Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 340

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 340

Chapter 340 

Bettany felt that she was a huge idiot and a country bumpkin

She was just so superficial

She had always wanted to walk the red carpet and attend cocktail parties. Little did she know that with Daniel’s prestige, he didn’t need to walk the runway in front of people, nor did he need the media’s 


As Daniel’s fiancée, Olivia would definitely follow him through the VIP passage

Bettany left in a daze. She felt that she was so ignorant and stupid

Around four in the afternoon, Olivia came down to do her styling. Bettany was already prepared, thinking that they would go out to the studio outside to do their styling

Unexpectedly, the styling team was already waiting at the door

Olivia’s style was very simple. She only put on light makeup and tied her hair into a bun. She was goodlooking and had an excellent temperament. She looked gorgeous with just a little embellishment. Too many decorations would diminish her beauty

The makeup artist who was putting on makeup for Olivia sighed inwardly that she had done makeup on so many clients, but she had never done such an easy job. In less than ten minutes, Olivia’s makeup was done

Olivia had great skin, to begin with. It was delicate and flawless, and no pores could be seen. She didn’t need heavy foundation makeup at all. She only needed to apply light makeup

Moreover, her entire face was flawless. She didn’t have dark circles, nasolabial folds, or eyeprints


t left the makeup artist with nothing to do. She could only stand by the side and watch the hairstylist do Olivia’s hair

The makeup artist felt so bored

aniel came back early. Ellis sent a few suits for him to choose from

hey were all international brands with exquisite workmanship. 

aniel was not interested in the suits. Instead, he focused on the ties

lis brought over a few types of ties. Olivia picked one of them. The color was quite bright, and not any men could fit it

nly a peerless handsome man like Daniel could fit such an eyecatching color

slowly tied the tie in front of the mirror. After tying it, he checked himself in the mirror and was very isfied

:wondered, ‘Not bad. Only when I look this way would I get to deserve Olivia

en, he casually picked a suit and went out to Olivia

is trotted to follow behind him. Where are you going, Mr. Sullivan?” 

niel tugged at his clothes and asked, Where else can I go? Of course, I’m going to Olivia. I look so nice. via has to check out how I look at the first possible moment

s was speechless

wondered, You’re a domineering CEO, Mr. Sullivan. You have to stay cool. How can you pay too much ention to your appearance?” 

ring this period when Ellis had been working for Daniel, he felt that he had a whole new level of nion about his boss. Although Daniel was not a chauvinist, he was still relatively traditional to the 

: had always felt that after a man and woman fell in love, the man would be the one who provided. mmodation, and the woman would move into the man’s house. The man would focus on the career 

while the woman would focus on the chores. They would bauld hammonton Family they However, how Mr. Sullivan did was the opposite 

Not only did he live in Ms. Taylor’s house, but he also to the bonate to take care ofertank in the Smuth family’s villa. He was totally like a home handlad 

Ellis couldn’t take it anymore. He mustered up his courage and sand boldly, 14 Solleren gebou going to the Smath family’s villa recently You get all work and from in the armyday the board of directors doesn’t had it acceptable. They tank that your kid for 


Humph Daniel sneered Only a stupid person would work mone then tours a day for w a day is enough” 

But, the board of directors 

StopDaniel waved his hand and said camestly, I work less then are bours a day, ben I’m will the other man. They work 24 hours a day, but they can’t become as ich as me. The next une they 

them to make money and investments on their own. Stop questioning 

Ellis was stunned by Daniel’s bold words and did not speak for a long time 

When Daniel went to Olivia, she was choosing clothes


The designer of the styling team picked out three gowns for her hased on today’s chanty suction All d them were light and elegant

Seeing Daniel enter, the designer even ingratiatingly took out a champagne colored gown. This sorts your clothes very well, Mr. Sullivan” 

Daniel discreetly glanced at the champagnecolored gown and was not very satisfied with the designer’s aesthetic taste

He pushed the gown back. You don’t need to select the gowns that go well with me 

The designer’s heart skipped a bear when she heard what Daniel said

She had always thought that the richest man had a good relationship with his fiancée. That was why she wanted to please Daniel. She didn’t expect him to have such an attitude

For a moment, the designer was a little flustered and secretly scolded herself for talking too much 

is she was dejected, Daniel’s deep and gentle voice sounded. Olivia, don’t worry about me Just choose he gown you like. After you’re done, I’ll get a gown that goes well with yours

The designer was stunned

veryone was dumbfounded

aniel just showed his care for Olivia openly right in front of them

fter the preparations were done, the group drove to the charity auction

his was Bettany’s first time going to such an event. She was very nervous and followed Olivia closely re you nervous?Just as Bettany was at a loss of what to do, she suddenly saw Daniel’s gentle eyes

is tone was low and gentle, and his eyes were filled with concern

ettany’s heart suddenly beat faster. Looking at Daniel’s exquisite eyebrows, she felt dizzy

iniel looked down. His expression was gentle and relaxed, but his every move brought about an attainable distant feeling that made people not dare to approach him

ttany only took a glance before quickly lowering her head, not daring to look at him again

ou and Elena will take the same car later. Let her teach you. As Daniel spoke, he gestured for Ellis to ing Bettany to the car behind

kept his eyes on Bettany and only looked away when she got into the car

e gentleness and consideration in his eyes disappeared, leaving only indifference. niel was very dissatisfied with Bettany

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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He wondered. Humph, she just doesn’t know things better and actually wants to take the same car as Olivia. Fortunately, I reacted quickly and isolated this third wheel early onl 

Just like that, Daniel and Olivia took the car in front. Other than the driver, there were only the two of them in the backseat

There were four people in the car behind. Other than the driver, Ellis, Elena, and Bettany crammed into the car

Olivia and the others didn’t arrive early. The cocktail party was already coming to an end. The auction was about to begin, but there were still many guests sitting there

They were all waiting for Daniel

These rich merchants were all smart and wellinformed. They had long heard that the richest man would come over, so they were waiting there

Hence, as soon as Daniel and the others arrived at the cocktail party, they were surrounded by a group of people who were flattering them

In the end, it was the organizer who made the crowd disperse

The organizer of this auction was the chairman of Virtue Foundation, who was the Turner family’s madam and also Margaret’s mother

Daniel Margaret walked over gracefully and raised her glass to Daniel

Then, she looked at Olivia and said softly, It’s been a while.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
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