Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 360

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 360

Chapter 360 

Winona stayed on the bed in a daze. She was in too much of a shock to react

At that moment, everything around her quietened and came to a standstill. She could not hear anything While her mouth opened and closed, no word was utterd 

The only thing that was crystal clear was the unbelievably high number of votes presented in front of her The number seemed to stare right back at her

Winona froze for a while before she finally regained her senses. She lowered her head and picked up her phone. Without even putting on her slippers, she pushed open the door and ran 

Jonny and Victoria were in the living hall downstairs 

Jonny was on the phone, giving instructions impatiently, while Victoria leaned against Clarissa and watched as the latter kept refreshing the webpage 

Nonetheless, no matter how many times Clarissa refreshed the website, Winonas votes were 

behind Olivia’s. She was lagging so far behind that she was not even a quarter of Olivia’s votes 

The butler noticed Winona and saw her bloodshot eyes He was very worried Miss, why aren’t you wearing any shoes?” 

The butler then instructed the helper. Go and bring a pour of shoes for Miss

But Winona had no time to wait for the butler. She went downstairs barefooted 

Victoria noticed Winona and looked up 

When Winona met her mother’s gaze, she could no longer hold her tears in. She choked and said, MomVictoria felt a lump in her throat and quickly went forward to hug Winona

Jonny had also noticed his daughter’s presence, but he was too busy on the phone

He spoke in a harsh tone, What are you guys doing? I left the operation in your hands because you had guaranteed me a sure win. But look at what happened, Olivia’s votes are almost at 600 million now! And we have only 20 million votes

Did I spend so much money to hire you just to make us lose?” 

The person in charge of the operations team felt aggrieved. Mr. Manson, this is an unexpected situationUnexpected? If things always go according to plan, why did I decide to spend so much money to hire you? I would have done it myself. I don’t want to listen to your excuses. Now, listen to what I want. I want to overtake Olivia. Hurry up and think of a way to increase the votes Jonny yelled into the phone. Although he was being lambasted, there was nothing the person in charge could do. He was at his witsend. Finally, he said, Mr. Manson, why don’t you research a cure for cancer, too: That way, you can surpass Olivia,” 

Jonny became dumbfounded as soon as he heard that. He was instantly speechless

Once he felt that Jonny had calmed down, the person in charge began to explain in a somber tone, Mr. Manson, this is really beyond our control. Olivia released the news of the cancer drug in the wee hours of the morning, and it was immediately reposted by Ember University. Subsequently, all the other universities reposted the news. After that, almost all the official accounts have reposted it. After all, that is good news for the country and the people

The media was in an uproar. They tried all sorts of ways to contact Olivia. And, when they were unable to reach her, they reported the news of Taylor participating in the painting competition

Olivia did not even need to buy paid posters or hire any media outlets. They were already praising her to 

the moon 

Did you not see it? Although we had previously reported that Olivia’s work strayed away from the theme, all those accusations are being overturned now 

“Who says only a warrior can defend the family: One needs to be ferocious to devour cancer cells. Hence, her work Guardian, suits the theme. To be the guardian of the family, one has to be fierce.” 

Hence, in the end, all the stints they pulled during the early stages of the competition turned into 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

publicity for Olivia 

Unable to contact Olivia, the media and public expressed their gratitude by voting for her


+5 vouchers 

And it was not just the young people. Even the elderly using old phones with no idea how to vote online insisted on taking out their phone cards and putting them in their grandchildrensmartphones to vote for Olivia. They could go without sleep to do that

Then, there were people who even went to get new SIM cards

Fortunately, Olivia had announced the news at night, and businesses were still closed. Had she made the announcement at 12 noon, her votes would double

In such circumstances, even if the person in charge were a genius, he would still be dumbfounded. Moreover, he also wanted to vote for Olivia.. 

Only people like Olivia, who made contributions and brought honor to the country and people, were worthy of such high acclaim

If not for professional ethics, the person in charge would have walked away from that job

Not only did he want to vote for Olivia, but he wanted to rally everyone to vote for her, too

The person in charge’s eyes turned red when he thought of his grandmother, who had passed away from 


If only Grandmother could live a few more years,he lamented

The person in charge got into a bad mood thinking about that and could no longer talk to Jonny. Hence, heave the phone to his assistant and asked him to explain the situation to Jonny

Since it had come to that, there was no need to beat around the bush

The assistant took the phone and went straight to the point. He gave Jonny two options. First option is, We will do according to your request and canvass wildly for votes

However, this will result in two consequences. First of all, there are only two hours before the voting ends. In such a short period of time, even if we went all out, we could only pull in a few hundred thousand votes at most. That is barely enough to catch up to Olivia at all

The second consequence is that, at this moment, everyone is excited about the cancer drug and just casting their votes to express their appreciation to Olivia, but you are doing the opposite. Defaming Olivia and canvassing for votes for your family might cause strong dissatisfaction among the people. This public outcry might even affect Prooco Group

Mr. Manson, are you sure you want to continue with your request?” 

Jonny’s shoulders drooped as he exhaled a puff of cigarette smoke with a bitter expression. What’s the other choice?” 

The assistant advised, The other choice is to admit defeat.” 

Jonny closed his eyes

Everyone in the living room heard what the assistant said

Winona looked despondent. She buried her head in Victoria’s shoulder and sobbed silently

Sensing her daughter’s disappointment, Victoria choked. “I can’t admit defeat. I just won’t admit defeat!She could not take that lying down. Why should they admit defeat? She would not

Sensing Jonny’s hesitation, the assistant continued, Mr Manson, it is just a small painting competition. You ought to consider the big picture. Do you really want to fight with the public over a competition? The Manson family’s foundation is cultural real estate. There are so many shopping malls in the country. It’s really not a wise move to offend the public.” 

At this point, the assistant paused, then reluctantly advised, Mr. Manson, I have to remind you. Olivia has not taken any action yet.” 

Without doing anything but releasing that piece of news, their opponent crushed all the effort that the Manson family had gone to great lengths to achieve for the past four days. Who knew what would happen if Olivia decided to retaliate

Upon hearing him, Jonny hesitated

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

After a while, he said, Let me think about it” 

As soon as he hung up, his phone started ringing nonop

They were all shareholders of the Manson family

+5 vouchers 

As soon as Jonny picked up one of the calls from a major shareholder, he was greeted with a wave of questions. Jonny, what’s wrong with you? If you want brave the fire of hell’s pit, do it alone. Don’t drag the Manson family with you. And don’t drag Prooco Group down, either.” 

Jonny wanted to explain to him

However, the other party did not give him a chance to explain and said, Hurry, hurry, Retract all the slandering news of Olivia’s paintings, Then, vote for Olivia and release a congratulatory message to Olivia for developing a cancer drug. Ask them to vote for Olivia 

Jonny was speechless

How did it end up like that? He had fought for so long, and now, he had to canvass for votes for Olivia 


In an instant, Jormy seemed to have aged 10 years

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
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