Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 346

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 346

Chapter 346 

When they almost reached the villa. Bettany realized that Elena was not in the car She was very surprised. Ellis, where’s Elena?” 

Ellis turned around and glanced at Bettany. His voice was flat and emotionless Miss Wayne stayed ta wait for Miss Kelly. Miss Sebastian is a member of the girl group. She can’t leave until the a Han t completely over.” 

Bettany was surprised. Is Kelly coming here too?” 

Ellis nodded. Miss Sebastian will be staying at the villa for a few days” 

I see.Bettany was deep in thought

When Bettany arrived at the villa, she quickly returned to her room to rest. Although she had nothing to do at the auction tonight, she had to maintain her composure at all times. She was afraid that the media would take photos of her in a bad state. She had been very nervous, so she was especially tired

Bettany collapsed on the bed almost as soon as she returned to her room

After a while, she felt hungry and struggled to get up

She decided to go into the kitchen and get something to eat

As soon as she went out of her room, she saw someone coming in and out of the room next door 

She wondered if it was Elena and Kelly

Bettany stopped a maid and asked about it

The maid replied, They’re not back yet. Miss Sebastian is coming over to stay tonight, so we have to the 


the room in advance.” 

Bettany nodded. Without much thinking, she walked straight to the next room and took a casual loods 

However, just by looking at it casually, Bettany could tell the difference

She had lived in the Smith family’s villa for a period previously. The butler and servants had done their best to take care of her, but the room she stayed in was basically the same as a hotel room. The bed, pajamas, and toiletries were all disposable. The room was pure white without any decora 

However, Kelly’s room was completely different.. 

The room was decorated like a home. The bedsheet was warm yellow, and there were dolls beside the pillow. The carpet decorations were yellow, which made the room appear very warm

That was not all. The cabinet was filled with clothes. Some of them looked like old clothes, but most of them were brand new. Even the tags had not been removed

Bettany flipped through the tags on the clothes and was stunned for a moment

Seeing this, the maid explained, The family head bought these clothes for Miss Kelly” 

Did Olivia buy the clothes for Kelly

Upon hearing what the maid said, Bettany felt some jealousy

Previously, she had lived in the Taylor family’s place for so many days and had borrowed her daily clothes from Elena. Olivia had never offered to buy her clothes

Bettany had always been grateful to Olivia. She was grateful to Olivia for saving her from great trouble and for treating her so well

But now, as Bettany compared what she got with what Kelly got, she suddenly felt less grateful to Olivial Actually, she isn’t that nice to me. She’s even a bit aloof

Perhaps she likes Kelly better

Realizing this, Bettany suddenly thought of the auction. Olivia asked her what she liked and wanted to buy it for her

Actually, Olivia wasn’t asking her at all but was asking Kelly. Olivia merely asked her out of courtesy. How hypocriticall 

If she really wanted to buy something for me, she could’ve just done it. She didn’t need to ask at all!Bettany pursed her lips with a gloomy expression

She would treat others the way they treated her. From now on, she would keep a polite and distant relationship with Olivia

She also liked the expensive auction items at the auction just now. Just because she didn’t have money now didn’t mean that she wouldn’t get rich in the future. One day, she would take the first row and raise her sign casually. She would be just like Mr. Alexander, who spent 4 million dollars at will

When Bettany thought of Alexander, she had an idea and ran upstairs to Olivia

Olivia was reading in her room. She was a little surprised to see Bettany. What’s up?” 

Bettany sat beside Olivia and held the whistle in her hand. Olivia, do you really not want this whistle anymore?” 

It’s just a whistle.Olivia smiled calmly. I won’t take back what I gave away.” 

Really?Bettany asked nervously. What if this whistle is very significant? What if it represents fate or can bring about a huge opportunity? Do you still not want it?” 


Olivia sneered. Her smile was filled with calmness and pride. In this world, I’m the only one who brings opportunities to others. No one has ever given me opportunities. Keep the whistle. If you don’t like it, throw it away. Don’t ask me about it again.” 

Bettany stared at Olivia and thought to herself, I’ve already asked you, and you’ve expressed that you don’t want this!‘ 

She held the whistle and left. Coincidentally, she bumped into Daniel, who was holding a glass of milk at the door

Mr. Sullivan.” Bettany lowered her head in panic

Daniel looked at the whistle and suddenly said, I remember that Mr. Alexander seemed to be asking you about the background of this whistle at the auction house’s entrance just now.” 

Bettany got a bit flustered. She subconsciously pressed the whistle against her chest and said nervously, This is mine. Olivia said she doesn’t want it anymore.” 

I know. It’s just a lousy whistle.Daniel did not care. I’m just reminding you that Alexander is a very smart person. Lying and playing tricks on him is a very stupid thing to do.” 

Bettany was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, she felt the whistle in her hand burning. She looked up at Daniel with a blank gaze. Then, then what should I do?” 

What a silly girl.Daniel understood Bettany’s intention too well. He had no intention of stopping her vanity. After all, it was human nature to get to the top

He even felt like praising Bettany for being ambitious

However, it was not a good thing to be ambitious but idiotic

He tried to enlighten Bettany. You can play dumb.” 

Huh?Bettany did not understand

Daniel sighed and said earnestly, If you don’t have any ideas about him, stay away from him. If you do, then you can play dumb. You can say that you don’t remember the origin of the whistle. Anyway, you won’t be lying. The rest will just be his own imagination and misunderstanding.” 

Bettany’s eyes lit up

Daniel carefully instructed Bettany. Before he left her, he reminded her, Remember to be smart and protect yourself.” 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Bettany nodded heavily and looked at Daniel with sparkling eyes

She wondered, Mr. Sullivan is so nice. He’s patient, gentle, and never looks down on me. Even if I’m just an inconspicuous person, Mr. Sullivan pays attention to me and instructs me seriously

In comparison, Olivia is too aloof and does not care about me at all

After Bettany left, the gentleness in Daniel’s eyes instantly dissipated, leaving only a hint of mockery

Tuttut, I didn’t expect her to ask for trouble

Is Alexander that easy to fool? He’s unbelievably scheming and smart. On the other hand, Bettany is quite confident in herself

Since she’s so confident, I don’t mind giving her a push, lest that guy keeps pestering Olivia.’ 

At the thought of how Alexander stared straight at Olivia at the auction, Daniel got furious and upset. His eyes were filled with hostility

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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