Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 371

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 371

Chapter 371 

During this winter break, Andrew did not need to go to class. Olivia accompanied him every day, and the two of them were very happy from playing

He went up the mountain to chase birds and went into the river to fish. He was a wealthy young master before. However, he became a wild boy and his clothes. were never clean. There was mud everywhere, and his small hands were black. He did not dare to grow long nails for fear of hiding mud inside

He didn’t have enough fun outside and continued to play when he returned home. He was about to want to ruin the villa and dig holes everywhere to plant flowers and grass.. 

He even played with the mud and molded it into all kinds of small animals. Copper and Shawn, who worked in the annex building, could see Olivia and Andrew running crazily every time they looked out of the window when they were tired. Olivia and Andrew were playing a lot of funny games. It was especially 


After watching it a few times, Shawn liked these scenes. He felt that the two of them were especially energetic. Every time he felt tired, he would stand by the window on the second floor and look out. Inspiration would surge

He could not help but sigh. Ms. Taylor and Andrew have such a good relationship.” 

Shawn only had the computer matter in his mind. He was relatively simpleminded and said whatever came to his mind

However, when Copper heard this, he chuckled and said with a meaningful expression, Shawn, don’t be fooled by appearances.” 

Shawn raised his eyebrows and turned to look at Copper with a puzzled expression

Copper was unwilling to discuss Daniel’s family matters. Although there were only two of them in the office on the second floor, it was hard to guarantee that others wouldn’t hear what they said. He was afraid of being heard by others. Nothing.Copper shook his head. I was just spouting nonsense.” 

Shawn frowned and said, Boring.” 

Then, Shawn lowered his head and looked outside. Olivia and Andrew were playing. At this moment, the two of them were playing under the tree with apples. Copper also glanced out of the window and sneered

He would not speculate that Olivia had ulterior motives, but he did not like Olivia’s actions

No matter what her purpose was, to please or intentionally turn Andrew into a wild boy, she should not have stopped Andrew from learning knowledge


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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The other little boys and girls of wealthy families were all accompanied and taught by great teachers at this age. Even if they weren’t learning knowledge, they were developing their interests and hobbies and learning various specialties

Not to mention the little boys and girls of wealthy families, just ordinary families, the couple had a little bit of spare money and wanted to use it to let their children study more

Olivia, on the other hand, actually allowed Andrew to do nothing and learn. nothing, just play crazily all day long

Copper didn’t know what was wrong with Daniel. Copper didn’t know if Daniel really trusted Olivia or didn’t care about Andrew’s growth. Daniel actually didn’t care and even played around with them occasionally when he was in the mood. Copper also had a sixyearold son at home. He was the same age as Andrew, but he was more knowledgeable than Andrew in terms of upbringing and etiquette, as well as knowledge and specialty

Towards his own son, Copper was very concerned. The people he hired were all experienced great teachers. Right now, his son was so young and hadn’t even entered primary school, but he already knew much knowledge. This little boy could recite many articles and was known as a little prodigy

Andrew, who was the same age as Copper’s little son, had a better family background but only knew how to play games

Thinking of this, Copper looked at Andrew with pity

The naive child did not know anything. He only knew how to play, but he did not know that he was far behind his peers

As he aged, the gap grew wider

Downstairs, Olivia was talking to Andrew about gravity and teaching him this difficult knowledge in simple and funny language

Olivia was knowledgeable. There was nothing she did not know. Moreover, at her level, she had a very thorough understanding of knowledge

She was very good at simplifying complexities and making difficult knowledge funny and easy to understand

Not only that, but Olivia was also very worried that she would not be able to teach well. Over the past few days, she had been studying children’s education and child psychology overnight and learned many ways to teach children

Andrew had been together with Olivia for a few days. It was as if he had become different

Whether it was knowledge, human relationships, etiquette, or handson abilities, Andrew had learned more and his skills were all rapidly improved

His concentration, selfcontrol, and comprehension also improved significantly. These were all external aspects. Most importantly, it was psychological


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Andrew did not lack love. Ever since he was young, both Isabella and Daniel had doted on him. However, no amount of love could replace motherly love

The little Andrew was still a little sensitive. Although he did not mention it and was as close to Olivia as ever, he understood everything in his heart. Andrew thought, Olivia is about to get engaged to Daniel. She would become my mother. Not only that, Olivia and Daniel would have another child in the future. In that case, would Olivia still love me?” 

Because he was worried about losing Olivia’s love, little Andrew hid under the blanket and cried a few times. He did not tell Isabella or Daniel

He was afraid that Isabella and Daniel would misunderstand Olivia

Andrew liked Olivia so much and didn’t want her to be sad

Therefore, he lay on the bed alone and quietly and thought of this unfamiliar emotion that he did not understand

However, in the few days that Olivia accompanied him, Andrew completely thought this thing through

He liked Olivia very much. He liked Olivia to be his mother

It turned out that having a mother was such a good thing

After teaching Gravity, Olivia and Andrew played with mud again

After playing for a few days, Andrew’s fingers were much more agile than before. He already knew how to knead kittens and puppies

The two of them squatted on the ground, their heads touching, using the mud to make the kitten family

The kitten’s father lived with the kitten, fishing and chasing butterflies every day. One day, the kitten met the kitten’s mother and formed a happy family

Andrew stretched out his little finger and pointed at the kitten family. Daddy, Andrew, and Olivia, we are a happy family.” 

Such sincere words, childish and earnest

Olivia’s heart softened. It was as if she was soaking in warm water. Her entire body was warm and bubbled with happiness

Andrew carefully held them in his hands

Olivia walked to the side and said in a low voice, Let’s go back and build them a house with building blocks, okay?” 

Andrew nodded and said, I want a big house.” 

The two of them chatted as they walked. The atmosphere was extremely harmonious. When they passed by the entrance of the annex building, they happened to meet Shawn and Copper, who were out for a stroll

Olivia nodded at the two of them

Ms. Taylor.Shawn smiled slightly at her, then looked down at Andrew. Andrew

Hillionaire’s Missing Darling 

what are you holding in your hands?” 

Andrew raised his hands ostentatiously. The kitten’s family.” 

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Initially, Shawn was just casually asking and finding a topic to talk about. However, when he looked carefully, he realized that the three little kittens were actuaily so vivid that they looked real and cute

Shawn was shocked. Did you make them?” 

Andrew nodded. Yes, yes.” 

You’re really amazing.Shawn gave him a thumbs up

Beside him, Copper also noticed the little kittens. He was a little surprised that such a young child like Andrew could make it so well. Even an adult like him could not do it

However, this was not a serious matter. It was just a game

Copper retracted his gaze and turned to Olivia. He suddenly said, Ms. Taylor, aren’t you afraid that Andrew will lose to others if you play with him like this every day and don’t help him study?” 

What?Olivia looked up. Her beautiful eyes were a little confused, but she quickly understood the meaning of his words

She smiled and looked 

Own at Andrew. She said slowly and clearly, What do you think is the best education? Prenatal education? Child education? Or preschool education?” 

Copper frowned. He felt that Olivia said this deliberately and was about to speak. Olivia’s clear voice sounded in his ears. But I think parentslove is the best education for children.” 

Copper was stunned

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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