Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 377

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 377

Chapter 377 

Tom had been used to smooth sailing for half his life, so he seemed a little naive. Even though he was in the entertainment industry, he was well protected by the people arranged by the First Elder

But he wasn’t a fool

It took him a long time to realize that Kelly was extraordinary. He looked up and fiddled with a cigar with his fingertips. He asked, Who’s her backer?” 

Kelly was indeed beautiful, but there were many handsome men and beautiful women in the entertainment industry. People didn’t pay much attention to them. They were nothing

There were also many people who had failed soon and disappeared from the entertainment industry after becoming famous

At first, Tom really didn’t take Kelly seriously. After hearing Amanda talk about these two people, he finally took it seriously

There was nothing to hide. Amanda directly said, I don’t know the details. I only know that the relationship between Kelly and the fiancée of Daniel is very close.” Who? Olivia?Tom’s expression changed

He held the cigar and tapped it with his fingertips. He was used to this action. when he was thinking

After Amanda left, Tom immediately instructed his assistant to investigate the relationship between Olivia and Kelly

He was just worrying about how to deal with Olivia when Kelly appeared. Kelly might be a good breakthrough and an important role in his plan

He could use this opportunity to deal with Olivia in the entertainment industry and know how capable Olivia was

The assistant moved quickly and soon found out about the relationship between Olivia and Kelly

The two of them had known each other for many years. After Kelly’s adoptive parents met with an accident, it had always been Olivia who had raised her. When Kelly was young, she had always been overseas. She only returned to the country. when she was 18 years old

Upon hearing the news, Tom was pleasantly surprised. She was raised by Olivia? Their relationship is really too close!” 

He thought, I am so lucky!‘ 

Tom slammed his palm out of excitement. This was simply a gift from the god. He wanted to make good use of Kelly this time

Thinking of this, Tom instructed his assistant, Contact Matt and think of a way to 

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let Kelly lose her role in the new movie.” 

At the same time, at the Smith family’s villa

Olivia also received news that someone was investigating Kelly

Who is it?Olivia leaned against the sofa and looked up. Her gaze was cold and indifferent

Elena replied, It’s Tom.” 

Got it.Olivia nodded and did not take it to heart at all. She was not even willing to ask her one more sentence

On the other hand, Kelly was very nervous when she knew it. Her beautiful big eyes were filled with worry, and her gaze was extremely concerned. Olivia, did I cause you any trouble?she asked with anxiety

Kelly lowered her head. I was too careless. How could I expose my relationship with you?” 

It’s just a small matter.Olivia raised her hand and patted the little girl’s soft head. comfortingly

Although the two of them were about the same age, Kelly was still a little girl she raised. Olivia knew her personality very well

Kelly was usually very smart. But as long as the matter involved Olivia, Kelly would immediately be anxious and nervous

I’ve never thought of hiding our relationship from the beginning. There’s not need to do so.Olivia patted her and comforted her. Don’t worry, I can protect you.” 

I’m worried about you.Kelly held her chin. What if Tom uses me to deal with you? Or do something strange to me?” 

Hearing this, Olivia looked sideways, her cold eyes showing a little confusion. What kind of strange thing will he do?” 

Kelly extended her finger and gave an example. For example, suppressing my work, intercepting resources, defaming me, and so on.” 

Olivia smiled when she heard that. What’s the use of that? If you really can’t stay in the entertainment industry, at most, you will just change your career and stop being a celebrity.” 

In Olivia’s opinion, Tom racking his brains to deal with Kelly was really useless. There was no benefit at all. It was just a waste of effort

Kelly suddenly understood. That’s right. It’s useless to make trouble for me. At most, I’ll leave the entertainment industry. However” 

She frowned again. What if he uses me to deal with you?” 

Silly girl!Olivia raised her hand and knocked on Kelly’s head. Don’t think too much. You won’t be my weakness. If you’re my weakness, then Tom is the Grant family’s First Elder’s weakness. Bettany is Alexander’s weakness. There are many 


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people in the Grant family. They have many weaknesses. This is not a problem at 


If Tom really wants to use you, it means that he’s very stupid. There’s no need to care about such a stupid person.” 

Olivia was a very smart person. Sometimes, she could not understand Tom’s thoughts

After all, from Olivia’s point of view, it was better for Tom to focus on improving his strengths instead of spending time dealing with the unimportant ones

For example, the First Elder had a total of seven sons. Even if they were all killed, the First Elder still had his nephew

What Olivia had to do was ruin the Grant family’s foundation, not waste time. dealing with people related to the First Elder

Kelly was the same. She was just someone related to Olivia. Olivia had many such people around her

Could it be that Tom was going to deal with them one by one

Destroy the leader and the gang will collapse. This was common knowledge. Olivia had never seen anyone who wanted to kill someone, instead of piercing their heart, he had to beat their feet

Olivia’s clear explanation made Kelly realize that she thought too much. She could not help but stick out her tongue

Olivia, you’re amazing,Kelly said coquettishly to Olivia

Just as she was acting cute, she received a call from her agent, Amanda, saying that the new role was gone

Kelly was stunned and subconsciously looked at Olivia

Olivia also raised her eyebrows. Tom was really planning to deal with Kelly

Olivia, what should we do?Kelly blinked

Olivia tilted her head and said unhurriedly, Then you can find another role. There are other television dramas being filmed. You can give it a try.” 

Kelly had already finished more than half of the scenes. Many of the scenes were together with the male lead, so it was very difficult to change the role. Tom had taken out a lot of resources and even agreed to make a cameo appearance. Only then did Matt manage to change Kelly’s role

But no matter what, it was still a blow to Kelly. Tom was very satisfied and happy. Unfortunately, his happiness only lasted for a day. The next day, another famous production team announced that Kelly would join the production team to play another important role

Tom was so angry that he smashed the glass

The new role had more scenes than before and was more outstanding


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

How infuriating

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No, we can’t let her be smug.Tom’s face turned cold. He instructed his assistant, Contact this production team and ask them to replace Kelly.” 

The assistant was about to cry. Mr. Grant, in order to do that, you’ve already 

given them two good resources. Now, you only have one luxury brand and the movie you’re joining in.” 

The implication was that they had no more resources

Tom did not mind. Use the luxury brand first

The assistant left with a long face. Although Tom had lost the deal, Kelly had been replaced again

Mr. Grant, when are you going to start working? Felix has been urging you.” The assistant asked softly. Felix was an internationally renowned director. Even though Tom was an outstanding actor, he had spent a lot of effort fighting for Felix’s film. Tom frowned. Have he found the female lead?Felix was picky. He had never found a suitable female lead, so Tom did not join the production team

The assistant nodded. Yes, yes, he found it.” 

Alright,Tom agreed. Let’s join the team then.” 

Tom let Kelly lose two good roles. Presumably. Kelly would not be able to find a good production team for the time being. Tom did not have to worry about her for the time being

Tom joined the production team the next day. Felix was very happy to see him. He pulled Tom and said. Come here. Come and meet our female lead. I took a long time to choose her.” 

Felix’s face was filled with smiles. It was obvious that he was very satisfied with this female lead

Tom was also willing to see the new female lead. He looked over with a smile and saw a familiar beautiful face

Mr. Grant, I’m Kelly Sebastian. Nice to meet you

Tom was speechless. Fuck!” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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