Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 367

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 367

Chapter 367 

As Tracy arrived, she remained seated in her car, wrestling with a tumultuous internal conflict and a profound sense of unease

Over the past year, the Smith Cuisine Hall had experienced remarkable growth and maintained a robust momentum. She was determined to avoid any unexpected disruptions, particularly when dealing with someone as egocentric as Jarron

She thought, He lacked a clear understanding of the Smith Cuisine Hall’s current situation. Nevertheless, he clung to Gillian’s data and rushed to me with unfounded chatter. It was truly contemptible. At the very least, he needed to do his due diligence. Investigating the state of affairs at Smith Cuisine Hall was a prerequisite before he could engage me.” 

In fact, he arrived without making any prior preparations

Tracy couldn’t discern whether it was due to his lower ability in comparison to EQ, or if he had grown. excessively confident, underestimating Olivia’s significance with the Grant family’s backing

However, regardless, he failed to make a positive impression on Tracy

However, even though Tracy held a secret favor for Olivia, he still harbored reservations about the Grant family

Olivia was undeniably intelligent and competent, but it remained a fact that she was relatively young and not as powerful. She might not measure up to the Grant family

Sigh, what a predicament

Tracy sighed

When Tracy arrived at the Smith family’s villa, she spotted Olivia the moment she stepped into the living 


She sat on the carpet, engrossed in play with a charming young boy, Wrapped in a cozy, furry housecoat, her long hair was neatly arranged in a bun ar the nape of her neck. A cute little bear clip adorned one side of her ear, and her feet sported a unique pair of rabbiteared socks

Olivia appeared with a makeupfree face, resembling a sweet 18 or 19yearold girl

Upon witnessing this, Tracy was left in astonishment

In Tracy’s perception, Olivia had consistently projected an image of an icy fairy or a selfassured queen. He had never before witnessed her in such a tender and endearing light

She resembled an innocent and unassuming young woman

For a moment, Tracy experienced a sense of unease, growing even more uncertain. She harbored genuine concerns that Olivia might not be able to prevail against Jarron

Tracy, you are here. Take a seat,Olivia gestured, gracefully flipping her hair. Her eyes formed crescentshaped slits as she smiled

Her excessive gentleness visibly unnerved Tracy to the point that he nearly slipped off the sofa

In her thoughts, Tracy pondered, Oh my god, is this really Olivia? That formidable and aweinspiring family leader! When did she become so tender?” 

This is Aunt,” Olivia lowered her gaze and introduced her to Andrew

Andrew was a wellmannered young boy. Upon hearing this, he rose from his seat and hurried barefoot to Tracy’s side. With a serious demeanor, he tilted his head and greeted, Hello, Aunt.” 

He even introduced himself, saying. My name is Andrew Sullivan. You can call me Andrew,” 

What an endearing young lad, Tracy observed Andrew with keen interest. The longer she looked at him, the more the found herself drawn to his charm

After Andrew greeted Tracy, he returned to Olivia’s side and considerately asked, Olivia, do you need to have a serious conversation with Auntie? Should I go upstairs to play?” 

It’s okay, Olivia said as she lifted Andrew onto her lap 

Tracy observed how well the two of them got along and sighed inwardly. It was clear that Olivia 

genuinely cared about young Mr. Andrew

Then, she thought of Daniel and concluded that Olivia and Daniel made a highly compatible couple. It was regrettable that Daniel had a child

Andrew was still young and inexperienced, having a strong bond with Olivia. As he grew older, he would gain a deeper understanding. Particularly when Olivia had his own child, there was no guarantee he wouldn’t become disloyal

The more she dwelled on it, the more distant her thoughts became

Tracy promptly redirected her thoughts and shared the information about Jarron with Olivia, her tone tinged with concern

Ms. Taylor, it appears that Jarron is involved in something dubious this time, and he has ties to family. You need to exercise caution, Tracy cautioned

the Grant 

Olivia was helping Andrew building blocks. When she heard this, she raised his head and asked in a tone of surprise, Are you saying that Jarron came to seek your assistance even after everything?” 

Yes, Tracy nodded, his response swift and resolute. But don’t worry. I’m firmly on your side. I won’t allow myself to be drawn in by him.” 

