Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 341

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 341

Chapter 341 

It’s been a while?‘ 

Olivia was slightly stunned. She looked up at Margaret, who was indeed looking straight at her. However, Olivia was very sure that she had never met Margaret and she did not know her at all

Olivia frowned and was about to ask

Daniel, who was beside her, suddenly sneered and hugged her even tighter with his right hand

The man looked down slightly. His gaze was calm and composed, and there was a gentle smile on his face, but his words were merciless. You said that it’s been a while. Are we very familiar with each other? It’s not appropriate to act like a natural socializer, Miss Turner.” 

When he finished, he even snorted

His snort contained indifference, ridicule, and mockery. All kinds of emotions were contained in it, which displayed his contempt to the extreme

It made one’s imagination run wild

Margaret’s face burned with embarrassment and anger

There were so many people around, and many of them were rich businessmen and celebrities in Evervale. Daniel actually didn’t show her respect and embarrassed her in public

All along, Margaret had thought that she had some ties with Daniel, which was why she chose this method of probing

Unexpectedly, Daniel did not leave her with any prestige

If it weren’t for the fact that Margaret had been training overseas for so many years, she would’ve found it unacceptable to stay there and fled long ago

Taking a deep breath, she smiled awkwardly and found a way out for herself. Mr. Sullivan, you sure know how to joke.” 

Daniel blinked, spread his hands, and made a mocking expression. His look seemed to be saying, Whatever. Anything you say wouldn’t matter to me.” 

Margaret was so angry that she almost gritted her teeth

She really didn’t want to bother with Daniel anymore. She would just do nothing as he was ruined by the Grant family

Olivia then realized that what Margaret said was not meant for her but for Daniel.- 

Kelly had also come to the charity auction. She was in the most popular girl group recently and was invited to do the warmup performance

Olivia informed Daniel and went over for Kelly

Only Daniel and Margaret were left

Margaret stared at Daniel with a gloomy expression. Mr. Sullivan, is it convenient for us to talk?Daniel tilted his head and made an inviting gesture. His eyes and brows were filled with charm. When the two of them arrived at the lounge, Margaret immediately frowned. Daniel, what was the deal with you just now? Why didn’t you let me greet Olivia? Could it be that she still misunderstood what happened back then? But” 

Margaret looked puzzled. It doesn’t look like it. There seems to be something wrong with Olivia. Why is she so unfamiliar with me?” 

Daniel sat on the sofa in an unrestrained manner. He propped his chin and stared at Margaret

He looked like he was quietly watching her act cool

Soon, Margaret felt that something was wrong. She looked at Daniel inquisitively and asked him softly



What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” 

The corners of Daniel’s lips twitched as he sneered. Margaret, you’ve been overseas for so many years. Don’t tell me you went to learn acting. Your acting skills are not bad.” 

As he spoke, he even gave her a thumbs up

His expression was mocking

Margaret maintained her composure. Daniel, what do you mean by that?” 

Stop pretending.Daniel looked at Margaret with a faint smile. Margaret, since you’re such a smart person, how could you not know that Olivia has lost her memory? Also, I guess Winona knows about it too, doesn’t she? I remember that she picked you up the day you got off the plane.” 

At this point, Daniel seemed to have thought of something funny. He suddenly laughed and his shoulders trembled for a long time before he stopped. He looked at Margaret without moving. You two aren’t trying to use this to threaten me and drive a wedge between me and Olivia, are you?” 

He found it hilarious of her to actually dare to show off in front of him with such a small trick

Was it because he was used to being a humble gentleman and was used to being reasonable? Did these people treat him as a pushover

Margaret actually dared to use such a childish trick on him

The expression on Margaret’s face froze, and her eyes were filled with shock. She looked at Daniel in disbelief. You, you actually monitored me?” 

Not really.Daniel lowered his head. I just don’t like accidents. Back then, you were the only one who saw Olivia at the bottom of the cliff. I have to stay on guard.” 

Actually, Daniel did not care much about what happened back then. Even if Olivia regained her memory, there might be some twists and turns between them

However, this was all within his control. What he hated was that someone had used Olivia’s amnesia to come to her and spout nonsense

This was something he could not tolerate

Margaret.” Daniel took a deep breath and his expression became serious. Back then, you helped me. I’ve always remembered this favor and have been helping the Turner family all these years. If you behave yourself, we can still be friends.” 

Margaret’s heart softened when she heard what Daniel said

She looked at the man in front of her. He was so outstanding and powerful. No matter how he encountered, he could still get back on his feet

many setbacks 

She had liked this man for more than ten years. Why was he unwilling to take her seriously? Margaret took a deep breath and suddenly said, Daniel, are you sure you really love Olivia? You only spent a year together back then, and under such circumstances, she was only indebted to you. You only relied on her

Let’s not talk about the past. Let’s talk about the present. Have you been together for a year? Do you know her well? Do you know what kind of person she is? Do you know how complicated and dangerous 

er identity is

Does she understand you? The two of you are doing your own things. You haven’t spent a long time ogether, nor have you encountered any obstacles to test your relationship. Are you sure your love is trong enough? 

If what a couple has between them is true love, they would have to go through countless trials together. Only then can their love be considered a deep relationship

As for you guys, you don’t have a deep relationship. She doesn’t even remember you.” 

Margaret shook her head as she spoke. Her tone was filled with doubt

Daniel was not a person who liked to explain, much less to an outsider like Margaret

However, since she was questioning his relationship with Olivia, he would explain it a bit

What do you think love is?Daniel looked up. Before Margaret could answer, he continued, To me, love has never been a complicated thing. It’s you, or rather, the people of the world who think too highly of love and think it’s something sacred

Actually, in essence, love is just a biological instinct. It’s just an outburst out of hormones

To me, love is actually very simple. It’s just that I love Olivia. I am happy whenever I see her and smile when I think of her. If something happy or sad happens to me, I want to share it with her at the first possible moment

When she’s around, I would laugh and feel that the world is really beautiful. When she isn’t around, I would feel uncomfortable and feel that everything is very boring

I love her. I only love her. That’s all.” 

‘I love her. I only love her. That’s all 

Margaret was completely stunned. Her heart trembled slightly. She somewhat understood the meaning of Daniel’s words, but she did not quite understand

After a moment of silence, Margaret looked up and said firmly, Daniel, the love you’re talking about is not serious enough. You don’t really love Olivia. Will you die for her?” 

Daniel got a bit impatient. How interesting. Why do you know love better than I do? I hate arrogant people like you the most

Do you think you’re some philosopher? Do you think what Olivia and I have is not true love? Heh, I’ll tell you now. I’m not sure if I’ll die for Olivia since we have never gotten to the point of real danger, but I’m very sure that if you cause trouble again, I’ll definitely kill you!” 

With that, he stood up and was about to leave

Margaret subconsciously wanted to stop him, but from the corner of her eye, she saw Olivia at the door. he had an idea in mind as she pounced at Daniel

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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