Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 374

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 374

Chapter 373 

Becky and Olivia didn’t have much to talk about

Becky had been a noblewoman for many years. She had lived a rich life and talked about luxurious clothes, jewelry, and other topics. She also had interests like arranging flowers, making coffee, and making dessert

Olivia was not interested in these topics

It was not that she could not chat with others, but with her current status, longer needed to force herself to cater to others

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It had always been others who found topics to attract her interest, not her racking her brains to think of ways to arouse the interest of others

After chatting for a while, it was really not interesting. Becky was afraid that Olivia would be bored, so she suggested playing cards

The cards were the most suitable tool for rich women to socialize. They could chat, play, and even make the surrounding people interested in watching

Olivia’s attitude towards playing cards was ordinary. Seeing that everyone was in high spirits, she nodded

Becky immediately asked the servants to bring two card tables. She even smiled. and said to everyone, You guys come and play too.” 

Everyone smiled and expressed that they didn’t like to play. They just wanted to watch from the side

Today, this card game was originally set up because of Olivia. Becky did not pay much attention to others, so it was fine if they did not like to play

Today, the person sitting in this seat will be very lucky. Miss Taylor, you can sit in this seat. I guarantee that your luck will be good,Daisy said with a smile. Then, she pulled Cherry over and gently pushed Cherry. Cherry, later, you sit behind Miss Taylor and help her. You are lucky too.” 

Becky chuckled and pointed at Daisy. You’re so biased. You only care about Ms. Taylor. Don’t you care about us?” 

Daisy had a good relationship with Becky and usually liked to joke, so she said, I’m just biased. Miss Taylor is a person who has contributed to the country and all mankind. She deserves it.” 

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone laughed

There were four people at the card table. Olivia sat on one side. Becky sat next to her so that she could help Olivia to win. Bettany sat opposite Olivia. There was only one seat left. It was Ethel, who was good at playing cards

The four of them had just sat down when Olivia received a call

It was Capitol Research Institute’s Bard

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Olivia frowned slightly. I’m sorry, I have to answer a call. You guys play first.As she spoke, she stood up and left. She went to the next private room to answer the call

What’s the matter?Olivia sat down in the private room and asked

Bard said, Miss Olivia, Professor Corey has gone to Evervale.” 

Why did he come to Evervale?Olivia was a little puzzled. Isn’t he the person in charge of graphene’s preparation project? Why 

did he come to Evervale? Has he found a partner company?” 

It’s precisely because he’s the person in charge of the project that he went to Evervale.” Bard frowned. His expression was not good. The Grant family is getting more and more outrageous. They actually used their power to threaten Professor Corey to hand the project to the Holmes family. In the research institute, Jeremy is also secretly pressuring him. Jeremy said that if Professor Corey doesn’t agree, the project funds approved next year will be reduced by half.” What? Reduced by half

Olivia raised her eyebrows. Her gaze was dark and unclear. He sure talks big.” Upon hearing this, Bard knew that Olivia was dissatisfied with Jeremy. 

He had been working for Olivia for so long and was Olivia’s confidant. Although he had been in the Capitol and did not follow Olivia, he still knew a little about Olivia

He knew that there seemed to be some conflict between Olivia and the Watson family

However, Olivia had always been fair and rarely put personal feelings into her work, so she would not make trouble for Jeremy deliberately

As long as Jeremy was serious and did not cause trouble to affect the research institute, Olivia would always let him work in the research institute

Miss Olivia, you meanBard said

Olivia was already dissatisfied with Jeremy. She should have given Jeremy a warning or do something

Bard was mentally prepared for this

Unexpectedly, Olivia opened her mouth to say, she wanted to remove Jeremy as the deputy director

Olivia looked up and said coldly, Go and collect evidence. Isn’t Jeremy arrogant? Then he’ll be dismissed from his position taking charge of finances.” 

Really?Bard was shocked

Capitol Research Institute had changed the law when Augus was around, making the research institute independent, so the research institute had independent personnel rights

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When the director proposed to dismiss the deputy director, needing more than half of the votes to agree, it would be dismissed

Olivia was extremely prestigious in the research institute. It was because of her that the research institute had its current status. The heads of the various departments respected her very much

As long as Olivia asked, Jeremy would definitely be dismissed

However, Bard had another wor 


Jeremy had been working in the research institute for many years, and there was no telling how many people in the research institute were the Watson family’s. people and supported Jeremy

If Jeremy was fired suddenly, it would probably cause a huge shock to the research institute

Bard said his worries

Olivia took out a Fruit Candy from beside the table. She peeled it and stuffed it into her mouth before saying, Don’t worry, I’m in charge now! I will deal with it.I’m in charge now

These simple words made Bard’s worried heart strangely calm down

He felt that his worries were groundless and that he had underestimated Olivia. Olivia could lead the research institute to its current position, so how could she be afraid of the Watson family

In the reception room, Bettany sat beside the table, looking a little nervous. She was not very good at playing cards. In fact, she had never actually played cards before

When she was young, she had to take care of her mother and help them. She also had to go to school and draw. She didn’t even have time to play, let alone play cards. After being with Alexander, she didn’t have spare time either. Not only did she have to learn how to draw, but she also had to learn etiquette and some rules. of upperclass society

She did not have any free time at all

Freda sat beside her with a gentle smile. Don’t be afraid. I’ll teach you. This game is very simple. You’ll understand after playing with it.” 

As she spoke, she explained the rules of cards to Bettany

Freda explained in detail. Bettany was very smart. She quickly mastered the rules. and knew how to play it

After knowing it, she was eager to try it out. When do we start playing?” 

Becky was talking to the person beside her. When she heard this, she turned to look at Bettany and explained softly, Miss Fulham, don’t be anxious. Wait for Ms. Taylor.” 

Balionaire’s Missing Darling 

Waiting for Olivia

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Bettany glanced at the private room beside her and frowned unconsciously. She thought, Olivia has already been inside for a while. It has been almost ten minutes. When would Olivia come out? Am I going to wait for her forever?She grabbed a card, fiddled with it, and said, Find another person. Let’s play first.As soon as she finished speaking, the surrounding rich women, who had been whispering to each other, immediately looked up at Bettany, their eyes filled with surprise

It was as if she had said something unbelievable

Bettany was stunned. She subconsciously sat straight and asked nervously, Why are you looking at me?” 

Nothing.Becky smiled and turned her gaze away

The others also retracted their gazes and thought to themselves, Bettany is really silly. Becky wants to play cards with Olivia, it is all for Olivia. Becky invites. Bettany to play cards together only because of Olivia

As a companion, she actually really wants to play and even wants to find other people? She doesn’t have selfknowledge

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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