Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 365

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 365

Chapter 365 

Bettany’s emotions crumbled entirely. She had never anticipated that she would appear in such a vulnerable light in Olivia’s perception

She presumed that Olivia might respond with anger, jealousy, and an inability to embrace the transformations unfolding in their midst

In the end, Olivia displayed complete indifference toward her, showing no concern whatsoever 

As Anne departed from Villa Smith, her complexion was pallid, and her anger raged within. She paid no heed to Bettany above and made a beeline for the Grant family 

Upon reaching the Grant household, her initial action was to confer with the First Elder 

The First Elder had already surmised that her journey might encounter obstacles, and he harbored little optimism. The principal objective of this expedition was to assess Olivia’s disposition

Nevertheless, the First Elder had not anticipated Anne’s level of fury. She painstakingly recounted Olivia’s words with great precision

The First Elder had a chessboard before him and engaged in a solitary game, competing against himself. Upon hearing Anne’s words, he couldn’t contain lus laughter. You my dear, you still lack sufficient experience. It’s astonishing how worked up you ve become over a mere Olivia 

The First Elder shook his head as he spoke, utterly dismissing Anne’s words. He regarded the strife berween Olivia and Anne as nothing more than a child’s makebelieve game 

Not only was he devoid of anger, but he also found the situation intriguing

First Elder,Anne fumed, how can you find this amusing Listen to what Olivia asserted. She declared. that if it’s her project, she won’t bestow it upon the Grant family in the future. Such arrogance! I’m seething with anger, and you’re still laughing 

The First Elder continued his chess game. Upon hearing this, he shook his head and delivered a reprimand, She’s but a young girl, prone to capriciousness and frivolous talk. It’s merely nonsensic banter. You should simply brush it off. Why allow her words to anger you‘ 

He thought. That young lady, undoubtedly, possessed remarkable capabilities and intelligence. She excelled in the realm of scientific research. Nevertheless, no matter how brilliant she was, she was limited by having only one mind. How many projects could she possibly undertake? It was solely the anticancer drug project

If she opts 

s not to collaborate, then so be it. Are we to cower before her, as if the Grant family is afraid?Anne finally responded upon hearing the First Elder’s words. She couldn’t help but feel vexed with herself. “I let my anger cloud my judgment. I can’t believe I let myself get upset with her.” 

It’s alright,the First Elder reassured, not overly bothered by the situation

He pondered, While the potential profits from anticancer drugs are enticing, the Grant family is not so perty as to covet every promising project

This time, he had sent Anne primarily to assess Olivia’s stance and ascertain if she could compromise. The upcoming year marked a pivotal period of change and First Elder sought to avoid unnecessary complications. Furthermore, given Olivia’s capabilities in the field of anticancer drugs, she held valuable potential, making it worthwhile to involve her

If Oliviaexhibited the necessary diplomacy and a willingness to cooperate, she could proceed with the takeover of the Smith family smoothly. In the absence of such tact, it might require more effort, but the goal remained attainable

Jarron had already returned to the country and initiated contact with the members of the Smith family clan. In the near future, the Smith family would undergo a division, with Olivia’s exclusion from the proceedings

Upon learning of Jarron’s return to the country, Anne’s eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. She eagerly offered. First Elder, may I go there?” 

The First Elder cast a discreet glance at her and whispered, Don’t meddle in this. Tom is responsible for 

handling the situation, and Zelen will support him. Your involvement will likely only lead to complications.” 

First Elder, please allow me to go. I solemnly promise I won’t create any issues. I’ll accompany Zelenand assist Tom. Anne pled

The First Elder didn’t consider the matter particularly significant. Since Anne was insistent on going, he decided to permit her to do so

He mused, In a matter of a few days, this issue will be resolved.” 

Sure.He nodded

Jarron had indeed returned. However, upon his arrival in Evervale, Gillian did not accompany him. She remamed in Mala 

Upon his return, Jarron’s initial action was to collaborate with the Smith family in an effort to undermine 


During his stay in Evervale, Jarron 

cup residence at West Mountain Villa, located on Tom 

Tom reclined languidly on the sofa, regarding Jarron with a perplexed expression. Why didn’t 

return with you?he inquired

Upon the mention of Gillian, a tinge of sorrow crossed Jarron’s countenance. He responded in a subdued tone. She wishes to remain there.” 

Tom had inquired in a casual manner, and upon receiving Jarron’s response, he simply nodded and refrained from delving deeper into the matter

on your mind

What are your intentions for this return?Tom inquired. What’s on your Jarron replied, My initial plan is to reconnect with the Smith family members. When Gillian was present, they stood by her. Yet, due to Gillian’s error, they shifted their allegiance to Olivia

Now that I’ve returned, I am confident that once I reestablish contact, I’ll regain their backing. Even if a few are hesitant, with the Grant family’s support at my side, they’ll find it hard to resist the temptation.” Jarron asserted

In that scenario, by rallying a faction of the Smith family members around me, I can launch an offensive against Olivia and reclaim the family head position, Jarron added

Tom nodded as he listened. Jarron’s plan appeared straightforward, yet it seemed to be the swiftest and. most straightforward approach under the current circumstances

Having the unwavering support of a formidable entity like the Grant family made it evident that anyone with discernment would opt for Jarron, who had their backing

Nonetheless, while this plan held merit, it was not flawless

What about Olivia? Tom prompted. What are your intentions regarding her?” 

Jarron frowned

In truth, deep within, he was averse to confronting Olivia

In his heart, Olivia remained his beloved little sister

Nonetheless, his life in Mala proved exceedingly challenging, presenting great hardships

While in comparison to the average person, he still fared relatively well, it was impossible to ignore the vast disparity between his current circumstances and his former prosperity

In bygone days, he had no need to concern himself with the minutiae of daily life. His trusted butler, Roland. lud expertly managed such matters

His career had been bereft of worries. The Smith family’s expansive network and abundant resources ensured that top international experts frequently arrived to impart their knowledge and facilitate his professional growth

But now everything had dissipated

He found himself having to wrestle for every single thing independently

Having endured this existence for just a year, he was already experiencing mental and physical exhaustion

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

He was averse to the prospect of persisting in this manner

He aspired to ascend to the pinnacle as a leading expert in the field of brain surgery. How could he allow the burdens of daily life to distract him from this lofty goal

Hence, swayed by Tom’s counsel, he resolved to return to China

He had no desire to engage in a conflict with Olivia, but Olivia had indeed pushed the boundaries too extensively

He contemplated. Why should she have exclusive control over the inheritance that our grandfather had intended for all three of us, refusing to share it in any way?‘ 

Moreover, as his grandfather’s eldest grandson, he was the most deserving candidate to inherit the family enterprise

Previously, he had been tenderhearted and sympathetic toward his sister. He had avoided confrontation with Olivia, not wishing to damage their sibling relationship

Now, he had come to a decisive realization. He was determined to reclaim what rightfully belonged to 


Considering that Olivia no longer regarded him as a brother, he had no desire to maintain a sibling bond with her any longer

Everyone was to rely on their own capabilities

With these thoughts in mind, Jarron expressed to Tom After all, Olivia is Grandpa’s granddaughter. I have no intention of causing her harm. I simply wish to regain control of the Smith family.” 

As he addressed this, he gazed at Tom with a resolute countenance. I shall reclaim the Smith family and align myself with the Grant family, but I implore you to honor my perspective

Regardless of the circumstances, Olivia remains my younger sister. We’ve shared our upbringing, and our bond is enduring. I shall not inflict farm upon her, nor will I permit you to do so.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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