Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 362

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 362

Chapter 362 

Why is First Elder looking for me?” Bettam asked nervously 

She was terrified of him

Bettany knew that with her family background. Alexander was out of her league. But she had been working hard. With a little more time, she would became a top painter

She was born into a lowermiddleclass family and had limited resources. Had she been raised by the Smith family like Olivia, she would be as outstanding as her, too

Nonetheless, even if Bettany was not born with a silver spoon, she had never felt that she was, in any way. inferior to those wealthy, glamorous ladies

The butler shook his head. Tm sorry, Miss Fulham. First Elder did not explam why he was looking for you.” 

Bettany clenched her phone tightly and hesitated. She did not want to go over. Where’s Alexander? When is Alexander coming back?” 

Mr. Alexander has an important meeting today. He wont be back until tonight.” 

At nightBettany took a deep breath. She looked disappointed 

First Elder was waiting in the living room downstairs Bettany tidied herself before the mirror and tried to look presentable before she finally dragged her feet downSTATES

First Elder was drinking coffee on the sofa. When he looked up and saw Bettany, he smiled at her and said. Sir.” 

Bettany’s expression changed in an instant. She was surprised by First Elder’s pleasant attitude towards 


First Elder Bettany greeted him

Miss Fulham, did you see the news this morningFint Elder placed his coffee cup on the table looked up at Bettany. You are aware of the cancer drug developed by Olivia and her team, right! Bettany hurriedly nodded. I know. I know. I know everything 

I heard that you are on good terms with OliviaFirst Elder asked again

Yes, we are alright. She’s my senior. Bettany said suspiciously 

That’s good.First Elder nodded. Bettany, with your background, I am sure you know if you are worthy of Mr. Alexander.” 

Bettany’s face paled. She lowered her eyes and kept quiet

First Elder continued, With your kind of background, the Grant family will never accept you. Even if Mr. Alexander insists, it’s impossible to change their thinking. He does not make all the decisions in the Grant family.” 

“However,First Elder’s tone suddenly changed. Nothing is for sure. As long as you are able to prove that you can be of assistance to Mr. Alexander, the Grant family might still accept you 

Bettany got First Elder’s hint. She looked up determinedly. What do you want me to do?” 

It’s very simple. First Elder fiddled with the emerald ring on his thumb. Aren’t you on friendly terms with Olivia? Make use of that relationship and try to please her. As long as you can convince her to license the jatent of the cancer drug to the Grant family, I won’t stop you from entering the Grant family.” 

I have to grovel to Olivia

Bettany appeared a little mortified

She thought that getting together with Alexander would elevate her to the same level as Olivia. She did not expect that she would still have to grovel to her in the end

There was a look of humiliation on Bettany’s face, and she could not speak for a long while

First Elder glanced at her and said indifferently. I thought you like Mr. Alexander a lot? Are you not even willing to do this for Mr. Alexander?” 

No, I’m willing I’m willing Bettany hurriedly clarified

Alright their First Elder pointed at his phone. Call Olivia now and get in touch with her” 

Bettany squeezed her tigers. She swallowed her inalignity and dialed Olivia’s number on her phone

It is host this one time Once I get First Elder’s approval and marry into the Grant family, I can hold my head high and would no longer have to how down to her or please anyone.” 

Bettany opened her address book in the phone and searched for Olivia’s contact, She dialed the number. Hello, the mumber you have dialed is currently engage” 

The line is busyBettany looked up timidly and glance at First Elder

First Elder frowned. Call again” 

Bettany tries to call Olivia a few moje times, but the line was always engaged

Til call Elena, She’s Olivia’s assistant.” Afraid that First Elder would be angry, Bettany quickly suggested

Sure, First Elder agreed

Fortunately, Elena’s line went through smoothly

Bettany What’s the matter?” 

