Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 379

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 379

Chapter 379 

Regarding the Smith family’s matter, Olivia had long prepared to deal with it. She was hiding her identity now and staying in Evervale, but she couldn’t hide her identity forever. She was going to show up at the research institute’s conference 

next year

At that time, she would have to put most of her attention to the research institute. In addition, she had to pay more attention to Daniel and Andrew. She did not have time to care about the Smith family’s matters

This time, she could use this opportunity to deal with the Smith family’s matter and drive away some of the family members with bad thoughts and bad morals. At first, Yanis and Blake thought that Olivia was going to abandon some of the family members. After hearing her explanation, they heaved a sigh of relief. Blake was curious. Olivia, you’ve already prepared to deal with the Smith family. Why didn’t you make a move earlier? Why did you wait until now?Olivia was peeling an orange and feeding it to Andrew before saying, It’s too troublesome to differentiate the family members one by one.” 

Blake was stunned. She looked at Yanis. The two of them said in unison, So, you’re using Jarron and Gillian to help you differentiate between the loyal person and the foolish person?” 

Olivia nodded and said calmly, That’s all they’re useful for. With that, at least they didn’t let Isaac down.” 

Yanis was speechless

Blake was also speechless

When they came out of the living room, they were still in a daze out of surprise. Blake turned to look at Yanis and suddenly said in a weak voice, Yanis, I think our previous worries were completely groundless. Olivia has prepared everything in advance.” 

Yanis’s eyes darkened. Olivia, she is” 

Yanis thought, It is really too unexpected. Olivia is much smarter than I have imagined

From the first day Olivia took over the Smith family, she had already come up with a comprehensive plan. Her judgment of the human heart and human nature has already reached a superb level

Blake seemed to have thought of something. She suddenly shivered and said to Yanis, Yanis, tell me, how did Olivia know that Jarron and Gillian would work with the Grant family and compete with her for the Smith family?” 

She thought, Could it be that Olivia could predict the future?‘ 


Yanis pondered for a moment. It’s just that Olivia was good at judging their human nature and then she made a prediction. The Grant family is sneaky and likes to play tricks behind others. If Olivia is disobedient, the Grant family will definitely think of a way to subdue Olivia. As for Jarron and Gillian” 

Yanis closed his eyes. Olivia grew up with the two of them. How can she not see through them? She is the only person who knows them best!” 

Speaking of this, Yanis could not help but sigh. His eyes flashed with pity. After hesitating a few times, he finally turned around and instructed Blake, Find a time to persuade Jarron and Gillian to give up everything they are doing now and go overseas to live their own lives. Tell them not to get involved in the Smith family’s matter in the future.” 

Blake’s expression did not look good. Those are two ingrates. Why should we care about them?” 

Yanis said, After all, they grew up around us. We can’t just let them suffer.Blake didn’t say a word

Yanis continued, Olivia’s thoughts are getting more and more complicated. Even you and I can’t see through her now. She’s growing fast.” 

Speaking of this, Yanis lowered his voice and whispered into Blake’s ear, Only we know about today’s matter. It can’t be spread to outsiders. Olivia should have another supporter that is not inferior to the Smith family!” 

What?Blake looked up in shock

The huge shock made her lose control of her expression and she could not recover for a long time

Yanis frowned. His eyes were deep. I don’t know who the force behind Olivia is, but I can confirm that this force is several times stronger than the Smith family. It’s not just you and I who can’t know Olivia’s thoughts. Even Isaac has misjudged Olivia. You and I can’t imagine how complicated Olivia’s thoughts are.” 

With that, Yanis stared at Blake. Olivia is too smart. Jarron and Gillian are not her match at all. The three of them grew up together. Olivia knows them very well

In the past, their relationship was still good. Olivia gave the two of them benefits continuously so that they could live better and better. Now that their feelings are gone, everything instantly turns into trouble

Olivia might not hurt the two of them on account of Isaac, but she definitely won’t let them off easily.” 

Really?Blake shook her head. She could not believe it. In her heart, Olivia had always been smart and softhearted. How could she really deal with Jarron and Gillian

She muttered, Olivia is very softhearted, she” 

Yanis interrupted her coldly, No matter how good her personality is, she can’t 


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stand the other party’s repeated provocations. Olivia is already tolerant enough. towards Jarron and Gillian. Think about it!” 

Blake lowered her head. She still could not accept it. You meanYou mean that Olivia wants to hurt Jarron and Gillian?” 

Yanis shook his head and said helplessly, With her status, I don’t think Olivia cares about Jarron and Gillian at all. Olivia will not hurt Jarron and Gillian. However, she will just not protect them anymore.” 

Hearing this, Blake also sighed

Blake really felt that Jarron and Gillian were too good at causing trouble. Their lives were so good. Isaac doted on them, and Olivia was powerful and tolerant. Olivia almost gave them everything they wanted and protected them

If the two of them could stop causing trouble, they would be living better. Unexpectedly, Jarron and Gillian were not satisfied.. 

Olivia finished peeling the orange and went to the study to read the information. When Daniel returned, he took Andrew and went upstairs. He trained Andrew in 


Daniel had been training Andrew for a few days and it was very effective. At this moment, Daniel was testing Andrew

The first question.” Daniel stretched out a finger with a serious expression. If someone tries to drive a wedge between you and Olivia during Christmas and says that she’s your stepmother, what will you do?” 

Andrew raised his little head and said in a straightforward tone, Everyone who says it is the enemy. I should be cruel to the enemy who drives a wedge between 

  1. us

Good.Daniel applauded him and gestured. Continue.” 

Andrew nodded his little head. If the other party is a child, I will just ignore him. and won’t play with him. If the other party is a woman, I’ll say it out loud and embarrass her. If the other party is a man. I’ll run quickly and come back to tell you. You will deal with him.” 

Awesome!Daniel asked Andrew a few more questions. When he saw Andrew answering smoothly, a satisfied smile appeared on his face

He patted Andrew’s little face and said solemnly, Olivia is your mother. We, as her husband and son, have to protect her, understand? Andrew, you’re already a man. You should also take the responsibility of protecting Olivia.” 

I know.Andrew wore a serious face as if he had accepted some important 


After the test ended, Daniel took out a box of threads. The two of them faced each. other and used the threads to make some bracelets

The two of them made three beautiful bracelets.. 

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One was placed on Daniel’s phone, one was on Andrew’s wrist, and the other was for Olivia

Andrew held the beautiful bracelet and his face was almost touching it. He was honeymouthed as he said, Daddy, you are amazing.” 

Daniel patted Andrew and said, I’m going to the washroom. Wait for me here.With that, he stood up and left

When he reached the washroom, Daniel looked at himself in the mirror and was very satisfied. He was still as handsome as ever

In a while, I will take this bracelet to Livy. Livy will definitely be overjoyed.’ Daniel thought

After coming out of the washroom, Daniel realized that Andrew was missing. He went out to look around and finally found Andrew at the door of the study. Olivia, this is a beautiful bracelet that I made for you.The little guy held up the bracelet and handed it to Olivia as if he were presenting a treasure. Olivia was overjoyed. Her eyes reddened. Did you make it yourself?” 

Andrew blushed and was a little embarrassed. I didn’t make it well. Olivia, don’t mind.” 

Oh, no! You really do it well! I like it very much!Olivia said happily

Olivia was overjoyed. She hugged Andrew and spun around. You’re really my little angel.” 

At the other end of the corridor, Daniel almost crushed the armrest. He gritted his teeth and said, Andrew, unfilial son!” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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