Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 366

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 366


Chapter 366 

Now that he was in Evervale, Jarron’s first encounter was with Tracy

The Smith Cuisine Hall was situated in Evervale. While there were a few branch locations in the country. the Smith Cuisine Hall in Evervale was the flagship establishment, with Tracy effectively overseeing its operations

Jarron arrived to dine at the establishment

Cynthia cast a few discreet glances in Jarron’s direction. Subsequently, upon returning to the kitchen, she contemplated for a brief moment and made the decision to ascend to the upper floor in search of her superior, Tracy

Master, Jarron from the Smith family is here. I’m not sure if he’s seeking you,Cynthia conveyed with a touch of concern

After Isaac’s collapse, several significant developments unfolded within the Smith family. With Olivia’s assumption of leadership, the family’s affairs began to stabilize. The Smith Cuisine Hall, in particular, had flourished, enjoying heightened visibility and a surge in business

Cynthia earnestly wished to avoid any further unexpected developments or disruptions

Upon receiving the news of Jarron’s arrival, Tracy’s hand, holding the recipe, froze, and her countenance displayed signs of displeasure

Nonetheless, her experience and composure set her apart, rendering her more stable than Cynthia. She instructed, Bring him upstairs.” 

Master Cynthia expressed her concern

Tracy shook her head. We can’t evade this matter. The sooner we meet with him, the sooner we can. discern his intentions. This will prevent us from being caught off guard.” 

Cynthia nodded

Nonetheless, she remained discontented, sensing that the Smith family was excessively intrusive

Upon being ushered upstairs, the first words that Jarron uttered upon seeing Tracy were, Tracy, it’s been a while.” 

His tone bore a gentleness akin to a spring breeze

Jarron’s personality bore a striking resemblance to that of Gillian. They both possessed warm and amicable manners of interacting with others, making them highly affable and readily endearing to those they encountered

Nonetheless, Tracy was not inclined to engage in casual conversation

Tracy gestured towards the sofa across from him and directed, Take a seat

Her tone exuded warmth and gentleness. It wasn’t excessively enthusiastic, nor was it icy or distant. Her demeanor was measured, neither hurried nor lethargic

Wasn’t your intention to study in Mala? Why have you returned so promptly?Tracy inquired, her curiosity piqued

Jarron let out a soft sigh, and a touch of sadness laced his tone. Tracy, you’re holding me responsible, aren’t you

Blame you for what?Tracy began to ask, but Jarron carried on, I was excessively selfabsorbed in the past. I rashly deserted everything and fled abroad. I utterly neglected my identity and the obligations. resting upon me.” 

He ruminated. I am the Smith family’s eldest grandson. I am dutybound to shoulder the responsibilities of the Smith family. How could I have forsaken everything and fled abroad?” 

Tracy, I’m aware that you must be greatly disappointed in me. Jarron confessed

Tracy was speechless

She thought, How should I phrase it? I am indeed not pleased with you at alll You’d be best off returning 


While she harbored these thoughts in her heart, she refrained from vocalizing them. Tracy simply lowered her head to prepare a cup of coffee and remained silent, offering no response to Jarron’s words. Observing Tracy’s response. Jarron furrowed his brow. He found it peculiar that Tracy didn’t seem to grasp what was in their best interest

Rubbing his fingertips, he hesitated for a moment before continuing. Tracy, you’re my elder, and I must contemplate with you. Truth be told, I didn’t initially comprehend my obligations. It wasn’t until the Grant family dispatched an envoy to locate me a few days ago and provided me with a lesson that I recognized my errors!” 

The Grant family?” 

Tracy’s grip on the coffee pot trembled. She raised her bead in astonishment and queried. The Grant family? How does this relate to?” 

She gave him a thumbsup in response

Jarron nodded. Exactly as you surmised, Tracy.” 

It was indeed the Grant family! Tracy was taken aback. Why did the Grant family involve themselves in the Smith family’s affairs? What connection does the Smith family have with the Grant family?” 

Tracy, you might be unaware, Jarron’s tone implied, the Smith family has forever been interconnected with the Grant family. For years, the Smith family has been serving the Grant family. It’s just that Grandpa’s sudden illness left him without an opportunity to elucidate this.” 

Tracy remained silent

Jarron went on. Tracy, you’re aware of the Grant family’s influence. The Smith family having the backing of the Grant family is a fortuitous blessing for us. The Grant family now wishes for me to assume leadership of the Smith family. If Tracy is willing to assist me, the Smith Cuisine Hall will reap considerable benefits in the times ahead.” 

