Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 344

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 344

Chapter 344 

Daniel took a fancy to an antique vase and offered a bid that no one could 

compete with

The others immediately knew what they should do. No one fought with him. Seeing that Daniel was about the get the vase, Alexander lazily raised his sign. 460 thousand dollars.” Daniel looked up at him with gloom in his eyes

Alexander smiled back. I’m sorry, Mr. Sullivan. Our tastes are very similar.” 

Heh.Daniel replied indifferently

The surrounding people immediately grew silent

The auctioneer on the stage was even trembling with fear

While the big shots were fighting, the small potatoes feared

The bidding went on. The antique,vase was worth a bit more than 400 thousand dollars, but now the two even offered more than 1.8 million dollars. They were even about to offer more than two million dollars. The auctioneer didn’t even dare to drop his hammer

Daniel was sitting on the chair without speaking. His thin lips were pursed tightly, and he exuded a dignified aura. Just by sitting here, his aura enveloped the entire auction hall, making people tremble in fear

Alexander, who was sitting on the other side, was not inferior either. His eyes were deep and gloomy, and his aura was powerful and majestic

The two of them seemed to be targeting each other, neither of them giving in

The vase on the stage seemed to be more than just a vase now. It had some symbolic meaning while either of the men was willing to give in

The competition had reached its climax

lexander had already raised the price to 2.4 million dollars

he auctioneer on the stage did not drop his hammer. Instead, he looked straight at Daniel, waiting for im to bid

[owever, this time, Daniel did not raise his sign. Instead, he stared gloomily at Alexander with a livid *pression

lexander sneered. His voice was neither loud nor soft, and it was just loud enough for the people around im to hear. What’s wrong, Mr. Sullivan? Do you not have enough money to continue the bidding now?aniel did not say anything but kept his face straight

eing this, Alexander smiled even more wantonly. He looked at Olivia’s face and said meaningfully, It ems that Mr. Sullivan doesn’t like this vase so much. He’s not even willing to offer merely 2 million llars.” 

ehAlexander sneered, his eyes filled with mockery

is time, he did not wait for Daniel to bid but just raised his sign again. 4 million dollars.” 

1 my god, 4 million dollars

  1. r. Alexander is spending 4 million dollars on a vase. He values this vase too much!‘ 

eryone present was shocked. It was not that they could not afford to offer 4 million dollars, but the vase the stage was really not worth it. Buying it was equivalent to spending 4 million dollars on nothing

r a moment, everyone’s gazes shifted back and forth between Alexander, Olivia, and Daniel. They were thinking about what was happening

eemed that Mr. Alexander had won the competition between him and Daniel

e auctioneer counted to three and brought down the hammer

In the end, Alexander got the antique vase

He raised his eyebrows and glanced at Daniel, his eyes filled with pride

After Alexander successfully got the vase, the resentment on Daniel’s face immediately dissipated, turning into a calm expression

Alexander’s heart skipped a beat when he noticed that

He frowned and thought to himself, Is Daniel trying to scam me? He bade on purpose and made me bid for this vase at ten times the price

Just as Alexander was letting his imagination run wild, Daniel suddenly placed his chin on Olivia’s shoulder. He sounded aggrieved when he said, Honey, he’s bullying me.” 

Olivia was slightly stunned. She turned to look at Daniel and happened to meet his watery eyes. They were so clear. He looked so pitiful and cute like a kitten that had been wronged which came over to its owner to ask them to stroke its fur

Olivia’s heart instantly softened

She was actually not used to being close to others. Even though she liked Daniel now, she still clearly distinguished their relationship and her business

She would hide her identity as the dean of the Capitol Research Institute and prioritize her career. She would never think of discussing anything that was related to her career with Daniel. She rarely interfered with Daniel’s affairs

She had always adhered to a principle that even if they were husband and wife, they needed a sense of distance. They would do their own things and stay out of each other’s business

She was too rational

Because she was too rational, she would rarely be sentimental

However, Daniel always broke her principles

In fact, Olivia could tell that Daniel and Alexander were competing. Naturally, she was biased toward Daniel. However, in such an occasion, she could not do much to interfere. For Daniel’s sake, she remained ilent

However, looking at the aggrieved look on Daniel’s face, Olivia instantly felt for him. She couldn’t care ess about her principles and comforted him gently. I’m here. What can I do for you? I’ll avenge you.When Daniel heard those words, his eyes instantly lit up

What Olivia said was what he had been waiting for

Daniel rested his head on Olivia’s shoulder and glanced at Alexander. He felt that Alexander was really :upid

s the two men were fighting over Olivia while bidding for the vase, it didn’t matter which one of them ot the item. What mattered was who won Olivia’s heart

aniel assumed that Alexander would not get to win a smart girl’s heart with his 

> what if he got the vase? It was just a vase. The most important thing was Olivia’s care

poor EQ

aniel raised his head and turned to look at Alexander. His dark eyes were filled with Olivia, let’s switch places,” Daniel whispered


livia’s heart was filled with care for Daniel. Of course, she immediately agreed to his request

>on, Daniel switched places with Olivia and sat next to Alexander

e glanced at Alexander indifferently. He smiled, and his eyes were filled with mischief. Congratulations 

1 getting the vase you want, Mr. Alexander. I can’t compete with you. Fortunately, my wife dotes on me. e’ll bid for a bigger vase for me later.” 

ter saying that, he even grabbed Olivia’s hand and fiddled with her fingers

eing this scene, Alexander suddenly felt that it looked familiar for some reason

15 vouchers 

He frowned and thought for a long time before realizing that Daniel was showing their affection, just like those loving couples did in TV shows

Daniel surely knew how to show off their affection and make others jealous

Alexander ground his teeth and suddenly felt the desire to punch Daniel’s smug handsome face

The auction continued. Later, Alexander continued to bid for a few more items, but every time he raised his sign. Olivia followed

With a gloomy expression, she looked like she was going to get even with him since he had bullied Daniel 

In any case, she was deliberately causing trouble and bullying Alexander

Alexander was angry and aggrieved. His face was pale and darkened

He gripped the armrest of the chair tightly, almost crushing it

Daniel was admiring Alexander’s crazed expression. He would occasionally turn to Olivia and smile brightly. You’re the best, Olivia.” 

Alexander was so pissed that he gritted his teeth. He could not help but say gloomily, Daniel, don’t you feel ashamed? You’re actually living off a woman!” 

What’s wrong with living off a woman? It feels great. You can’t get to live off a woman even if you want to.Daniel did not feel any pressure at all. Back when he was at the bottom of the cliff, his heart belonged to Olivia. He was already used to living off a woman, so he did not feel any pressure when he said this. The surrounding people heard Daniel’s words and looked stunned

They found it hard to believe that as the richest man, Daniel actually said that he was living off a woman so confidently and bluntly


Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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