As they discussed this, Tracy’s worry deepened. Ms. Taylor, you need to devise a plan promptly. Jarron must not have approached me alone. With the Grant family’s backing, things could take a turn for the worse if all the clan members side with him.” 

Olivia lifted an eyebrow, maintaining a gentle expression without a hint of coldness or indifference. Yet, the words that escaped her lips sent a shiver through Tracy’s heart

Why don’t you consider aligning with Jarron? You ought to support him,Olivia suggested

Tracy was taken aback by Olivia’s suggestion. She feared that Olivia didn’t trust her, so she hastened to explain and swore her unwavering loyalty, vowing never to betray her

Ms. Taylor, rest assured, I stand firmly by your side. Nevertheless, the current circumstances appear quite dire. You must swiftly devise a strategy to prevent the other clan members from falling under his influence. You should meet with them before he does and offer them incentives, Tracy advised

It doesn’t matter,Olivia looked at her and spoke with indifference. We don’t need to engage in a direct conflict with Jarron. If he’s so eager to have you on his side, perhaps you should seriously consider supporting him.” 

Why?Tracy was utterly bewildered

Olivia explained calmly, Didn’t you mention that the Grant family intends to provide you with benefits? Simply support him and secure those benefits for yourself.” 

Tracy was utterly flabbergasted. Could it be that such an opportunity truly existed?‘ 

Olivia spoke in a hushed tone, The Grant family’s arrogance knows no bounds. They’ve always belittled others. This time, let’s make them face a significant setback. Reach out to the other Smith family clansmen and initiate discussions. We’ll collectively demand benefits from the Grant family

Aren’t the Grant family powerful, wealthy, and influential? Just seize the opportunity, Don’t let go of the eagle until you’ve caught the rabbit.” 

Olivia was highly pleased with the block building. Leaning on her chin, she surveyed the surroundings, and gestured toward Tracy. Aren’t you considering opening a branch? There happen to be several vacant spots on East Street. The location is prime, and the spaces are sizable a fantastic opportunity. You can ask to Jarron, and if you’re interested, set up a branch

As for Healix, he can inquire whether the Grant family would be willing to allocate a piece of land in Layfield, near the train station, for Healix Pharmaceuticals

There are garment factories and food factories as well. Feel free to request what you need. I’ll organize a team of lawyers to facilitate the process, making sure your demands are both fair and legally sound. Tracy was left speechless, repeatedly asking. Can this really work?” 

Olivia looked up and cast a reassuring glance at her. Don’t fret. My grandfather has always wished for me to look after the Smith families. Lately, I’ve been swamped and haven’t had a proper chance to attend to their needs. With the Grant family stepping in, let him handle them on my behalf for the time being

Musing on this. Olivia chuckled The Grant family truly arrived like a timely rain for me.Tracy was left without words, uncertain of what to say After a pause, he expressed his concern, Ms Taylor, we’re asking for so much. Will the Grant family truly provide us with all these reques Don’t be concerned. They will secure it for you, Olivia asserted confidently, idly toying with the building blocks

Once Tracy left and returned to the Smith Cuisine Hall, the first action he took was to call Jarron. Jarron was aligned with Tom’s faction. He was updating Tom about his encounter with Tracy earlier in the day

Jarron exuded confidence. Don’t fret. Mr. Grant. Tracy will unquestionably back me.” 

While speaking. Jarron’s phone rang. He glanced at the caller ID and grinned. Tracy is calling been long, but it seems she has made up your mind already. She is quite shrewd, it appears.With that, Jarron answered the phone. Tracy, I see you’ve made up your mind.” Tracy conveyed her request

Jarron was momentarily taken aback and involuntarily glanced at Tom

It hasn’t 

As it was a public broadcast. Tom caught wind of Tracy’s request. He furrowed his brow impatiently and nodded. signaling Jarron to acquiesce

The markets that Tracy mentioned happened to be registered under Tom’s name

Tom paid little attention to the relatively small sum of money involved. So long as it could be arranged, he didn’t mind granting Tracy some benefits

Tom was wealthy. In addition to the consistent dividends from the Grant family, he had also accumulated substantial earnings from his ventures in the entertainment industry over the years

The entertainment industry was renowned for its rapid wealth generation. With his strong connections and the backing of the Grant family. Tom had acquired an abundance of valuable resources and amassed significant wealth. 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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