Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 353

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 353

Chapter 353 

Claws male exhausted She had enged in high debates facing off against rap biologists Tom several comes alene Then upon returning to bet bone country she participated in the 

ing and did not even have the ta rest

After the seminal competion, she staggered as she walked straight to her room on the 12th floor of the hotel to rest 

As soon is her bact stuck 

asleep and her temples throbbed with pain

Perhaps it was due to the 

she could not keep well 

Shough Olimas body was tired, her mind was not stable and 

I was until a famar embrace tightly wrapped around her that Oloria relaxed. She married her head against the persons chest and quadly died in a deep sleep 

She slept 

four o clock in the afternoon 

The cut in the room were drawn casting a dim light and Olivia was still sitting on the bed in a daze. She beard some movements in the living room outside so she opened the door to take a look in her sippers and messy hair 

These opened the door 

Whe was she bene 

Wynona sing in the living room 

Ofis thoughs had yet to completely wake up from her sleep. She was a httle dared and cute

Daniel sing on the sofa wared at her 

did not hestate. She walked over to Daniel and sat down next to him

Dame used his fingers as a comb to smooth her messy hair, then naturally lowered his head and kissed her forehead. He whispered. Did you sleep well 

Yes I’m all beer now a nodded adorably 

Looking at her halfasleep appearance. Daniel found a truly endearing 

She was so cute that be really wanted to kiss her 


Winona who was sitting opposite them cleared her throat uncomfortably, regaining Daniel’s attention. Ms Tavior are you awakeShe asked gently. She looked at Olivia calmly, as if she was really concerned about her 

Clear Winona She did not say anything and just leaned on Daniels shoulder in a dare

nodded at 

Winona glanced at Olivia and Daniel before looking awUNI 

She lowered her eyes, looking a little disappointed 

After a while, she looked up and forced herself to smile Sunce Ms. Taylor is awake. I won’t disturb you ay. Well talk again when we re free. Daniel 

She sounded as if she had some secret with Danoel 

She stood up and was about to leave when she saw the sealed jar beside her. She quickly picked it up and placed it on the table. She said in a low voice. Talmost forgot Daniel your throat is not in good com I brought some quat jam for you to soothe your throat 

As she spear she bed the jam in front of Daniel 

The corners of Won’s mouth curled up slightly Hestone was a little nostalgie. Back then, you liked the cmq jam 1 made the most. You asked for it a lot every tune. If I didn’t have the time and forgot to make it for yes, you would be angry 


At the spoir Winona laughed our load Her express was a little sad Time flies. So many years have passed in the blink of an eve once we 

Winona saddenly stopped talking 

She looked up at Olivia and seemed to be a lele besit She changed the top It’s all in the past. Let’s 

Massirer Darling 

ot talk about it anymore.” 

Olia quietly observed Winona’s performance, taking in all of her behavior

However, she didn’t say a word

Seeing that she did not provoke Olivia, Winona was a little dissatisfied. She deliberately looked at Daniel. Daniel, why don’t you take the cumquat jam? See if it’s any different from before. After so many years, my cooking skills have improved a lot.” 

After saying that she looked at Olivia meaningfully. Ms. Taylor, I’m sure you’re very understanding, and you won’t mind. Im just giving Daniel a jar of cumquat jam. His throat isn’t in good condition, so I’m a Einle worned” 

Olivia knew that Winona had said it on purpose for her to hear, but she did not care about these little 

Even if she didn’t care, it wouldn’t be good to let others bully her

She fixed her gaze on the cumquat jam, tilted her head in thought for à moment, and was about to say something 

Dariel, who was beside her, spoke up with a serious and distant tone. Ms. Manson, I don’t accept gifts. If you really want to give something, you can contact my secretary, Ellis. He will handle it 

With just one sentence. he drew a clear line between Winona and him, categorizing Winona with those ordinary giftgivers 

This man really knew how to differentiate between people

He’s quite clear about his likes and dislikes

Olivia cold not help but laugh out loud

Daniel even turned around and looked at her innocently. What are you laughing at?” 

