Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 354

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 354

Chapter 354 

In the room, after Winona left, Daniel seized the opportunity to educate Olivia

Olivia, do you know what you did wrong just now?” Daniel sat upright with a serious expression

Olivia looked puzzled

She blinke nised the comers of her eyes slightly. Her beautiful phoenix eyes

confusion, carrying a touch of innocent charin 

She really didn’t realize what she had done wrong

However, since Daniel said so, there must have been something

a hint of 

Although Olivia was smart and opinionated, she was also very willing to listen to othersadvice

She sat down obediently and placed her hands in front of her, looking at Daniel seriously, as if she was listening to his teachings

Look, why did you think of confronting Winona just now?Daniel looked disapproving. You’re Mrs. Sullivan. Why would you deal with someone like Winona personally? You don’t have to care about an insignificant third party like her. You should ignore her and look down on her, and leave the rest to me. Speaking of this, Daniel began to expand. The existence of the third party is all because of a man’s indecisiveness. Olivia, don’t worry. I’m very determined, so you don’t need to be concerned. I’ll protect myself and not give her any chance to take advantage

Asmile appeared on Olivia’s face. She lowered her head and nudged Daniel’s chest. Then, she laughed. uncontrollably 

You’re so annoying.” 

In what way?” 

Can’t you be more sympathetic?Olivia rarely acted like a spoiled child. She snorted. Winona is so goodlooking and so infatuated with you. I don’t believe that you will be so heartless to deal with her.” 

This was a huge injustice

Daniel was puzzled. He stared at Olivia with a questioning gaze. Olivia, are you sick? Why is there something wrong with your aesthetic sense? How is Winona goodlooking? She has an ordinary face and is especially narcissistic.” 

This man’s words were really vicious

Olivia could not stand it anymore. She buried herself in his arms. mumbling, You’re not allowed to deliberately vilify her. Do you think I’ll be at ease if you say that? This just proves that you pay a lot of attention to her.” 

Daniel took the opportunity to peck Olivia on the forehead, feeling so proud of himself

Was she jealous

She must have loved him very much to be jealous like that

Why was this woman so cute? Even when she was jealous, she was especially charming

Daniel was so happy that he almost jumped up

He hugged the big baby in his arms tightly and slowly taught her, Olivia, if any woman comes to provoke you in the future, don’t believe her no matter what she says. The only person you can trust is me. Only if I say it myself will it be the correct answer. Everything else is wrong, and you don’t need to pay attention to it

Faced with those women, you only need one method. Cross your arms, and look down at them with complete contempt

Olivia still had some work to attend to. Her assistant, Cecilia, was coming over to help organize the contents of the International Biological Conference

Daniel didn’t disturb Olivia’s work, so he went out for walk

At that monient, Michael called and invited Daniel to the club

Daniel sat on a chair in the hotel lounge. His long legs were bent, and he asked uninterestedly. What 

Michael said, It’s Gideon’s girlfriend’s birthday, and he’s inviting everyone to get together. His girlfriend is from the film academy, and she’s bringing a few of her friends along.” 

Daniel yawned. His voice sounded a little lazy. Not interested” 

With that, he sighed sofily and said, I can’t play with you guys anymore.” 

Michael’s heart skipped a beat. He felt a little upsel

He knew that as they grew older, the group of them had developed different paths, and there was a gap between them now

For example, Daniel was the richest man in the family. He had more wealth than the few families combined. He was a figure that even the elders in the family tried to please

He had already left them far behind

However, understanding it was one thing, but hearing Daniel express it so bluntly was another matter. Michael felt very uncomfortable and resisted the urge to hang up the call

However, at this moment, he heard Daniel’s next sentence. I’m about to start a family. I’m not like you single guys who can still wander around the club. Well, it’s different.” 

Michael felt silent

This was quite heartwrenching

Dániel was uninterested. I’m not going to the club. You guys have fun by yourselves.” 

Hey, Michael called out to him

Without Daniel, it wouldn’t be as much fun. Although they were playboys, they were also responsible for building connections

Being on good terms with Daniel was one of the important aspects

Michael immediately said, I also think that the club is boring. I’ve been there hundreds of times. Daniel, do you have any good suggestions?” 

Daniel did have a suggestion

He mentioned a place

Michael replied enthusiastically, Alright, I’ll tell Gideon and the others, and we’ll be there soon.” 

Upon receiving Michael’s call, Gideon was a little confused. Dish Delight? Where is it? Is it a restaurant?He had never even heard of Daniel searching for such a place

“I don’t know either. Michael was impatient. Well, forget it. Who cares about the place? Let’s go over 


The group drove to Dish Delight. After entering, they realized that this was actually a selfservice kitchen. They found an array of prepared ingredients, including a variety of foods, and professional chefs were on hand to guide them in cooking

Everyone was dumbfounded

Do it ourselves?Gideon was shocked and speechless

That’s right. Daniel nodded. He agreed with the fact that he was about to get married. I’m getting married soon. The necessary skill of a married man is cooking. My cooking skills are not good, so I have to learn. You guys too, sooner or later, you’ll all get married, so better start learning.” 

As he spoke, Daniel took an apron and put it on. He rolled up his sleeves and began to learn how to make scrambled eggs with tomatoes from the chef

He was actually doing it

Everyone was at a loss for words, especially the girls that Gideon’s girlfriend brought out from the film. academy. They were all dressed very nicely, had heavy makeup on, and had beautiful manicures. They were not suitable to cook at all

However, it was rare to have a chance to interact with such a rich man. A girl steeled her heart and pulled 

if art decoration from her nails. She went to Daniel and said. Daniel how are we going to peel this 

Daniel frowned when he smelled the pungent perfume 

What kind of unpleasant smell was this? It had contaminated the fresh aroma of his tomatoes He looked up at the strangelooking women around him and immediately felt some regret What kind of people had they brought over? They seemed to have a bad atmosphere

Daniel ignored the woman and said to the manager beside him. Get another room. Separate the men and women 

Why separate!Gideon refused. It’s my girlfriend’s birthday. How can we celebrate if we’re separated?Daniel said faintly. You can go to the other room to accompany her, but there cant be any women in this kitchen.” 

At this point, seeing that everyone was puzzled. Daniel explained. I have a family. I have to avoid arousing suspicion

Everyone was stunned

What kind of male version was this? Daniel must have been brainwashed by male virtue 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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