What Olivia can provide, I can match, or perhaps even surpass, Jarron asserted confidently


Tracy gazed at Jarron with an expression of incredulity 

She ruminated, Hmph, Gillian was equally selfassured back then, and it still ended in chaos. She fabricated some leftover recipes to deceive me and even duped the Smith Cuisine Hall out of a substantial profit

Clearly, he was outmatched in competence, yet he obstinately put on airs. He even had the audacity to disparage Olivia

Tracy harbored profound doubts about the veracity of Jarron’s statements

Olivia had supplied the Smith Cuisine Hall with a miraculous medicine that generated profits twice that of the restaurant’s regular earnings. While Tracy should remit dividends to her, the medicinal cuisine recipes were deemed invaluable

Olivia had assumed control of the Smith family for only a brief duration, yet she had already furnished the Smith Cuisine Hall with two medicinal cuisine recipes, accelerating the restaurant’s growth

Tracy remained unconvinced that Jarron held more influence than Olivia

Even if he was genuinely influential, he wouldn’t have been compelled to return from overseas. He was evidently a vanquished adversary

Despite her skepticism regarding Jarron’s claims, Tracy harbored a degree of trepidation when it came to the Grant family

After a brief pause, sheresponded, Jarron, this is quite sudden. Allow me some time to ponder it. Give me a few days to deliberate.” 

Of course, Jarron responded with a warm smile, radiating unwavering confidence

He glanced around the Smith Cuisine Hall and posed a sudden question, Tracy, how many branches does the Smith Cuisine Hall currently have, and what’s the profit like?” 

ThisTracy hesitated, unsure of how to respond

Fortunately, Jarron didn’t pressfor a response. Instead, he stated directly. Tracy, I implore you to place 

your trust in me. With your support, I’ll expand the Smith Cuisine Hall to encompass 30 branches nationwide within a year. The annual net profit will reach forty million dollars” 

Upon hearing this, Tracy let out a gasp and gazed up at Jarron in astonishment. She remained speechless. for an extended period

She pondered. Is this some kind of jest? The Smith Cuisine Hall’s profits have already surpassed one hundred million dollars. Is he attempting to downsize the restaurant

This marked the first instance she had encountered someone pledging such remarkable benefits” 

For a moment, Tracy was left wordless, consumed by a surge of irritation 

Jarron believed that Tracy was taken aback by the audacity of his statement. He beamed with pride and added, Tracy, don’t be excessively astounded. With the backing of the Grant family, these goals are undeniably achievable.” 

NoTracy attempted to voice her thoughts 

Nevertheless, Jarron interjected and halted Tracy’s words. Don’t say anything further. I realize it may sound implausible, but Tracy, you must place your trust in me. I have other matters to attend to. I’ll take my leave now. There’s no need to see me off just wait 

Tracy was speechless

Following Jarron’s departure. Cynthia approached and inquired. Master, what did he discuss with you? Jarron pointed to the house and asked Gillian. Do you know how much this villa costs? Forty million dollars! How many years will it take for the both of us to afford such a house in Mala 

What on earth Cynthia was left dumbfounded. We already possess 50 branches across the country. and our yearly earnings are nearly one hundred million dollars. Is he out of his mind?” 

Tracy let out a sigh. Initially, I was somewhat indecisive and apprehensive about the Grant family involvement. Now, it appears I’m resolute in supporting Olivia 

At this juncture, she turned to Cynthia Manage the restaurant in my absence. I’ll visit the Tavlor family Okay.Cynthia nodded

At the Smith family’s villa

Olivia sat on the living room floor, engaged in play with Andrew 

Andrew had been brought to the location, and Zoe, his caregiver, accompanied him. Daniel was present as well

Currently, he essentially resided here on a permanent basis

Upon his initial arrival, Andrew felt somewhat bashful Is it appropriate for me to visit Olivia’s home?Daniel promptly rectified his perspective. We aren’t guests. This is our home now.Concerned that Andrew might not comprehend, he further clarified, Olivia’s home is our home.” 

Ellis, who was nearby, cast his gaze downward and ruminated, Mr. Sullivan is becoming increasingly audacious about mooching off Olivia. Not only does he indulge himself, but he’s even bringing his son along to partake

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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