Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 382

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 382

Chapter 382 

Elena left the study and returned to her room to review everything she had just learned

Olivia walked to the window and looked at the bright sky outside. She sighed. softly. The weather is so good.” 

Soon, I will be able to deal with those arrogant guys from the Grant family, Olivia thought

At that moment, her phone rang

Olivia looked at the number and raised her eyebrows in surprise

Mr. Book,she answered

Jake sat in the office and said in a gentle and powerful tone, Olivia, it’s time to reveal your identity. I’ll officially introduce you to everyone at the endoftheyear conference.” 

It’s not the right time yet,Olivia rejected calmly. Her voice was low and gentle. I still have a few things to do. It is not the best time.” 

At this point, Olivia paused and suddenly asked, Don’t you think it’s better to wait until the last moment, when the Grant family is confident of winning, to expose my identity?” 

Just as the Grant family thinks that victory is in its grasp and it is about to climb to heaven, I will ruthlessly send them to hell. Let them have a taste of being fooled

Didn’t they like to control others? They set up all kinds of difficulties for others. They played so many tricks on others, but they still used the excuse of training. In that case, I will let them experience what it is like to train themselves!Olivia thought

In the past few days, Olivia gradually remembered many things. Many memories. suddenly appeared in her mind, and they were all things that she did not know before

Initially, she was very vigilant and thought that the Grant family had done something to her. She had fallen into their trap without knowing it

Later, slowly, her memories returned and she understood. She had sealed her memories with the silver needle

In fact, from a very young age, Olivia had already noticed the abnormality around her

She sensed that something was wrong with Zelen. She could tell that Zelen was trying to sow discord

However, at that time, Olivia was still young and did not think too far ahead. However, she was too smart and instinctively felt that relying on Isaac’s strength 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

alone was not enough

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She needed more power, so she carefully approached Augus and Joshua. Olivia was born intelligent. There was nothing she couldn’t do if she wanted it. If she wanted to get close to Augus and Joshua, she could quickly get their favor. From a very young age, Joshua had told her about international matters, including the different forces overseas. He had even been tempted to train her. Unfortunately, Joshua was not as fast as Augus. At that time, Augus was in charge of Capitol Research Institute. He had almost taken a liking to Olivia at a glance. He had secretly trained her as his successor since she was young

Olivia’s memory had not completely recovered. There were some things that she did not know very well

She only knew that she had always rejected Augus and had never thought of taking over from him. Although she felt that something was wrong with the Smith family, she had never changed her wish

Her wish had always been to take over the Smith family and protect Jarron and Gillian

It was not until she was pushed off the cliff by Gillian and was unconscious for a year that she suddenly changed her mind and decided to take over Capitol Research Institute

Being unconscious for a yearOlivia frowned

Olivia felt that there was something wrong with this part of her memory. She had a way to recover this part of her memory. But since she had sealed it herself, there must be a reason

‘Just wait a little longer. My memory has already started to recover. It won’t be long before all of them recover. There’s no need to rush. Olivia thought. Jake was worried about Olivia and was still persuading her. Olivia, it’s too dangerous for you to do this. If you tell them the truth when the Grant family is overjoyed, they will hate you the most. They might be driven to desperation and harm you.” 

Olivia was silent. After a moment, she said, Mr. Book, I’m just waiting for them to do something desperate.” 

Jake was a little speechless

He subconsciously tightened his grip on his phone. Worry flashed across his eyes. as he said coldly, Olivia, don’t mess around. Nothing is more important than your safety! You’re the director of Capitol Research Institute now. Your safety is the most important thing. Cancer drugs, neurodrugs, Skynet, artificial intelligence, and other shocking projects can’t do without you.” 

Yes, I know.Olivia lowered her eyes. How important am I? My popularity is increasing bit by bit. Later on, I will announce a few results of my research and 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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become a worldfamous scientist. When my reputation and status reach its peak, I will announce my identity as the Director of Capitol Research InstituteMr. Book, do you think the people will be ecstatic?” 

The bad feeling in Jake’s heart grew stronger and stronger. Olivia, calm down. You have to understand one thing. Your safety is not only important to yourself, but also to the country, the people, and even the entire world.” 

That’s right.Olivia smiled. I just want everyone to know how important I am. However, such an important person like me was murdered by the Grant family. Mr. Book, do you think the Grant family has offended the public? Do you think the people around the world will be angry with the Grant family?” 

Olivia, stop fooling around!Jake could not control his emotions at all and shouted at the top of his lungs

Don’t worry.Olivia calmed down. I won’t joke with my life. I’ll be fully prepared. Mr. Book, the Grant family’s foundation is too deep. It has existed for more than a thousand years. Even if the Grant family loses this election, it is still difficult to shake their foundation. If we want to uproot it, we have to hit it hard!” 

Jake closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Olivia, just focus on your research. Leave the rest to me. You’re the most precious one. There’s no need to fight them headon.” 

Upon hearing this, Olivia clenched her fists tightly. There was a hint of sadness in her eyes

She took a deep breath to calm the emotion in her heart and said slowly, Mr. Book, do you know? My mother” 

Olivia closed her eyes and continued to say, Mrs. Taylor has taken too many medicines. Her body is already in a dilapidated state. My medical skills can help her regain consciousness, but I can’t treat the old illnesses that she has accumulated over the years

I couldn’t forgive her for hurting me, but I couldn’t resent her either. She should have had a happy family. Although her husband was a playboy, he was at least willing to coax and give in to her on the surface

She had three children, an outstanding and sensible eldest son, an intelligent and beautiful daughter, and a lively and mischievous youngest son. She loved these three children. If it weren’t for the Grant family’s interference and if nothing happened, she would be the happiest woman in the world

But look at her now. She had been deceived for half her life. Even when she was awake, she lived in endless pain and regret. Mr. Book, I have no way of completely severing all of this and completely ignoring her. I can be disappointed in her, not love her, ignore her, and even never see her again, but I can’t let go of the people who hurt her!” 

Although Olivia tried her best to control herself, her voice still trembled slightly. And Isaac, Jarron, Gillian, including me, were all tricked by the Grant family.


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had investigated. There were a total of seven girls who were in the same batch as me. They were all about the same age and were related to the Grant family nobles

I only found out now that the Green family’s Cathy, who was also my grandmother, was actually the Watson family’s distant relative

Of the same group of seven girls, two committed suicide due to depression, three were schizophrenic and locked up in a mental hospital, leaving me and the other girl, Elies

Although Elies looked normal on the surface and looked very smart and capable, her mental health had already been compromised because she had seen her biological mother die in front of her

In the end, I was the only one who was considered normal and outstanding. The Grant family is so ridiculous. They even asked me to appreciate them for training me so well.” 

Speaking of this, Olivia could not help but laugh. Her tone was extremely cold and bonechilling. In that case, I have to let the Grant family thank me! Give the Grant family, who has existed for more than a thousand years, a mighty trial!” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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