Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 343

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 343

Chapter 343 

The style of the auction was very classy, and many wealthy merchants and celebrities were invited

Olivia and the others were sitting in the center of the first row. Bettany did not go to the first row but sat behind Olivia

Her seat was still very close to the front

The auction started at seven o’clock in the evening, but a few minutes had passed, and the host still hadn’t announced the start of the auction

Everyone was whispering, curious about what was going on

Olivia also found it strange. This kind of event had always been handled by professional companies. The process was very strict and there would not be any mistakes. What was going on today? It was already five minutes past seven, but the auction had yet to start

Just as she was feeling puzzled, there was a commotion at the door. It seemed that some big shot had arrived

Olivia looked up and saw Alexander walking forward unhurriedly

The man was wearing a welltailored black suit, revealing his slender and perfect figure. The bright light above his head shone on his face, stressing his facial features and outlining his welldefined figure

This man had a strong aura and was extremely goodlooking

Alexander was very lowkey but had high prestige. Many people knew him

Alexander’s arrival caused the discussions to become even louder

Who is this man? What a grand display,someone asked

The person beside him said cautiously, Do you know about the Grant family? This is Mr. Alexander from the Grant family.” 

The Grant family on the television news?Someone was shocked

The person beside him nodded. Yes.” 

After that man gave an affirmative answer, a series of gasping sounds immediately sounded

Oh my god. Why would such a big shot come to this auction?‘ 

t was not that Alexander’s status was too high or no one present could compare to him. It was just that ie was not in the same loop as them

The Grant family and Book family engaged in political business and kept 

articipate in such an event that was exposed to the public

a low profile. They would not 

lexander’s arrival caused a small commotion, but the organizer was experienced and immediately almed everyone down

he staff member carried a chair over and was about to add a seat for Alexander in the first row. le placed the chair next to Daniel

Mr. Alexander, would you like to sit next to Mr. Sullivan?the staff asked Alexander carefully. lexander raised his eyebrows. He did not say anything, but his gaze was fixed on Olivia

he staff followed his gaze when his heart skipped a beat

To way. What’s happening now? Are the two men fighting over a woman?‘ 

he staff member was in extreme despair. He did not dare to make any arrangements on his own and urriedly reported what was going on to his superior

hen the supervisor heard this, he immediately felt the same despair as his subordinate

fter thinking for a long time, he finally gritted his teeth and made up his mind. Let him sit next to Ms. ylor.” 

Will that be appropriate?The staff member cried

The supervisor wiped away the sweat on his face. I don’t care. It’s all between the big shots. As small fries, we won’t get involved. Just do as I said.” 


Soon, the lady beside Olivia left, and Alexander took her seat

Daniel initially did not take Alexander seriously. Although the Grant family, where Alexander was from, was a famous family in Capitol City, he was not afraid

Even when Alexander sat next to Olivia, Daniel did not take it seriously until he looked up at Alexander. Both of them froze when they looked at each other

Alexander was wearing the exact same tie as Daniel

Daniel’s face darkened, and so did Alexander’s

The people at the side bit their lower lips at the same time and held back their exclaims

It was incredible that Mr. Alexander of the Grant family was actually wearing the same tie as the richest 


Daniel was the first to react. With a gloomy expression, he raised his hand and tugged at the tie on his neck. He nimbly pulled it off and threw it to Ellis

Just as he was about to have Ellis throw it away, he remembered that Olivia had bought this tie for him from Layfield. He couldn’t bear to have it discarded, so he said, Put it away.” 

Alexander pulled off his tie and threw it to Damian. Burn it.” 

He was totally pissed

Alexander had never been so embarrassed in his life

Previously, he had waited confidently for a day in Layfield, believing that Olivia would return. In the end, he didn’t get what he wanted and was embarrassed

She really did return to Evervale. She didn’t care about him at all and had no intention of spending more time with him

During this period, Alexander had been angry and wanted to ignore Olivia

There were so many women in the world, so why should he only stick to her

Since she didn’t have feelings for him, he would just give up on her

He was not a shameless person

Unfortunately, Alexander’s determination did not last long before he began to waver. Not only did he rush to Layfield, but he also bought the tie that Olivia had stopped to watch for a long time. He even put it on and rushed to the charity auction happily

He just wanted to see her

In the end, he got himself embarrassed by wearing the same tie as Daniel, which he found unacceptable. The atmosphere in the venue was very strange. It was as if there were two huge airconditioners above, blowing cold air, making everyone’s teeth chatter

The auctioneer on the stage couldn’t speak properly and stuttered a few times

Fortunately, as the auction items continued to be auctioned off, things lived up, and the atmosphere became better

Bettany hid in the back and flipped through the auction catalog. It was filled with the items donated by various famous big shots

Before coming, Bettany had always thought that the painting that Mrs. Liebsig was offering was not bad, but after coming to the auction, Bettany changed her mind

It was because there was actually a very famous artist’s original work in the auction catalog


45 vouchers 

Olivia turned around and glanced at Bettany and Kelly. She said in a low voice, If there’s anything you like, tell me. I’ll auction it for you.” 

Bettany immediately shook her head. No, thanks. I’ll just watch.” 

Kelly did not stand on ceremony. She held Olivia’s little finger and whispered, Olivia, I want that emerald ring.” 

Alright.” Olivia nodded and agreed

Bettany quietly flipped through the catalog and found the page that introduced the emerald ring. When she saw its initial bidding price, she inmediately gasped

The initial bidding price was 240 thousand dollars

How dare Kelly ask for it?” 

While Bettany felt that Kelly was bold, she was also quite envious

She regretted it. If only she had also asked for one just now. Kelly did

Unfortunately, it was too late now

The atmosphere during the auction was not bad. Olivia had bought a total of two items. One was the emerald ring, and the other was an emerald bracelet. Both pieces were given to Kelly

Kelly was overjoyed as she smiled brightly and asked, Are these both for me, Olivia?” 

They’re for you.Olivia nodded

You’re the best!” 

Bettany watched the interaction between Olivia and Kelly with envy and some disappointment

She thought that Olivia would bid something for her, but she didn’t. She did not ask Bettany what she liked after that

It made Bettany very depressed

Things went smoothly for Olivia during the auction. No one raised their signs to bid against her. Basically, she got everything she wanted

However, things didn’t go so well for Daniel and Alexander

The two of them looked at each other. When their gazes met in midair, the air was immediately filled with tension

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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