Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 338

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 338

Chapter 338 

Olivia had not seen Andrew for the past few days and massed him a lot. She asked Daniel Is Andrew staying at the Sullivan family’s residence 

Daniel nodded. He has been staying there. He’s very obedient 

Thinking of the cute line Andrew, Olivia’s mood instantly improved. However, she still frowned and sand worriedly. Did he sleep well at night? Did he wake up? How’s his appetite?” 

She asked a few questions in a row and Daniel answered them smoothly 

After getting the answers, Olivia was completely relieved. For the past few days she had been concerned that Andrew would be frightened Now that she heard that Andrew was fine, she heaved a sigh of relief and began to devote herself to the plot and continued to read the detective novel in Daniel’s hands Daniel had been looking at Olivia coldly from the side. His expression was icy Finally, he could not help but say You only have eyes for Andrew Don’t you care about me

What a harsh accusation

Everyone in the living room was shunned by Daniel’s sudden words 

Especially Bettany. Previously, she thought that Daniel was going to lose his temper when he put on a cold demeanor. She did not expect ham to say soch a thing 

Elena burst out laughing

Olivia was speechless. She glared at Danel Are you also a fiveyear old child 

I’m not a fiveyearold.Daniel uted. Bedre care than a fiveyear old” 

Olivia could not stand him any Sherard her eyebrows and her eyes lit up all at once. She leaned over and kissed Daniel on the belige of her youth 

What is the doing There are will so many people in the room? This woman is really shameless!Daniel thought to himaelf 

Daniel glanced at Elena and B His eyes seed filled with sparkling fireworks. It was as though he was about to die of happines 

I love you the most to He pretended to be cool and coughed lightly. He lowered his head and quickly 

kissed the comer of a mouth 

The people surrounding them were about to die from the sweetness of their public display of affection Especially Elena. She pounced on the couch and put her palms together. Dear God, hurry up and give 

a bryfriend

Dansel looked at Ema calmdy and said in a motherly manner. You’re Olivia’s astant and you work for Olivia Sinor I’m one with Cia. I have to thank for you too. How about this? List out your requirements for choosing a partner and I’ll pock for you. There are a lot of tall and handsome elites at the CEO’s 


Really Elena was excited. The richest man would of course be surrounded by rich elites. She did not have high expectations. She just wanted a manor elite

Bettany sat in a corner and quietly watched everyone interact. She felt as if she had traveled to another 

ime and space

For the first time, she realized that there was actually a man like Daniel in the world

He was already very outstanding, but in front of his lover, he put down all his arrogance and took on a humble stand 

Bettany lowered her head. An indescribable feeling rose in her heart 

There was a charity auction party tomorrow. It was Rose’s intention that Bettany attend it. She wanted Olivia to appear with Bentary and introduce Bettany to everyone 


Olivia had long known about this. When Bettany came over, she asked Elena to take her upstairs to pick out clothes and introduce her to the various matters of the charity party

The dressing room was on the third floor. Elena led Bettany to it

Bettany was a little stunned when she heard that she had to choose clothes from Olivia’s dressing room. I have to wear Olivia’s clothes?” 

Yes.Elena did not react too quickly to what she said. What’s wrong?” 

Tm fine.The smile on Bettany’s face faded a little

Before she canie, she thought that Olivia would take her to the mall to buy new clothes

After all, Rose had instructed Olivia to take good care of her

She certainly didn’t expect this

Most of the clothes in the dressing room on the third floor were new. The labels had not been removed. Elena put the clothes that Olivia had worn aside and led Bettany to the new clothes. She introduced them. These are all new. Your figure is about the same as Olivia’s. You should be able to wear them. If there are any inappropriate areas, it’s fine. The servants can change them.” 

Bettany looked up and glanced at the clothes hanging on the rack. She was not in a good mood and casually pointed at one. This one then.” 

Elena looked at the pure white fishtail dress and frowned. Isn’t it too plain?” 

Bettany disagreed. It won’t be when I pair it with a ruby.” 

Elena’s hand that was holding the hanger paused and she looked up in surprise

In the past, Bettany had always been timid. She did not even dare to touch the decorations in the villa of the Smith family for fear of damaging them

t had only been a few days, but she could already mention a ruby necklace in such a casual tone. Bettany’s lips twitched. Why are you looking at me? Don’t worry, I won’t ask Olivia for the jewelry.” At this point, Bettany’s eyes were suddenly filled with genuine joy. She took out a ruby necklace and howed it to Elena. Elena, look. This is the necklace that Mrs. Liebsig lent me. Mrs. Liebsig said that if I on’t have any jewelry to match my clothes, I can wear this 

lena did not look at the ruby necklace in Bettany’s hand. Instead, she looked into the depths of Bettany’s yes

ettany felt a little uncomfortable under her gaze. She touched her face and asked, What’s wrong? Why re you looking at me like that?” 

lena lowered her eyes and suddenly did not want to talk to Bettany. After a while, she said in a low voice, lettany, you’ve changed. I don’t like you like this.” 

ettany had been reining in her emotions. Now that she heard Elena’s words, she could not hold it in ymore. She threw the clothes to the ground and said coldly. Why? Do you think I’m not worthy of earing the ruby or such expensive jewelry?” 

ena just stared at the gown on the ground without saying a word

ttany became even angrier. Elena, you have to understand that I’m no longer the pitiful person who is brought out of the Dillon family by Olivia! I’m now a student of the president of the Painting sociation, just like Olivia! You are only Olivia’s assistant! What right do you have to look down on me?e thought of Elena, who was overjoyed just now because Daniel wanted to introduce his assistant to 


ttany suddenly felt that she was being too petty

the past, they could be friends, but there was no need for that now

e are no longer on the same level. I cannot compare myself to Elena. My goal is Olivia, she thought. tany turned around and left the dressing room

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Where are you going?Elena asked her

Bettany lowered her gaze. I’m going to buy some clothes. The gowns here don’t suit me.” 

After saying that, she quickly left the Smith family’s villa

Elena did not chase after her. Instead, she asked Roland to arrange for someone to follow her and protect her

Roland was very professional. He immediately arranged for a driver and bodyguards to go over

After making the arrangements, he turned around and looked at Elena. He asked, Elena, aren’t you going to follow along?” 

Elena smiled. Roland, I’m Miss Taylor’s assistant, not Bettany’s assistant.” 

She recalled what Bettany had said earlier, saying that she was just an assistant

Elena found it ludicrous. She was the genius of Capitol University. She studied at university at the age of 

14 and graduated with a PhD at the age of 20. She had countless achievements under her name. She had been selected from among millions of people to be an assistant under Olivia

Bettany actually looked down on her

Elena felt that it was really meaningless. She initially wanted to make friends with someone of the same age so that she could maintain a closer relationship with Olivia

She did not expect Bettany to have such a bad temperament

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
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