Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 342

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 342

Chapter 342 

Margaret was very smart. She would not jump into Daniel’s arms directly and deliberately provoke Olivia while acting innocently

This method was too lowend and stupid. Only brainless people would misunderstand such a small 


Margaret turned around and pounced at the sharp corner of the coffee table

The sharp coffee table’s corner was about to hit her abdomen when someone suddenly stretched out their hand in midair

It was Daniel

Since Daniel had always been a gentleman, he wouldn’t watch a lady fall in front of him

He pulled Margaret’s arm and pulled her away

Margaret staggered for a moment before leaning on Daniel’s shoulder

She leaned slightly and left Daniel quickly before he could react. Then, she looked at Olivia at the door in a panic. Her expression was uneasy and her eyes were filled with guilt. Please don’t get it wrong, Ms. Taylor. Daniel was just afraid that I would get hurt.” 

After saying that, she looked at Daniel with a pleading expression. Daniel, explain to her now. Don’t let Ms. Taylor misunderstand.” 

Daniel had his back to the door. When he heard Margaret say that, he realized that Olivia had come over. He turned around immediately. When he saw Olivia, his eyes instantly lit up like fireworks

He subconsciously wanted to go to Olivia, but just as he moved, he suddenly realized that Margaret’s hand was still on his arm

Daniel frowned and looked up at Margaret thoughtfully

Margaret immediately retracted her hand and lowered her head, pretending to be aggrieved

Margaret’s move was very brilliant and flawless

he thought that under normal circumstances, Daniel, as a man, would not realize what he and Margaret ad just done would mean to his girlfriend. He might not even understand why Margaret was pologizing. He had only pulled her casually. Why would his girlfriend misunderstand

f Olivia kept harping on this question, Daniel would definitely be impatient. Margaret knew him well. ven if he liked Olivia, he would still feel that Olivia was being unreasonable out of a man’s pride

Olivia let this matter go and did not hold Daniel accountable, she would keep thinking about it and ould not get over it

nyway, no matter what Olivia did, she could not solve the problem

ne couldn’t blame Daniel for saving Margaret. That would be too vicious

his was exactly what Margaret wanted to do. She intended to distance Olivia from Daniel slowly and ibtly

was a perfect plan

owever, what happened next was not within her expectations

aniel dodged her and ran to Olivia with a wronged expression. Olivia, why are you only here now?” 

ivia was still in a daze when she saw Daniel pointing at Margaret with an accusing expression. She’s llying me!” 

hat?Olivia felt helpless and quite confused

hen she first came over, she saw Daniel pull Margaret up. Although she knew that he did it out of idness, she still felt a little uncomfortable when she saw Margaret lying on his shoulder

As she was wondering how to ask Daniel about it, he ran to her and said that Margaret was bullying him. What’s going on?‘ 

Daniel explained to Olivia with a serious expression, Just now, Margaret wanted to pounce on me. Fortunately, I was agile and turned around to dodge. However, I’m still a gentleman. I couldn’t just watch her hit the coffee table, so I reached out to pull her

I didn’t expect… 

At this point, Daniel’s expression changed. He looked displeased. I didn’t expect her to take the opportunity to lean on me.” 

Daniel raised his hand and brushed his shoulder in disdain as if he was brushing away some dirt. Then, he said seriously, Olivia, did you hear what she said just now? She’s pretending to be an innocent angel by asking you not to misunderstand. I heard that both guys and girls would use this bitchy method. Olivia, you have to be on guard. Perhaps there will be some guy who will do this to drive a wedge between us. You have to learn from me. You’ll do what I did just now and remain by my side firmly.” Olivia was speechless

Margaret’s expression turned darkened

Olivia, are you tired? Take a seat and rest for a while.” Daniel pulled Olivia’s hand and sat on the sofa. You must be very curious about my relationship with Margaret. Let me tell you about it now. Our families have been friends for a long time. She helped me a lot back then, but I’ve already returned her favors after so many years. I don’t owe her anything anymore.” 

Olivia nodded, indicating that she understood

Daniel continued, Margaret liked me before and even gave me gifts. But don’t worry, Olivia. I didn’t take them. I don’t like her either. If she comes to you to drive a wedge between the two of us, don’t ever believe her. She-” 

Before he could finish, Margaret flew into a rage. Her face was livid and her eyes were gloomy. Daniel, you’re over the line!” 

She had never met someone like Daniel

He was clearly not like this in the past. He used to be noble, indifferent, and quite carefree. How did he become like this

Besides, shouldn’t a man be proud and secretly happy that a woman liked him? Why was it completely lifferent when it came to Daniel

Margaret had never seen someone like Daniel. He did not give another girl any chance to be with him. DanielMargaret looked helpless as she looked at Daniel pitifully. Do you really have to do this? You’re ot leaving me with any prestige at all. You directly exposed my love for you in front of her. It makes me mbarrassed.” 

Daniel frowned slightly and said calmly, If I didn’t expose you, would I just do nothing as you sowed iscord between me and Olivia?” 

aniel had always done things openly. He was blunt with his feelings and didn’t have so many omplicated thoughts

e and Olivia were one. Bullying Olivia was bullying him. How could he respect Margaret as she was cheming against Olivia

e would never allow anyone to do that

aniel held Olivia in one hand and looked at Margaret lazily. Margaret, the way you look is just isgusting. Can’t you find someone who likes you? Why do you keep pestering me?” 

fter speaking to Margaret indifferently, he turned to Olivia and said gently, Olivia, don’t worry. No one in drive a wedge between us. I love you the most.” 

livia found it sweet and got very happy

> one had ever said to her with such a clear and firm stance while presenting their determined love to 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 


Nothing in this world could diminish Daniel’s love for her

All along, the love Olivia received was incomplete and impure. Whether it was Amelia or Isaac, she was not the most important to them

But she was the most important to Daniel

The auction was about to begin. Daniel held Olivia’s hand and left. Before he left, he turned around and looked at Margaret. Margaret, do you remember what I said? I’m a very stubborn person and blunt with my feelings. I don’t like you, and this will never change. So, stop splitting hairs, or you’ll only reach a dead end.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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