Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 361

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 361

Chapter 361 

The cancer drug was actually developed a long time ago, and they had done several clinical trials on it. But it was never announced. Now seemed like a good time to do it

To be honest, it was a bit unfair of Olivia to canvass votes like that

It was a sure win tactic

Elena was even more ecstatic than Olivia as she watched the soaring number of votes. She cheered and screamed, unable to keep still

As Olivia’s votes reached a new high, the Manson family started to rally for her and even publicly congratulated her for her success in developing the cancer drug

Elena found the Manson family hilarious

What a fool they had made themselves into

Elena turned to Olivia and asked curiously, “Miss Taylor, did you plan this from the beginning?” 

Olivia was sitting at the dining table drinking her milk. Her arm rested on the table, revealing her slender wrist. Her posture was elegant and alluring

She had the noble air of aristocracy around her 

Elena was dumbstruck with one glance

Olivia was a real beauty

What plan?Olivia lowered her eyes and put down the cup. Then, she picked up a napkin and wiped her mouth causally. Her nonchalant attitude broke that air of aristocracy she possessed earlier. She looked like a high and mighty loyalty now

She was charismatic without even trying 

Elena tightened her back. She subconsciously straightened herself and sat upright

And like an elementary school student, she placed her hands on her thighs

The cancer drug.Elena probed. Did you plan this a long time ago? To use the drug to canvass votes.” No.Olivia lowered her head and began peeling the eggshell. She continued in an indifferent tone. I just feel that it is time we announce it. It just happens to coincide with the competition.” 

She would not waste her time bothering with the Mason family. It was just a coincidence

And, Olivia would not prematurely announce the results of the research just to canvass for votes

They had been producing results for many years. When they were finally ready, it was time for the competition, too

Coincidence?Elena was a little confused. She continued, asking, If the painting competition had been two months later and the drug had already been announced, what would you have done?” 

There’s still Nimbus Gaze. It is about time we announce that, too,Olivia was focused on peeling the eggs and did not even look up

What about next year?Elena was persistent. Had the painting competition been held next year, and you had already announced the cancer drug and Nimbus Gaze, what would you do then?” 

Then, I will go with the smart bot project.” Olivia took a bite of the egg. She was unfazed

However, Elena’s endless questions affected her mood and appetite

Olivia raised her hand and tapped on her phone twice. She pulled out a list of projects that she had participated in

She then casually handed the phone over to Elena. Te your pick. Stop asking me so many questions.Elena was stunned when she saw the list

That’s right. How could I have forgotten? Miss Taylor is the dean of Capitol Research Institute. She is the big shot among the big shots, Elena thought

Why am I underestimating Miss Taylor and asking so many questions?” 


Aber breakfast, Olivia hopped into a car to the venue of the painting competition. There, she received. her award and came straight back 

Tyson followed behind her with the trophy and asked. Miss Taylor, where should we put this trophy?” 

“Toss it in the storeroom.” 

Tyson was speechless at her attitude. She could not care less about the award

Meanwhile, back at the Gram family’s residence

Bettany was sitting on the bed and reading the news on the cancer drugs on her phone

That news had already topped the chart of trending searches. It was even highlighted in red

called that she had mocked Olivia for being conceited and saying that the painting competition was 

a small matter 

Now, it did seem like a small matter as compared to the cancer drugs

Just the day before, Bettany had felt that she was of the same caliber as Olivia. However, after just one 

ight, the suddenly felt that it was impossible to par up to her

Bettany felt a little uncomfortable. It was hard to describe what she was feeling

ut on the bed in a daze for a while before she came to her senses

thrennsoled herself that it did not matter. She and Olivia were two different entities

Olivia was a scientist, whereas Bettany would become the best painter in the future. They would still be on equal footing 

Bestany felt much better when she thought of it that way. 


Gpen mind, Bettany went to the studio to draw. She picked up the brush and began to sketch Olivia’s work, Guardian” 

Halfway through, Bettany tilted her head and began to study the painting carefully

The more she looked at it, the better she felt. A surge of courage rose in her heart


moment, the helper, Rachel, came in with a bowl. Miss Fulham, the chef has made this soup for 

Bettany looked at the soup curiously

Mr. Alexander has specially instructed the kitchen staff to prepare this for you.” Rachel placed the bowl on the table. Mr. Alexander knows that you are not in good health, so he specially brought the ingredients back to make into soup for you.” 

Rachel lowered her voice. These are all nutritious ingredients which are not readily available in the country. Most of what is available has been sent to you, Mr. Alexander is so nice to you.” 

The corners of Bettany’s mouth curled up. She picked up the soup and took a sip. She frowned at once

It’s too sweet.” 

As she spoke, she handed the bowl to Rachel and instructed, Ask the kitchen to make another bowl. Don’t 

make it so sweet

Sweet Rachel was surprised. She took a spoonful and tasted it. It’s not sweet at all.She was confused. Bettany was displeased. She looked up and glanced at Rachel coldly 

However, Rachel did not get her hint and asked pointblank, Why are you looking at me? The soup is not 

sweet at all 

Bettany clenched her fists and her expression turned grim 

How stupid! Bettany thought

Bettany recalled the time when she stayed with the Smith family. The helper would take one look at Olivia and immediately understood what she needed via did not even need to open her mouth

an idor 

Why is Rachel so inuenitive? My emotions are written all over my face, and she still did not get it. What 

Bettany got frustrated and could not be bothered to talk to Rachel She pointed at the door and said, Get 

A moment later, someone knocked on the door

Bettany thought it was Rachel and a look of irate flashed across her eyes. She was about to say somet when she heard the butler’s voice 

Miss Fullam,the butler called

Could it be that Alexander is back?” 


Bettany’s eyes lit up. She got up quickly and ran over lopen the door

However, there was only the butler outside the door. Although Bettany was a little disappointed that it was not Alexander, she quickly perked up. Butler, what’s the 

The butler nodded and answered respectfully “First Elder is here. He wants to see you

First Elder?” 

Bettany took a step back subconsciously and clenched her fingers tightly. She looked a little frightened. She still remembered how some time back. Alexander had a big fight with First Elder in the study because he wanted her instead of the fiancée that the Grant family had chosen for him 

At that time, even though Bettany was standing outside the door, she could still feel First Elder’s wrath. What is yo special about Bettany? She is just an ordinar, uncouth woman. She has no class. It is alright if Mr. Alexander just wants to have some fun with her, but she does not deserve a place by your sideFirst Elder was panting with anger. The clan has chosen three potential wives for you, and they are all better than Jer. Just why are you so obsessed with her 

When First Elder finally came out of the study and saw Bettany, he snorted at her 

Bettany could never forget the way First Elder glared at her. The look in his eyes was as vicious as a poisonous snake, as if he was looking at a dead 


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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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