Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 383

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 383

Chapter 383 

Roland went to the kitchen to prepare the ingredients for lunch. Just as he was about to begin to cook, he received a call from Gillian

Looking at the familiar number on the screen, a trace of disgust and deep guilt flashed across Roland’s eyes

But he picked up the phone anyway. He found an empty room and went in, locking the door behind him

Ms. Gillian,Roland said. His tone was a little colder than before

However, Gillian, who was immersed in the victory she was about to obtain, did not notice it. She was in a good mood. Roland, have you thought it through? Olivia and I are both Isaac’s granddaughters. You can’t be considered a traitor. More importantly, only by following me will Quaid have a better future.” 

Roland said coldly, Ms. Gillian, you don’t have to worry about Quaid’s future. Today is the last time. Please don’t call me again in the future.” 

Gillian could hear the determination in Roland’s words and was very surprised. She could not help but look at Jarron

What was going on? The last time we communicated, Roland was clearly a little tempted. Why was he so determined after just a day?Gillian thought

Gillian frowned. Roland, I hope you can think it through. You’ve taken care of Jarron and me for so many years. Deep down, I hope that you’ll be well. What benefits will you get by Olivia’s side? What will Quaid get? You still have to find your own future. As long as you’re on my side, I’ll arrange a brighter future for Quaid.” 

What kind of future?Roland asked

Gillian thought that Roland was tempted, so she quickly gave him the benefit. I’ll help Quaid set up his own studio. If he wants to work in a department like the design institute, I can think of a way.” 

Thank you for your consideration, but there’s no need.Roland’s tone was cold. Miss Olivia has already introduced Freddy to Quaid. Miss Olivia will take care of his future. He doesn’t need anyone else.” 

With that, he hung up the phone

Gillian and Jarron looked at each other with confusion

How strange! It’s only been a day, and Olivia is already introducing Freddy to Quaid. How can there be such a coincidence?Gillian was very smart. She was very vigilant against Olivia

Jarron was also puzzled. He raised his eyebrows and said, Could it be that Olivia already knows what we’re doing?” 

Gillian nodded solemnly. She must know.Then, her expression turned cold and 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

her eyes were filled with worry

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Jarron did not care at all. He was even in the mood to comfort Gillian. Don’t think too much. Next week is the family banquet at the end of the year. Olivia doesn’t have time at all.” 

Gillian still did not dare to relax. She held her chin and paced around in front of the window with a frown. Jarron, we could not underestimate Olivia. She is a powerful opponent. We can’t relax until the last moment.” 

Oh, one more thing.” Gillian thought of something. Have the Grant family found the capable hacker?” 

Jarron nodded. He will arrive in the afternoon. I heard that he’s very capable. He’s in the top ten in the country and is very famous internationally. His code name is Sword. I heard that there’s no firewall that he can’t break.” 

That’s great.Gillian clapped her hands. With him, we’ll be foolproof. Let him take over Olivia’s computer and obtain all her information. That way, we’ll know more about Olivia’s plans and actions.” 

Jarron felt that this action was completely unnecessary. Olivia no longer had a chance to make a comeback. However, since Gillian wanted to do it, he would let her do it. In any case, there was no harm in doing this

Sword was a fat middleaged man in his thirties. He had a full beard and looked at little sloppy. However, he had a good personality and smiled when he saw people

The Grant family asked him to come over and offered six hundred thousand dollars. Before he came, he thought that he would be asked to hack the whole company. In the end, he was actually asked to hack a person’s computer

Wasn’t this overkill

Although he was a little arrogant, he was still polite on the surface. He turned on the computer he had brought over and asked casually, What information do you want to get and what requests do you have?” 

Gillian held her chin and thought for a moment. I want all the information on Olivia’s computer. I can’t let her notice it yet. It’s best if she doesn’t know.” Simple.Sword nodded. His fingertips tapped on the keyboard very quickly. Gillian asked, How long will it take? There’s still a week before the family 

banquet. It can’t be too long. It’s best to get it within three days. So that we will still have some time to prepare.” 

Three days?Sword’s eyes were filled with disdain. That’s too long. Three hours is enough for me.” 

With that, he began to attack with all his might

When Olivia came out of the study, she was surprised to find that Daniel and Andrew were gone. She asked the servant and found out that the two of them had gone to the guest room on the second floor


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Why did they go to the guest room? Why did they stay for so long?Olivia thought

Olivia was a little worried. She went straight to the guest room on the second floor and was about to knock when the door opened from the inside

A small red face covered in tears was revealed

Why is he crying?Olivia thought

Olivia’s heart skipped a beat. She immediately squatted down and wiped the tears on Andrew’s face

Why are you crying?Olivia asked. The sudden pain in her heart made Olivia’s emotions chaotic

Andrew blinked his beautiful eyes. His tears had already stopped, but when he saw Olivia, the feeling of being wronged came again. He cried

He cried even more pitifully

What happened? Is he injured?Olivia thought. She was extremely worried. She looked up at Daniel with confusion

Daniel did not expect Olivia to come so coincidentally. He had yet to wash. Andrew’s face and change his clothes and wanted to find an excuse

Don’t Expose the truth!Daniel thought

Daniel was anxious and he was about to speak

However, Andrew said softly, Olivia, I had a nightmare. It was so scary.” 

So it was a nightmare.” Olivia heaved a sigh of relief

Andrew nodded heavily. His tone was extremely natural. I dreamed that you didn’t like me anymore. I’m so sad.” As he spoke, he placed his little face on Olivia’s shoulder

Olivia picked him up and comforted him. How can that be? How can I not like you? I will always be by Andrew’s side.” 

Really?Andrew’s eyes lit up

Of course.Olivia nodded

Andrew’s big eyes instantly narrowed into slits. He extended his small hand. Then you swear.” 


After swearing, Andrew still felt that it was not safe enough and even asked Olivia to write it down as a piece of evidence

The little guy was crying so pitifully. Olivia was heartbroken, so how could she not agree

Just like that, she first wrote a note, then recorded it, and finally took a video. After everything was done, Andrew nodded in satisfaction. That’s enough.” 

Billionany’s Missing Darling 

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Daniel had been standing at the side and watching Andrew wheedle. Olivia did whatever Andrew wanted. Daniel could not describe the feeling in his heart

Just now, Daniel was worried that his son, Andrew, was too young. He was afraid that Andrey would let it slip and not be able to hide it. In the end, Andrew was much better than him. Andrew really knew how to make Olivia happy

Speaking of this, Andrew was a hundred times better than Daniel

Not only that, but he also asked Olivia to leave behind evidence

Daniel’s son. Andrew was very smart

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
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