Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 345

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 345

Chapter 345 

Alexander was in a bad mood. Even after the auction ended, his face was still darkened

As a result, many people who wanted to compliment him did not dare to step forward. They surrounded him from afar and sized up his expression

Unfortunately, Alexander did not look happy until he saw the necklace tied with a whistle on Bettany’s 


That necklace!‘ 

Alexander’s eyes widened. He quickly stepped forward and grabbed Bettany’s wrist

Because Alexander was too agitated, his voice was a little hoarse. He stared at Bettany and enunciated each word clearly, Where did you get this whistle?” 

Bettany was shocked by the anger in Alexander’s eyes. She did not dare to make a sound and was about to 


Just as Bettany was at a loss, Daniel wandered over

When he saw Alexander grabbing Bettany’s wrist, he sneered. Mr. Alexander, you’re so Domineering. What are you doing? Are you trying to rob a girl by force?” 

Alexander looked a bit uneasy when he heard the words rob a girl by forceand the probing gazes of the >eople around him. He let go of Bettany, but he kept standing in front of her. His gaze was fixed on her as f he had to get an answer out of her

Daniel also noticed the whistle. He suddenly realized something. So this whistle means a lot to you, Mr. lexander. Were you looking for this whistle? Why didn’t you say so earlier?” 

aniel’s tone was filled with regret

lexander felt a bit touched. He was a little surprised by Daniel’s tone

ould it be that Daniel knew about this whistle

e turned to Daniel with anticipation in his eyes

owever, Daniel continued, If you had said so earlier, I would have told Bettany to destroy the whistle so at you would never find it.” 

exander was speechless

was so pissed his face turned livid

niel ignored Alexander who looked so pissed that he could tear someone apart. He turned to Bettany 

1 said, Let’s go. Olivia is out of the.” 

tany had already keenly noticed Olivia and ran to her immediately

via was a little surprised. She did not understand what was wrong with Bettany. Did someone bully 

niel grabbed Olivia’s hand at this moment. He felt that he was in a very good mood today. Not only did offend his love rival, but he also got Olivia’s care, which she rarely showed

lat a day to celebrate!‘ 

drivers had already driven the cars over. Olivia and Daniel still took the front car, while Bettany got the car behind

>re getting into the car, she suddenly turned around for some reason

Alexander was still standing on the spot with a powerful aura. A lot of people surrounded him. They ned to want to approach him, but they didn’t dare to

in Alexander saw Bettany turn around, his eyes lit up, and he subconsciously stepped forward

ng this, Bettany was startled. She quickly lowered her head and got into the car.– 

When she got into the car, her heart was still beating wildly

Ellis, who was in the front passenger seat, turned around to comfort her. Don’t be afraid. With the Sullivan and Taylor families around, he won’t dare to do anything to you.” 

Bettany held the whistle on her wrist and nodded casually, looking distracted

After a while, she suddenly looked up. Ellis, who is that Mr. Alexander?” 

Do you mean Alexander Grant?Ellis did not think too much about it and said directly, You know that he’s the Mr. Alexander of the Grant family, right? His uncle is the head of the Grant family, the one who often appears on the news.” 

He has a very high status.” Bettany nodded. Then, she frowned and looked puzzled. Is there a conflict between him and Mr. Sullivan? I feel that Mr. Sullivan doesn’t like him very much.” 

Ellis shook his head. I don’t know.” 

He didn’t dare to make wild guesses about his boss

Bettany could not ask anything else. She lowered her head and kept thinking about something

In the car in front, Daniel was lecturing Olivia and explaining to her what it meant to be husband and wife

Olivia, you did a good job standing up for me at the auction just now, but your previous performance wasn’t satisfactory.” 

Olivia looked up and looked at Daniel seriously. 

Daniel pointed out Olivia’s mistakes and even listed them. Olivia, we’re a team. We’re on the same side. How could you do nothing when Alexander bullied me? I’m so sad.” 

Daniel looked so sad and aggrieved. He grabbed Olivia’s hand and placed it on his chest. Aggrieved, he aid, I need your comfort.” 

am, who was driving the car, felt like throwing up

livia nodded and learned her lesson seriously. She felt very sorry. I’m sorry that I failed to take elings into consideration enough. I thought you would solve the conflict yourself.” 

livia reflected on herself and wondered if she was too aloof and distant

e found it not okay


f course, I could solve it myself. However, you still could’ve helped me.” Daniel gestured. We are one, d we’re family. As a family, we should help each other.” 

this point, Daniel began to praise Olivia. Look, you did very well after that. You stood up for me. xander’s face was even twitching from anger. You deserve a rewarded.” 

he spoke, he lowered his head and kissed Olivia’s face

via pursed her lips, her heart filled with joy

hooked Daniel’s hand and said in a serious tone, Daniel, you have to tell me if I’ve done anything ng from now on, okay?” 

via had no confidence in herself now. She had been treating everyone sincerely since she was young. ether it was Amelia, Gillian, or Jarron, she had offered them what she had wholeheartedly, but in the 

none of them were satisfied, which made Olivia feel very helpless

iel hugged Olivia and patted her head. His tone was low and gentle when he said, Olivia, you didn’t nything wrong. You’re just too reserved. Your effort clearly deserves ten points, but your performance showed one point out of them. This is too disadvantageous

5 won’t do. You have to say what you’ve done, show it, and let others know

ow you well. Today, I was bullied by Alexander. I know that you seemed to be indifferent, but behind ack, you would definitely stand up for me and remind Alexander to be careful when doing things. did do something for me, but you did it behind my back. I didn’t know at all, so I might 

misunderstand you

Of course, I know you well, Olivia, I know that you have the most tender heart and are most sincere to others. I would never misunderstand you. But others don’t know you well, so those people may 

misunderstand you.” 

At this point, Daniel even gave an example. Take Gillian as an example. You almost did everything you could to treat her well. You secretly sent over everything she wanted and gave her a chance every time. However, she didn’t know your intention. Instead, she felt that you were showing off and wanted to snatch her things

This is the danger of only doing things without showing your meaning.” 

Olivia looked down, deep in thought

When Daniel noticed that Olivia was frowning and did not seem to be in a good mood, his heart began to ache again. He regretted saying too much

At this moment, Daniel was like a worried old mother who had to educate her child but was also worried that if she said too much, her child would be sad

He touched Olivia’s head and said gently, I know that you’re the best person in the world, Olivia. Those 

people don’t understand you because they’re narrowminded. Could you stop being sad and ignore them from now on?” 

Okay.Olivia nodded and smiled brightly

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
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