Olivia hugged Daniel’s arm and secretly pinched him

Daniel lowered his head and winked at her

Olivia was instantly blushed. She lowered her eyes and snickered, her shoulders trembling with suppressed laughter

Such a blatant display of affection made Winona’s eyes turn red

Before she came, she was still calm and composed. She was prepared to take it slow and bring back memories of Daniel bit by bit

Now that she was provoked by the two of them showing off their love, Winona could no longer pretend. Her heart fluctuated violently as she directly questioned. Daniel, I remember that you have pharyngitis and your throat often feels uncomfortable. I’ve always remembered it in my mind. All these years, I’ve been working hard to study how to make the best cumquat jam so that one day, I can give it to you. Can’t you see these intentions?” 

She had sacrificed so much for Daniel. Why couldn’t he see it? Did he not care about their past relationship at all

Winona stretched out her hands and showed the wounds she had from cutting the cumquat. Her tone was sorrowful. Did you see these wounds? Other than the cumquat jam, there’s also snow pear soup with rock sugar and lemon syrup. I don’t know how many times I’ve studied the cooking method of throatsoothing soup over the years. I’ve learned it one by one and tried it again and again. I’ve painiakingly chosen the finest, freshest ingredient from all over the world so that I can achieve the best result and make your throat feel more comfortable.” 

Speaking of this, Winora suddenly looked up and pointed at Olivia. She questioned, What about her? What did she do for you?” 

Winona sneered. Heh, the probably doesn’t even know that you have pharyngitis, right? Why are you protecting a woman who doesn’t care about your at all 

Im sorryDaniel looked up slowly and said lazily. Olivia gured my pharyngitis

Winora could not say a word

Winona did not even know how she walked out of the room. She was like a wandering soul, and it was 

oils when the set the wil vatter van the vale that she regained her senses

Danke’s wwch ran in het 


kevyt the 

how when

No maier how 

A phares has red at dont feel any discomfort Ms. quando por soup for yourself. By the way.

she put in it was uncle most buy move herself

Ms. Manson take care of yourwit 



Missing Darting 

only wher, she returned to her room and Clarissa called her from the side that she regained her senses. Daniel’s words rang in her ears. My pharyngitis has recovered and I don’t feel any discomfort. Ms. Manson, you can keep the cumquat jam, lemon syrup, and snow pear soup for yourself. By the way. I have other words for you.” 

No matter how much effort she put in, it was useless. A most, it could only move herself

Ms. Manson, take care of yourself” 

Send gift 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
Billionaire’s Missing Darling” by Theresa Wilde is a thrilling romance novel that follows the passionate and suspenseful journey of a billionaire’s beloved who mysteriously disappears, weaving together love, intrigue, and a quest for truth… Billionaire’s Missing Darling” by Theresa Wilde is a captivating romance novel that immerses readers in a world of luxury, love, and suspense. The story revolves around the enigmatic disappearance of a beloved character, whose absence sends shockwaves through the billionaire’s opulent life. As the plot unfolds, the reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from deep romance and desire to nail-biting intrigue and suspense. The novel masterfully weaves a tale of love tested by adversity, drawing readers into a web of secrets and mysteries that they must unravel alongside the characters. It’s a thrilling blend of romance and suspense, promising an unforgettable reading experience.   Billionaire's Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde  
Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Summer arrived in a blaze of golden sunshine, casting its warm embrace over the picturesque coastal town where Billionaire’s Missing Darling unfolds. The azure sea sparkled, inviting laughter and adventure, while the fragrant blooms adorned the streets in vibrant hues. The scent of saltwater mingled with the delicious aroma of street food, as tourists and locals alike reveled in the season’s festivities. Our protagonists, wrapped in the enchanting ambiance of summer, discovered the depths of their emotions under the starry skies, their love story blossoming like the flowers in the quaint gardens. With each sunset and sunrise, their connection deepened, mirroring the beautiful, ever-changing tapestry of the season. Summer, with its lazy afternoons and electric nights, became the backdrop for intrigue, romance, and mystery, as Billionaire’s Missing Darling wove its spellbinding tale through the sultry days and sultry nights of the season.” Billionaire's Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde


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