Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 349

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 349

Chapter 349 

Olivia did not plan to stay and chat with the ones from the Manson family and the others. She reset Winona’s wrist and left

She left behind the group of dumbfounded people in the room

A young orthopedic specialist was the first to come back to his senses. He immediately went forward to check Winona’s wrist

After he did a careful inspection, a surprised expression appeared on his face

This is too unbelievable. Her wrist has actually recovered

There are so many experts in the country and abroad who did all sorts of tests on Winona’s wrist. We all failed to figure out what exactly the problem is. It was clearly just a simple dislocation. Why couldn’t she be cured

However, after we reached here, the beautiful Ms. Taylor did a simple reset, and the wrist was cured. This is simply a miraclel 

Could it be that traditional medicine has already surpassed ordinary science?‘ 

The young expert couldn’t figure it out

After scratching his head for a long time, he suddenly ran out of the door and caught up with Olivia. Ms. Taylor, Ms. Taylor,the young expert shouted

Hearing the commotion behind her, Olivia stopped and turned around

She stood there quietly in a khaki windbreaker. The belt around her waist accentuated her slender waist. The young expert’s heart skipped a beat. He suddenly did not dare to look her in the eye

He lowered his head and said after a long while; Ms. Taylor, may I ask how you did it just now?” 

It’s very simple.” Olivia’s tone was distant, but it did not make people uncomfortable. It’s the Smith family’s method. If you’re interested, you can go to Smith Hospital and communicate with the doctors there.” 

Really?The young expert’s eyes lit up

Olivia nodded. Of course. I still have business to do, so I have to leave now. You can go straight to the Smith Hospital in Layfield. Regardless of whether you need to apply for a job or just need a medical exchange, you’ll be welcomed by the Smith family.” 

After saying that, she nodded politely at the young expert and got into the car

The young expert stood where he was and came back to his senses. Then, he turned around and ran toward Jonny in the house

The first thing he said when he saw Jonny was, I’m sorry, Mr. Manson. I can’t work in your hospital anymore. I will go to work at the place that suits me better.” 

Jonny was still immersed in the joy of his daughter’s wrist recovery that he did not realize what the young expert was saying. He subconsciously asked casually, Where will you be working at?” 

The young specialist replied, The Smith Hospital!” 

Jonny got utterly pissed

In order to compete with the Smith Hospital, Jonny was going to open a hospital opposite the Smith Hospital. He had picked the location and prepared the equipment of the hospital. He also had spent a lot of money to poach some doctors from other places

Originally, he wanted to give Smith Hospital a great blow

In the end, before he could open the Manson family’s hospital, his doctor was going to work for his 




Jonny was so furious that he could not speak. He pointed at the young expert and was speechless for a long time

The young specialist was very straightforward and said directly, Mr. Manson, you’re a nice man, so I have to say something. It’s better if you don’t open a hospital opposite the Smith Hospital. You’ll definitely lose money. You can’t even figure out a small resetting technique from the Smith Hospital, and you’re actually going to teach a fish how to swim. You’re overestimating yourself!” 

With that, the young expert ran over to Roland and asked him how to contact the Smith Hospital. The group of doctors and experts behind Jonny stuck their heads out to look at the young expert. Sering this, Jonny was mad from anger. He said hatefully, Don’t tell me you guys want to quit as well!No one made a sound. They were not as straightforward as the young expert, but they all knew their limitations

Before they had seen Olivia’s technique, they were still quite confident in themselves. Now that they had seen it, they began to know their limits

They couldn’t compare with her

Before the Manson family’s hospital was even opened, Smith Hospital’s fame was spread since Olivia had cured Winona’s wrist

The Manson family was wealthy. They had spent a lot of money and effort to hire many great experts in the country and abroad. Now, everyone knew that Smith Hospital’s techniques were awesome. Olivia’s medical skills were superb. All of those experts wanted to go to the Smith Hospital for a medical exchange

Meanwhile, the Smith Hospital’s reputation in the medical field had also risen to another level. It managed to keep its status ever since Isaac fainted

After Elena found out about this, she excitedly said to Olivia, Miss Taylor, hear me out. The hospital is receiving a lot of applicants, who are blowing up the phone there. Many people have gone to the hospital to apply for jobs, and they’re all quite famous in the medical field. The deputy director wants to ask for your opinion, saying that the hospital isn’t big enough and he wants to build a few more buildings.” There’s not urgent for now.Olivia waved her hand. Tell him to wait a little longer. There’s a readymade place.” 

Elena was confused. What readymade place?” 

Olivia said word by word, The Manson family’s hospital.” 


Elena collapsed on the sofa laughing

She thought, Miss Taylor is just too awesome

Jonny is really a nice person. He has made a name for the Smith Hospital and sent over talents. Now, he’s even about to give the buildings to us!‘ 

Because of what Jonny did, the Smith family became famous. Now, almost everyone knew that no one but Olivia could cure Winona’s wrist

Olivia treated Winona with a special technique that she learned from the Smith family

There were people who were at the scene revealed that on that day, Olivia casually grabbed Winona’s wrist and gently pushed it before Winona’s wrist was reset

During this period, the patient did not feel any pain at all. Olivia’s treatment was simply magical. What Jonny did completely made the Smith family keep its position and spread its reputation

As a result, it affected the other major families that were going to annex the Smith family, including the Watson family and the Holmes family

They found what Jonny did simply hilarious. They had agreed to annex the Smith family together. Unexpectedly, Jonny was even losing the hospital he was building to the Smith family

* Grant 

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Now that the Smith Hospital’s reputation had spread far and wide, the circle of Elders of the Grant family felt that the Smith family still had some strength. Now, they no longer wanted to destroy the Smith family and distribute it to other families. Instead, they wanted to find someone to take over the Smith family

After hearing this piece of news, Jonny was stunned for a moment. Then, he thought about how he had spent a lot of money to choose the location and buy the equipment. His heart immediately ached

Is your information accurate? Why are you looking for someone to take over the Smith family?Jonny frowned. What about Olivia? Are we not going to care about her anymore? Hasn’t Mr. Alexander been spending time with her recently?” 

Jeremy pouted. That’s all in the past. Mr. Alexander already has a new lover. That’s why First Elder gets to be so unscrupulous doesn’t have to care about Olivia’s thoughts anymore. He can directly support Jarron to fight for the Smith family.” 

A new lover?Jonny was really confused. He had been busy with the drawing competition recently. Now that the preliminaries of the drawing competition and the semifinals were coming, he was entirely focused on the competition and had no time to pay attention to anything else

He didn’t expect that only a few days had passed, and Mr. Alexander already had a new lover

Who is she?Jonny asked curiously

Larson said, I think her name is Bettany Fulham. It’s said that she knew Mr. Alexander when they were young.” 

Tuttut.” Jeremy sighed. It’s fate.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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