Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 358

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 358

Chapter 358 

The Manson family had been on guard, but on the fourth day, Olivia still did not make any move. At this time, Winona’s vote count had already reached 10 million. It had almost reached its limit

As for Olivia’s vote count, it was just over a million votes

There was no way they could catch up in a day

Not only did the Manson family think that victory was in their grasp, but even the judges and other contestants felt that Winona would definitely win this time

What a pity.Sandra and the others were feeling regretful

From the bottom of her heart, Olivia was indeed much better than Winona. However, if the people could not be present at the scene and only looked at it through videos or photos, it would greatly affect the impression of the painting. It would be difficult to tell which was good or bad

To be honest, if Sandra was also a commoner and had not seen Olivia’s painting with her own eyes, she would not be able to tell what was good about Olivia’s painting through the pictures on the Internet

At most, it was only slightly better than Winona’s

Hey, where did they find this photographer? Sandra felt there was something fishy about this, Who adds filters to the painting? The color has changed

Tina’sitting next to her, held her chin and looked puzzled. Olivia doesn’t seem to be in a hurry at all. Even Riley and Casey are campaigning for votes, but Olivia hasn’t done anything. How strange.Maybe she just doesn’t care.Sandra sighed. This was the only explanation that made sense. Bettany’s work had also entered the finals. However, with her current situation and the fact that she had. just become a disciple, it was not suitable for her to be in the limelight. She only needed to stand out gradually, so she did not care much about the outcome of the finals

Hence, she did not campaign for votes

She had already achieved her goal. Now, there were already people discussing her in the art world. They said that she had spiritual energy and that her future would definitely be limitless

That was enough

Although she did not care much about the final results, Bettany was still very curious about who would win in the end

These days, she had been paying attention to the votes on the Internet

She originally thought that Winona would be evenly matched with Olivia, but she did not expect the gap to be so significant

The votes of Winona were already ten times the votes of Olivia

Was this the power of the Grant family

Bettany lowered her eyes. She felt as if she had opened the door to another world

The Manson family only had the Grant family as its backer, but they had the connections of the national TV station and used it for campaigning for votes

As for Olivia, although she was the head of the Smith family and her fiancé was the richest man, Daniel Sullivan, she had no power to fight back

Bettany called Olivia

The call was answered by Elena

Where’s Olivia?” Bettany was puzzled. Why is her phone with you?” 

Elena was sorting out some documents, and she had been extremely busy these few days. When she heard Bettany’s question, she said straightforwardly. Miss Taylor is busy. If you have anything to say, tell me. I’ll pass the message.” 

Oh Bettany paused for a moment and looked down at the Patek Philippe watch on her wrist. Her tone was calm and carried a slight sense of superiorly. I wander if she needs my help 

What help!” Elena did not have the time to ponder the special meaning in Bettany’s words and asked directly 

It’s about the painting competition, Bettany reminded her. I saw that her votes are very low and arr already far behind Winona’s. If she needs it, I can talk to Alexander and promote her on the national TV 


When she said this, Bettany’s tone was calm, as if she could command the national TV station with a wave of her hand 

Oh my GodElena suddenly stood up and slapped her forehead hard. Her tone was extremely vexed. Oh my God, why am I so stupid? I’ve been so busy these past few days that I’ve forgotten about the painting competition.” 

You forgot?Bettany was in disbelief 

How could she forget about that

This was a painting competition. How could she forget such an important matter? Did she have a brain? You’re really.. Bettany could not care less about putting on airs. She directly scolded Elena. How can you forget such a big matter! Hurry up and tell her.” 

Bettany, you don’t know,Elena explained. These past few days have been extremely hectic. Miss Taylor has a lot of things to do that she can’t care about the small matters at all” 

Small matter? You actually said this is a small matter?Bettany could not understand

For the sake of this competition, she did not even care about her body and did not rest at all. She put a lot of effort into participating in the competition. In the end. Elena actually said that it was a small matter. It’s not quactly a small matterElena quickly corrected herself It’s just that, for the other things that Miss Taylor has to do, this competition is hardly worth mentioning. Alright, I won’t discuss it further with Jou 

Elena hurriedly hung up the phone

Listening to the busy tone on the phone. Bettany stared at the phone for a long time

After a while, she laughed bitterly

She understood

Elena had said this on purpose to show the difference between Olivia and her

She just wanted to overshadow her

That was true. In such a short period of time, she had gone from a pitiful person who had been rescued by Olivia to someone who could help Olivia at will

Presumably, other than Elena, Olivia might also not be able to accept the change in her identity for


In that case, she would give them some time to adapt

In the end, if Olivia really couldn’t accept the fact that her status was higher than hers, then she could only stop contacting her

She would repay Olivia’s kindness to her, but she had lost all her feelings for her

After standing by the window for a while, Bettany started coughing

A piece of clothing was draped over her back

Bettany turned around and immediately saw Alexander

You’re back!” She was pleasantly surprised

Yes. Alexander looked at Bettany calmly, and his tone was very gentle. How are you? Are you feeling 

Much better. Bettany’s eyes sparkled

She thought of Olivia and suddenly asked. Alexander, do you think this painting competition is a small 


Alexander tiled his head and thought seriously for a moment before saying, For me, it’s indeed a small 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Hearing this, Bettany chuckled. Her tone was emotionless. With your status, the painting competition is indeed a small matter, but Olivia also said that this competition is a small matter. Don’t you think it funny

Hearing Bettany mention Olivia, Alexander was a little distracted

He suddenly remembered the first time he saw Olivia. She was so smart and her eyes were extremely cunning. She was like a little fox and full of spirit

Alexander could not help but smile

It was only when he heard Bettany’s soft call that he suddenly came back to his senses 

As he lowered his head and met Bettany’s gaze. Alexander felt a hint of unease, a touch of guilt, and a sense of urgency 

He felt guilty for not finding Bettany sooner, allowing her to suffer for so many years. He had made a promise to protect her, and he needed to fulfill that responsibility. How could he even think of another 


Once a man felt guilty, he would want to compensate. The most common compensation was material, especially for a man like Alexander who did not lack money

Then, he asked Bettany. Tm going to Europe next week. Is there anything you’d like as a gift 

Send gift 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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