Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 352

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 352

Chapter 852 

At the painting competition, they were also discussing the recent biology conference

The toughlooking woman was named Sandra Youssef. She was lucky to have been selectedto be in Olivia’s group, and she was currently engaged in a hushed conversation with another member of the same group, Tina Willow

Have you seen the news? Olivia is amazing. Sandra clicked her tongue. Although she did not like Olivia’s special privileges, she still respected such a scientist

That’s right. Tina nodded. They’re all praising her. She already got the Lasker Award previously, and she’s still so young, only 25 years old. The media said that she’d definitely get the Nobel Prize. She’s too awesonicl 

She’s so smart, Sandra recalled that she was 25 years old and seemed to still be in her postgraduate studies. As for Olivia, she had already won an international award

She’s coming, she’s coming.” Tina poked Sandra, gesturing for her to turn and look at the door

Sandra followed Tina’s gaze and saw a woman in a gray windbreaker walking over

Sandra had thought that Olivia was very beautiful. After all, she was not goodlooking and could not charth the richest man in the Sullivan family

Even though she was mentally prepared, she still gasped when she saw Olivia

She thought that, Winona was beautiful enough, but Olivia was more than ten times prettier than her. It was as if she had been meticulously drawn by a skilled brush, radiating an indescribable noble aura. With Olivia’s arrival, the entire arena fell silent, and everyone looked straight at her

It was only when the host of the competition clapped hands that everyone came back to their senses. Don’t just stare; the competition is about to begin. Get ready

Olivia found her seat and sat down

She happened to be sitting right next to Sandra

Sandra immediately held her breath and felt goosebumps forming on her skin when she realized that Olivia was seated right beside her

This was the aura of a peerless beauty, with a charm that could not be ignored

Sandra took a few deep breaths and barely managed to calm herself down

Olivia was placed in the third group, which was at the back

Winona was in the third group as well. When Olivia passed by, she only glanced at her briefly before retracting her gaze with a complicated expression

Bettany was in the fourth group, positioned behind Olivia. She looked up and stared at Olivia, gripping the paintbrush tightly, her eyes filled with anticipation and admiration

She wondered when she would be able to be as confident and calm as Olivia and not be afraid of everyone’s gazes, facing everyone’s doubts calmly and refuting them clearly

Bettany retracted her gaze and lowered her head, silently encouraging herself not to be afraid and anxious. Alexander had already hired an etiquette teacher for her. When she recovered from her miscarriage and learned the etiquette of upperclass society, Alexander would bring her to various banquets and introduce her in public

She reassured herself that soon, very soon, she would be as confident and calm as Olivia. Moreover, she would be able to stand beside her and be on the same level as her

Thinking of Alexander, Bettany could not help but smile

Being with such an outstanding man. Bettany felt like she was living a dream. He held a high position as Mr. Alexander, the young master of the Grant family. He wielded significant influence in both the business world and politics. With a single word from him, die world could be turned upside down, leaving others pondering his every utterance and trying to discern his intentions

However, such an outstanding man was so gentlemanly and polite to her

Bililopatre’s Missing Darling 

He respected her very much and was completely different from Marcus 

As for Marcus, who had given her a nightmare, she could not escape his clutches no matter how hard she med. However, Alexander did not take him seriously at all 

With a casual order, he easily dealt with Marcus 

Now, Marcus had been sent abroad by the Dillon family. On the other hand. Bettany’s father and stepmother had started to seek her favor. They were aware of her health condition and were even considering sending her stepsister to take care of her 

Thinking of her stepsister, Bettany snorted coldly. Did they really think that she was a fool and could not tell what they were thinking

Everyone changed their attitudes, treating her with respect and trying to please her

Only Talia had not changed. She had always hoped that Bettany would return to the Dillon family and reconcile with Marcus. After knowing that she had a miscarriage. Talia even scolded her for being insensitive and claimed that the Grant family’s status was too high for a girl from a small family like her to climb up to

Bettany shouted angrily. You re my mother Can’t you look forward to me? Am I so lowly in your eyes that I’m only fit for someone paralyzed, and not worthy of being with a normal person?” 

I won’t do what you want. I want to be with Alexander I want you to see how I reach the highest position. step by step and let everyone look up to me and envy me 

Bettany Talia was in despair 

How had her child become like this

Bettany kidn ́t listen to anything. She sent Talia away and bought a house to settle her down

Pulling her thoughts away from her memories. Bettany began to focus on the competition in front of her 

The semifinals would last for three hours

Olivia looked at her camas for a moment and then began to paint, picking up her brush

As time continued to tick away the competition had passed the halfway mark, and most of the participants were nearing the completion of their paintings, with just some finishing touches left

Sandra put down her brush and massaged her sore wrist while admiring her painting

Oh, it’s really well drawn 

She couldn’t help but be narcissistic. This time, she had exceeded her expectations. She had drawn a mother flying a kite with her daughter to express spring. The details were very well drawn

Sandra was confident that she could definitely enter the finals

Their group had to eliminate two people, and Olivia was definitely going to be one of them. The remaining four only needed to eliminate one person, so she had a huge advantage and would definitely not be eliminated

At the thought of this, Sandra relaxed and began to observe the paintings of others

She first looked at the four competitors who were competing with her

Their paintings all showed creativity and various methods to depict spring, but they were still not as good as hers

Since she had nothing to do, she turned to Olivia to see what she had drawn

With a glance, Sandra almost fell off the stool 

She was so shocked

She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Olivia only painted a piece of green grass

Although green grass represented spring, this was too ldfashioned. There was no creativity at all

Sandra pouted and was about to look away

However, just as her line of sight deviated for a moment she actually saw the dew on the tip of the grass blade. The entire painting suddenly came to life. 

Sandra’s heart skipped a beat. She began to carefully observe Olivia’s painting 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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The more she observed, the more she realized how impressive the painting was. The technique had reached a peak level of mastery

This was incredibly amazing

In Sandra’s impression, only Sketcher could have such godly technique. How could Olivia know it? She was completely stunned

She was so lost in thought that she didn’t even notice when Tina asked, Sandra, the competition is over. What are you looking at?” 

This, thisSandra stuttered as she pointed at Olivia

They were in the same row, with Sandra positioned between Tina and Olivia. From her angle, Tina could not see Olivia’s painting at all

Seeing Sandra like this, Tina thought that Olivia’s painting was very bad, and Sandra was so happy that she was dumbfounded

Calm down.Tina tugged at Sandra. Although Olivia would definitely be eliminated, it was not good to gloat before the results were out

Someone would come and collect the canvases, so Tina dragged Sandra away

She only spoke when they were outside the door. What happened to you just now?” 

Sandra/ignored Tina and wanted to look for Olivia, but Olivia had already left the examination hall with Elena

Sandra stomped her feet anxiously as she watched Olivia leave

Secing this, Tina was even more confused, and the others were equally curious. They all looked at her and asked, What’s wrong with you?” 

Sandra was in a daze. Olivia, Olivia, her painting is very good, and her technique is outstanding. She’s very talented.” 

Tina pursed her lips. So what if she’s talented? Can she be more powerful than a Sketcher?” 

Yes.Winona came out of the examination hall and looked in the direction where Olivia left. She said calmly, It’s because she is a Sketcher.” 

This sentence was like a thunderclap that struck everyone, leaving everyone stunned

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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