentence eased the tension in Bettany


Bettany heaved a sigh of relief. Then, her body suddenly stiffened

She thought of Marcus 

In the face of her nervousness, Marcus’s eyes were filled with contempt. He looked down on her, and even more so on her behavior

It was as it her fingertips were stained with mud and he was unwilling to even touch them

The fun thing was that he didn’t want to touch her hands, but he liked to torture her body

It was really strange. Why is there a world of difference between Marcus and Daniel when they are both men of prestigious status? she thought.. 

Daniel did not pay much attention to Bettany. He quickly retracted his gaze and read with Olivia

He observed Olivia’s gaze. When she finished reading a page, he immediately turned the page

Whenever he found something funny, he would look at Olivia’s face. He would only smile when he saw 

her smile

His gaze followed Olivia constantly

Bettany could not help but feel envious when she saw this scene

How nice it is she thought

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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