Bettany opened her mouth but found it difficult to speak. Just the day before, she had acted like a mighty savibu and condescendingly asked Olivia if she needed any help

It had only been a day, and Bettany was now the one humbly begging for favors

Bettany never felt so embarrassed. It took her a long while to finally speak, Nothing. I just wanted to talk to you 

What was there to talk about between them?Elena was dumbfounded and said outrightly, Well, if there’s nothing, I’ll hang up. I still have a lot of things to do here.” 

Wait, don’t hang up, Bettany panicked when she heard that. Where’s Olivia? What is she doing now? She has helped me so much, but I haven’t thanked her yet. I would like to treat her to a meal sometime when 

Why don’t we gather at the Grant family for sojne soup?Bettany’s tone became natural. Olivia is usually so busy with work. She should take good care of herself. Alexander had prepared the soup for me. It’s very nutritious and can’t be eaten anywhere else 

We can’t go.” Elena turned impatient. She doesn’t have the time. Miss Taylor has been extra busy recently. She cannot afford the time.” 

Pass the phone to Olivia. I’ll talk to her.” Bettany frowned

Elena’s patience wore out when she heard that. She replied callously, I still have something on. I’m 

With that, she swiftly hung up the phone

Bettany stared at the phone in disbelief. Ele actually hung up the phone on herf 

First Elder sat at the side, observing Bettany. When he saw her expression, he asked, It didn’t go well?Bettany replied in a low voice, Olivia is very busy.” 

First Elder picked up his coffee cup and gently blew on it. Young lady if you want to marry into the Grant family with your current status, you must always behave humbly and never get arrogant. You trught to know the ways of the world

Olivia has a lot of connections and networks. You should know better to maintain your relationship with her

Hthe other party was too busy to have time for you, you should take the initiative and seek her out diligendy. Compliment her, and be sweet with your words. You’re all girls. What can’t you say to each 


Moreover, the two of you are martial sisters and have the same teacher. You even owe her a favor. How can you break off such a deep relationship? You have to mapatain it from time to time

In the future, if you marry into the Gram family and become the mistress of the family, you would have to be more capable than this and keep up with the connections. As Mr. Alexander’s wife, you have to be of 

help to him.” 

After lecturing Bettany, First Elder beckoned the butler wer. Go and prepare some gifts. Choose them wisely. Then, get Miss Fulham to deliver them to the Taylor family personally.” 

Now?Bettany was bewildered

First Elder said firmly, Yes, you have to do it now. I’ll get Anne to tag along you, She’ll teach you” 

Just like that, Bettany was forced to bring gifts to the Taylor family. Not only that, but she also had to familiarize herself with these gifts with help from Anne 

Anne looked at Bettany coldly as sheaught her carefully. You have to be meticulous when gifting things to people. You have to introduce the gifts one by one to the other party like you know them by heart. Only then will the other party feel your sincerity.” 

Bettany nodded vigorously and tried to remember what she said

Why are they all ordinary gifts?Bettany was puzzled Why don’t we give them the precious ingredients for the soup?” 

Anne turned to look at her with a disdainful expression. You’re the one who is giving the presents, not the Grant family. If the gift is too expensive, Olivia won’t accept it.” 

How can you not even understand this? Anne looked at Bettany despisefully. When you reach the Taylor family, remember to be more lively. Sweettalk and shower Olivia with praise to show your admiration for her.” 

Bettany lowered her eyes. Got it.” 

Send gift 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
Billionaire’s Missing Darling” by Theresa Wilde is a thrilling romance novel that follows the passionate and suspenseful journey of a billionaire’s beloved who mysteriously disappears, weaving together love, intrigue, and a quest for truth… Billionaire’s Missing Darling” by Theresa Wilde is a captivating romance novel that immerses readers in a world of luxury, love, and suspense. The story revolves around the enigmatic disappearance of a beloved character, whose absence sends shockwaves through the billionaire’s opulent life. As the plot unfolds, the reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from deep romance and desire to nail-biting intrigue and suspense. The novel masterfully weaves a tale of love tested by adversity, drawing readers into a web of secrets and mysteries that they must unravel alongside the characters. It’s a thrilling blend of romance and suspense, promising an unforgettable reading experience.   Billionaire's Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde  
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