Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 363

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 363

Chapter 363 

The Grant family was not far from the villa of the Smith family. It only took half an hour by car. On the way there, Anne made the best use of the time to tutor Bettany

Don’t cross your legs. Anne’s expression looked very serious. You’ll be the future Mrs. Grant of the Grant family. You have to be elegant. Have you ever seen a rich lady cross her legs?” 

Bettany blushed. She quickly took her right leg down and kept her legs closed

Stick up your back, lower your shoulders, and raise your chin slightly. Don’t always be dejected and act pettily.” Anne said coldly

Bettany clumsily followed Anne’s instructions, but only after a long time did she met the requirements. Then Anne nodded and said in a satisfied tone, Miss Fulham, you are so smart.” 

Hearing that, Bettany was overjoyed and said, Thank you for teaching me.” 

When they reached the Smith family, Elena came out to meet them. She glanced at Anne curiously. Bettany, how did you get here? Who is this?” 

Bettany hurriedly said, She is from the Grant family. She will serve me from now on.” 

Elena understood and did not ask further. Then she led Bettany in. Let’s go inside. Miss Taylor waiting

In the living room, Olivia was lying lazily on the sofa with her eyes slightly closed. She was not in a good mood and had curled up like a softball

She held an orange in her hand and slowly peeled it


When she saw Bettany, she only raised her head and said casually, Sit.” 

Bettany sat down, her gaze landing on Olivia’s crossed legs. She then looked at her casual sitting posture., Her back did not straighten back at all

She blinked her eyes, thinking of Anne’s words, and said, Olivia, why are you sitting like this? It’s too indecent. You- 

Before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by Anne, who was behind her. Miss Fulham, this is Ms. Taylor’s home. She can do whatever she wants. Moreover, Ms. Taylor’s sitting posture is casual and natural, which makes her look so innocent and cute. How can you describe it as indecent?” 

With that, she smiled apologetically at Olivia. T’m sorry, Ms. Taylor., Bettany is from the countryside. and doesn’t know the rules. Don’t lower yourself to her level.” 

Upon hearing this, Bettany’s face turned as red as blood

It was all because she was so embarrassed

Olivia chuckled and did not say anything. She continued to peel the orange and threw a piece into her mouth after peeling it

Oh, it was a little sour

Olivia narrowed her eyes because of the sourness

Anne knew what to do and immediately said, Bettany brought oranges for you. She knows you like oranges, so she specially picked some honey oranges. They taste very sweet.” 

With that, she gestured for Bettany to peel an orange for Olivia

Being ordered around by Anne like a maid, Bettany looked embarrassed with an ugly expression. She Jowered her head and bit her lower lip hard. She wished she could find a hole to hide in

What was this

When she crossed her legs, it was vulgar and indecent, but it was natural and casual when Olivia did the 


Was she trying to judge a book by its cover

Bettany did not even dare to raise her head. She looked into Elena’s eyes, afraid of being mocked and even more afraid of being pitied

Her shoulders were trembling violently as if she was about to collapse in the next second

Olivia changed her posture and arched her body. She placed the remaining oranges on the table and turned to Anne. Her tone was extremely cold. Don t p on an act in front of me. Why? Are you trying to bully Bettany so that I can’t stand it anymore and speak up for her

Speaking of this, Olivia Taylor sneered

She really looked down on the Grant family more and more. Could they do things in a more generous way! Did they only know these ghost tricks

What true strength did they have? But only these endless petty thoughts

*Please be clear about the fact that Bettany is Alexander’s woman not mine. Alexander should be the one who speaks up for her. You’ve mistaken Olivia looked a bit impatient. What exactly does the Grant family want to do? Just say it.” 

As the head of the family, you’re really insightful. I can’t hide anything from youAnne complimented. With that, she turned to Bettany and instructed Go and play outside. I have something to say to the head of the family 

Bettany was still in a daze. She had no idea what all this was about

However/she was not stupid. Almost immediately, she realized that Anne was deliberately belittling her and even belittling her in front of Olivia. She wanted Olivia to stand up for her

Thinking of this, Bettany felt extremely bitter inside. She felt like a clown

Elena’s heart softened. She could not stand it anymore She pulled Bettany and said. Let’s go to the art 


After Bettany left. Anne sat on the sofa. She first looked around and glanced at the huge living room. Then, she looked at Olivia and said meaningfully. Sometimes. I really don’t know if I should call you the head of the Taylor family or of the Smith fan 

When she said this, she even looked up and glanced at Roland and Blake. Her intention to sow discord. was obvious

Olivia sat quietly with her right hand supporting her chin. She blinked her eyes and looked nonchalant 

She was not angry at Anne’s provocative words at all. There was no emotion on her face

She even smiled at Anne

It’s just a form of address. You can call me whatever you want. The head of the Taylor family, or of the Smith family, or Ms. Taylor, or whatever you like, I’m fine with it.” 

OlivialAnne was completely enraged by this meaningless teasing

She suddenly stood up, her face ashen. Is this how the Smith family has brought you up? Whoever comes to visit is a guest. Is humiliating a guest the way the Smith family treats guests?” 

Upon hearing this, Olivia suddenly stopped smiling and sat up straight. Her nonchalant temperament immediately receded like a tide, and in an instant, her aura became oppressive

She looked at Anne and said word by word, How I treat guests depends on what kind of the guest is. Anne, I’m sure you know very well what you’re thinking. Don’t come to me and cause trouble. You don’t have to interfere in the Smith family’s matter.” 

Speaking of this, Olivia sneered. The way of the Grant family’s begging is also very interesting. You came here today for the anticancer drug, right? I’ve never seen someone so thickskinned. The Grant family treated me like this. The two families are almost in a fight, but you still dare to come to our door shamelessly

Today, I’ll say this. From now on, as long as it’s my project, the Grant family doesn’t even think about touching it. Be it the Grant family or those socalled subordinates of this family, don’t even think about 

Olivia’s words were powerful

Hearing this, Anne changed her expression. Her aura was completely suppressed by Olivia. She wanted to refort, but for some reason, she could not say a word in the face of Olivia’s cold eyes

It took her a while to recover

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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She flew into a rage out of humiliation. Olivia, remember what you said today. I hope you won’t regret it in the future. Before coming here, the First Elder told me that if you knew what was good for you and were willing to hand over the anticancer drug, the Grant family would acknowledge your position as the head of the Smith family even if you refused to take the Great Nourishment Pill. But now it seems that you really do not know how to appreciate favors. When I get back, I’ll tell the First Elder everything you said and did today.” 

Why do you tell him?” Olivia was amused. To make him furious for his incompetence? The Grant family is really interesting. It had said a thousand times that they wanted to be rude to me. I’m very curious about how rude they could be. It’s been so long, but I’m still sitting here perfectly fine. Could it be that the Grant family is just glibtongued?” 

Olivia!Anne was so 

angry that she could only shout the three words

Olivia took a piece of orange from the table and placed it in her mouth. After swallowing the sour taste, she said, Go back and tell your First Elder that you’ve said so many times that it’s now my turn.Speaking of this, Olivia looked up coldly and raised her eyelids. Tell them that I am going to be rude to the Grant family!” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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