Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 368

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 368

Chapter 368 

Prior to Jarron’s return to the country, he had anticipated some level of cooperation, but he hadn’t foreseen it proceeding quite this seamlessly. He had only met Tracy once, and before he could even initiate his persuasion, Tracy had already aligned with him

He emitted a soft sigh, finding amusement in his prior apprehension

In the afternoon, Gillian placed a call. Her initial query was, Jarron, how’s the progress on your end?After inquiring, Gillian bit her lip and promptly added. If things don’t go smoothly, return. Dealing with Olivia is no small task, and the Grant family may not have noble intentions. We’re secure in Mala. Why should we entangle ourselves in domestic conflicts?” 

Gillian eventually moved past her reservations and recognized her own limitations

She acknowledged that she paled in comparison to Olivia. In the past, she had been overly selfassured and overestimated her own abilities. In reality, Olivia’s superiority made competing with her a futile: endeavor

Once a person moved beyond their previous perspective, they could view the situation in a new light. Maily post occurrences that had seemed awkward and perplexing now appeared as nothing more than her own stubborn fantasies

Her grandfather had remained impartial, and no one else had shown any favoritism toward Olivia. The reason for their preference for Olivia was straightforward, namely she was exceptional

The mere thought of her grandfather caused Gillian’s heart to ache. She felt her entire body tremble with the pain, to the point where she wished for death. The memories were so painful that she almost couldn’t bear to recollect them

She couldn’t help but recollect the heartwrenching moment when her grandfather had collapsed from a heart attack

She thought, How could I have been so callous? Grandfather showered me with so much love. He adopted me, cared for me, and taught me medicineI could never repay his kindness in this life, let alone the next. But what did I do? I not only failed to call for help when he suffered a heart attack but also watched as he gasped for air and lost consciousness

Recalling the way her grandfather had gazed at her that day, Gillian’s heart was filled with anguish. After taking a few deep breaths, she finally managed to regain her composure. Her voice trembled with despair as she said, Jarron, come back. Isn’t it better for us to stay overseas? We’ve established our lives, found jobs, and are gradually experiencing a semblance of peace. Why should we come back and immerse ourselves in the feud between the Grant family and the Smith family?” 

Jarron had been in a good mood, eager to share the day’s developments with Gillian, but she ended up dampening his spirits with her discouraging words

Good? Do you consider our lives overseas as good?He scoffed and added in a derisive tone, I’m toiling away in the hospital day in and day out, but I can’t even conduct a proper surgery. I’m merely an assistant. It’s not because I lack the qualifications, but I’m not skilled enough.” 

The situation was truly laughable

Jarron couldn’t contain his laughter. He pointed at his own chest and exclaimed, Gillian, don’t you find it hilariousYou actually suggested that I’m not qualified or skilled enough? Is there a funnier joke in the 


At this point, Jarron’s face was filled with hatred. Those trash are actually worthy of my help! I’ve been the assistant for so many years and have only worked for Dr. Moss from Mala, Professor Muller from Dunwall, and the Garfield expert from YougriaThere all the most famous doctors in the world. Doctor brain surgery department

Who do these incompetents think they are? How dare they audaciously request my assistance!Jarron hissed. In the past, when I was in the country, numerous individuals implored me to treat them. My surgical appointments were booked months in advance. I’ve collaborated with worldrenowned 


experts from the top international brain surgery departments. Isn’t this level of qualification sufficient

Even though I’m young, I’ve served as the lead surgeon in over a thousand operations, and I have never failed. Is this still considered subpar?” 

While speaking. Jarron’s eyes welled with tears, and his voice took on a sorrowful tone. Gillian, I can’t wait any longer. At this rate, when will I achieve the pinnacle in the field of brain surgery, the world’s top expert! Gillian, do you understand? In the past year in Mala, I have never been appointed as the chief surgeon for any surgery. Not even for the most minor procedures. They won’t allow me to

All the surgical proposals I’ve submitted have been rejected

Gillian, if this persists, my career will be ruined.” 

Tears streamed down Gillian’s cheeks. She struggled to console him, but the words caught in her throat, rendering her unable to utter them

Ultimately, she could only express her helplessness with a plaintive. Jarron” 

She pondered, Why did life have to be so challenging 

Gillian sank to the ground, her gaze awash with despair

Throughout her life, things had generally gone smoothly for her. Even though Olivia received more attention from the family, Gillian’s share of love was by no means lacking

When she found studying challenging, her grandfather arranged for a private tutor from the province to assist her. When she expressed a desire to learn dance, her grandfather enlisted the services of the finest dance instructor. After she enrolled in university, she struggled with dormitory living, so her grandfather secured a small apartment near the campus for her, complete with a nanny to take care of her household chores

From her early years, her most significant challenge had been grappling with envy over Olivia’s exceptional abilities

Nevertheless, after relocating to Mala, she came to the stark realization that life could be exceedingly. tough

It proved to be a hundred or even a thousand times more arduous than she had anticipated

Jarron was much like her. In fact, his life had been even smoother than hers. He had never harbored. jealousy toward Olivia. From a young age, he had consistently been the most exceptional individual in 

any group

Gillian couldn’t bear to see Jarron endure the same hardships as her

She closed her eyes and, at last, arrived at a decision. Jarron, I’ll return and assist you.” 

Olivia was exceptionally formidable, surpassing their initial estimations. Gillian was deeply concerned. for Jarron

After all, she was Olivia, having undergone hypnosis. She comprehended her intelligence, but Jarron, in his heart, still viewed Olivia as the brilliant and confident sister. 

Gillian cautioned Jarron over the phone, Jarron, no matter how smoothly your return goes, you must remain vigilant. I can’t elaborate over the phone. I’ll book the earliest flight back to China. Until then, I’ll provide you with a few reminders

Firstly, Olivia possesses extremely advanced medical skills, far surpassing my previous estimations. When Grandpa introduced me to those influential figures, it wasn’t because he favored her; it was because the required her assistance

Secondly, Olivia is exceptionally intelligent. She grasps concepts swiftly and comprehends them instantaneously. She had numerous influential mentors, all of whom were her personal connections

Thirdly, the Smith family doesn’t actually possess any potent formulas. They are all spurious and nonexistent. Acquiring knowledge of the Smith family’s methods, especially silver needle, is also an exceedingly challenging task.” 

These were all the verities that Gillian had only come to appreciate after enduring a severe beating

Gillian.Jarron displayed no surprise upon hearing Gillian’s revelations. Instead, he remained quite composed. Don’t worry. I’m aware of all this. The Grant family’s associates have already filled me in. I understand that Olivia is incredibly intelligem. I won’t underestim her. However, you should refrain 

from overestimating her and assuming she’s invulnerable

Compared to the imposing Grant family, she was like an ant. There was no reason to feel apprehensive What I must remain cautious of is her utilization of dandestine techniques. As long as evertice prudence and don’t stumble into her snares, she won’t be capable of confronting me directly 

Reflecting on this, Jarron grinned Previously, you couldn’t beat Olivis because you were exemively compassionate and impulsive. If you aimed to surpass her in the realm of medical proficiency, you engaged in an entirely gentlemanly contest. You even ployed your vulnerability to contend with her strengths

How can we expect to triumph like this 

But this time, it’s distinct, Jarron exuded confidence. No matter how formidable Olivia may be, she is just a single individual. She can’t compare to the Grant family at all” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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