Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 339

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 339

Chapter 339 

Elena returned to the dressing room and picked up the white gown that Bettany had thrown to the ground

She looked regretful. She really doesn’t have good taste. This is a custommade gown by Bosman. It’s the only gown in the world.” 

Every item in the dressing room was of the highest quality. Any one of them could easily cost one hundred thousand dollars to two hundred thousand dollars

The highend designs were all tailormade. There was no way to buy highend fashion at the mall. At most, there were readymade clothes sold there

Because there was not enough time, Olivin asked Bettany to go to her dressing room to pick because the charity gala was tomorrow

Unexpectedly, Bettany did not take a fancy to them

Elena pursed her lips and told Olivia everything about Bettany’s actions

Olivia’s expression was indifferent. She did not take Bettany’s matter to heart at all. She only listened for a moment and let it go

Elena did not understand. Miss Taylor, Bettany has a bad temperament. Why did you introduce her to Mrs. Licbsig?” 

Olivia said nonchalantly, Even if she has a bad temperament, it doesn’t affect her painting. As long as she doesn’t do evil, it’s fine. Artists are more sensitive in their emotions. It’s a good thing. Without great joys and sorrows in life, how can one create outstanding works?” 

Elena could not help but twitch her lips. According to Olivia’s words, wouldn’t Bettany’s life be filled with Jumps and turns

Bettany arrived at the largest mall nearby. She had the card Rose had given her

Bettany didn’t dare to abuse it, but it was still possible to buy an expensive gown. the 

casually walked into a luxury store that she didn’t even dare to approach in the he casually flipped through the tags of the clothes. Four zeros. 20 thousand dollars. ettany’s heart trembled a little, but the card in her hand gave her courage. he pretended to be calm as she looked around. She looked at the gowns one by one and frowned


was really strange. The clothes there were so expensive, but they didn’t look as good as the clothes in livia’s dressing room

here were flaws everywhere

ettany visited several boutiques and spent 64 thousand dollars on a beautiful white fishtail dress that aly just passed in her eyes

owever, even though it was also a fishtail dress, this one was far inferior to the one she had thrown on e ground previously

an it be that expensive clothes do not look good?she wondered

ttany felt strange

ter buying the gown and a pair of high heels, she spent almost 80 thousand dollars

ttany did not dare to buy a bag. Although Rose’s family was very rich, she was only a student and could 

t be considered a real member of the Liebsig family. She did not dare to spend too much

wwever, just spending 80 thousand dollars was enough to make Bettany’s heart beat wildly

at much money was enough to buy an 860squarefoot house in her hometown. tany could not help but regret it


actually came out to buy it

Would Mrs. Liebsig be unhappy after I spent so much money? she thought

Bettany took out her phone and called Rose. She said timidly, Mrs. Liebsig, the Taylor family doesn’t have any clothes or shoes suitable for me, so I came out to buy them. I’m too embarrassed to ask them to foot the bill

Rose did not care at all. Didn’t I give you a card? It’s fine to use it

In order to comfort Bettany, she added, You are very talented, Bettany. One day, you will be even better than me. Then, you can buy clothes for me

Bettany completely relaxed

At the same time, she was looking forward to it

Rose said that she was very talented and that one day, she would be even better than her

At the thought of this, Bettany could not help but feel excited. When that time comes, will I be able to be like Olivia and look down at everyone from above and find a man like Daniel? she thought excitedly. A man who will completely respect and love me, unlike Marcus who looked down on me

The more Bettany thought about it, the more excited she became. The smile on her face grew wider and 


Back at the Smith family’s villa, Bettany wanted to find Elena to apologize to her. She had indeed gone too far just now

Where is Elena?Bettany asked

Roland said respectfully, Elena is in the study on the second floor.” 

Bettany nodded. I’ll go look for her.” 

Bettany thought that Elena would be angry with her, but she was not. Elena still smiled at her and said hat it was okay

ettany was completely relieved. She held Elena’s hand and said, Elena, I have bought the clothes. Can ou help me see if they fit?” 

lena’s tone was polite and distant. I’m sorry. I still have some things to do. You can have the servant take look for you.” 

ith that, she pulled her hand out of Bettany’s

boking at Elena, Bettany was at a loss

the past, Elena was not like this. She was cheerful and lively. Every time Bettany went to look for eana, she would be free. Eleana would talk to her and comfort her

it now, Elena’s expression was the same as before. Her attitude did not change, but it made her feel stant from her for no reason

was as if they were no longer friends, but strangers who were a little familiar with each other

e charity auction was considered a charity event in the upperclass society of Evervale. It was held nost every year, and the organizer was the Virtue Foundation

e Virtue Foundation was established by a few upperclass ladies in Evervale. As they were not short of ney, the donations they raised were all donated. They were very famous locally and even throughout 


ebrities would come to every auction, and there were quite a number of them. The media would also ow up on it. The event could be said to have a lot of fanfare

auction started at 7 p.m., but everyone would enter the venue in advance. There would be a small ktail party before the auction began

as the time when everyone would mingle


On the Taylor family’s side, after lunch, Bettany began to feel nervous. However, Olivia took her time and even went to the study to read. Daniel did not return and was still in the company

Only Bettany was anxious

She waited nervously until two in the afternoon, but it seemed as though no one was preparing for the charity auction

Bettany could not wait any longer. She knocked on the door and entered the study

Olivia?She walked in

Olivia was writing something on a piece of paper. Without looking up, she asked, What’s up? Is something the matter?” 

Bettany had always been a little afraid of Olivia. She looked at her carefully and said, The cocktail party will start at 5.30 p.m. in the afternoon. Should we prepare in advance?” 

Olivia frowned and asked curiously, Prepare for what?” 

Bettany was stunned. Can it be that Olivia has completely forgotten about the auction?she wondered. She quickly explained, It’s a charity auction. It starts at seven o’clock and there will be a cocktail party at fivethirty. Don’t we need to put on makeup and style ourselves? I heard that the media will come.Bettany did not sleep much last night at the thought of being photographed by the media. She was so nervous that she could not fall asleep at night. She was afraid that she would be mocked for doing something inappropriate during the event

She even dug out the news of the charity auction held by the Virtue Foundation a few years ago a learned about the various proceedings

It was said that before the cocktail party, there would be a red carpet with media on both sides


It was Bettany’s first time walking the red carpet. She was afraid that her bearing would be bad, and she was also worried that she would blink in the face of the flashing lights. It was said that celebrities had all undergone professional training. No matter how many flashes they faced, they could do it without blinking or changing their expressions

Oh. That.Olivia finally understood what Bettany was asking. She lowered her head nonchalantly and said with a calm expression, It’s just an auction. What’s there to prepare? We’re not going to the cocktail party. We’ll go there straight via the VIP passage to participate in the auction.” 

Bettany was dumbfounded. A VIP passage?” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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