Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 384

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 384

Chapter 384 

After comforting Andrew, Olivia returned to the study to continue reading the files

As soon as she turned on the computer, she realized that something was wrong. It seemed like someone had attacked her firewall

Her fingertips casually tapped on the keyboard a few times, and the geographical coordinates of the hacker, attack time, and number of attacks appeared

The attack started at 11:01 in the morning. Now, at three o’clock in the afternoon, he had attacked more than a thousand times, but he could not even decipher the most simple one

Could someone at this level be called a hacker? He even used the technique that I had eliminated seven years ago, Olivia thought

Olivia frowned and a look of disdain flashed across her eyes

At the same time, on Gillian’s side, the hacker with the codename Sword was already sweating profusely. His palms were covered in sweat, and even his pants had already been soaked in sweat

Beside him, Jarron and Gillian’s expressions also changed from anticipation to suspicion

Finally, Jarron couldn’t help but say, Didn’t you say that you could decode it in three hours? It’s been more than four hours” 

Jarron.Gillian placed her hand on Jarron’s arm and defended Sword. Olivia is not an ordinary person. She’s so scheming. She must be guarding against someone stealing her information. She must have hired someone to make a powerful firewall.” 

This sentence gave Sword a way out. He hurriedly nodded. Yes, yes. If that is the case, it will take a longer time to break through the firewall

However, you guys don’t worry. No matter how powerful the firewall is, it won’t be able to stop me.Sword added, I used the firstclass hacking technology this


He had many impressive results. Not to mention a personal computer, he could even enter the security network of a small country

Give me some more time. Soon, I will be able to break through. As soon as he finished speaking, his computer suddenly went dark

Sword was stunned. What’s going on? Why is the screen black?” 

Gillian and Jarron also looked over curiously

Could it be that the computer was hacked by others

Sword looked a little embarrassed, but more than that, he was terrified

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

His computer was out of controll 

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Just as they were shocked and at a loss, the computer’s camera turned on automatically. It first looked around the room before aiming at the three of them. Sword was dumbfounded. However, his reaction was faster than Gillian and 

Jarron. He went straight to cut the power

After cutting off the power, the computer was still lit up

Sword wanted to remove the battery at the bottom of the laptop, but as soon as his hand touched it, he shivered from the heat

He immediately retracted his hand

At this moment, a clear female voice came from the computer

Her voice was faint, relaxed, and indifferent, but it shocked the three people present

Don’t move.Olivia sat on a chair in the study and looked at the three people opposite her through the camera. The computer is very hot. It will burn you.” 

This voice was too familiar! It was Olivial 

Gillian and Jarron looked at each other with fear in their eyes

The hacker, Sword, was even more flustered. The other party could actually control his computer. Her skills were at least several times better than his

There was a lot of secret information on his computer. He could not let the other party obtain it

Then, he immediately went to cut the network

Unfortunately, it was useless

Computers can automatically connect to nearby wireless networks

Sword finally despaired. His voice trembled. Who are you? How did you control. my computer?” 

Olivia’s gaze swept past Sword and ignored him

He was just a hacker with poor skills. There was no need to pay much attention to him

Her gaze fell on Gillian and Jarron

Looking at the two of them, Olivia sighed. There was a hint of disappointment in her tone. WhyWhy are the two of you so stupid?” 

Gillian’s face turned pale. She subconsciously retorted, I know you’re very proud now, but you don’t have to mock me. I” 

I’m not mocking you,” Olivia interrupted her. Her tone was straightforward. I’m just stating the truth.” 

Gillian was speechless

Olivia sighed softly. It’s been so many years, but you guys are still stupid. When 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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you were young. I clearly paid attention to training you. I hired a great teacher and a capable assistant to train you guys but in the end… 

Olivia could not continue

When they were young, she really paid attention to training them. There were some things that Isaac could not care about

Isaac was focused on the hospital. To be honest, he did not care much about the three children

Firstly, he was old and did not have enough energy. The hospital had consumed. most of his energy, so how could he have the time to take care of the children? Secondly, he was not a meticulous person and was always careless. If not for Olivia’s reminder, he would not have thought of many things

For Jarron and Gillian, Olivia really took a lot of effort

As long as it was what they wanted, as long as it was what Olivia could provide, she would do her best to give them the best

Not only that, but she also paid a lot of attention to their ability cultivation. It could be said that Olivia had done well just like the dutiful parents

It was also because Olivia had put in so much effort for them that she was so disappointed when she faced their betrayal

In the past, in order to protect their selfesteem, Olivia would not mention her own contributions. Many of the things she had sacrificed would be in the name of Isaac

However, there was no need for that now. Olivia could not be bothered with their selfesteem

Olivia said bluntly, I have thought of a way to get Professor Justin to be Jarron’s master and let him guide you in your studies and how to deal with personal relationships. I’m not asking you to become famous, but at the very least, your IQ and EQ should not be too low

You came back to rope in the Smith family’s people. Haven’t you made any investigation in advance? Tracy’s Smith Cuisine Hall already has 50 branches, and the annual profit is more than one hundred million dollars. You actually promised to open 30 branches for Tracy, and the annual profit reached forty million dollars. How embarrassing!” 

Upon hearing this, Jarron’s face instantly turned pale out of embarrassment. He stammered, What nonsense are you talking about? Isaac introduced Professor Justin to me. What does it have to do with you?” 

Can you not be such stupid?Olivia frowned. Isaac only cares about his research. How can he think so much? If you have any IQ, you should know that I helped you choose your SAT application and the postgraduate mentor. Do you think. you’re outstanding? Without me, Professor Justin wouldn’t know who you are at all!” 


Bilionaire’s Missing Darling 

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And you!Olivia’s gaze turned to Gillian. Gillian, I’ve let you off time and time again, and you still dare to provoke me? Do you think there’s still friendship between us, or do you think you’re really more capable than me?” 

Speaking of this, Olivia’s tone became even more impatient. You’re really too stupid. Don’t you know who I am? The neurodrugs, anticancer drugs, and other achievements. All the information on my computer is confidential. It’s a crime to hack my computer and steal information. Do you know it?” 

The computer screen instantly turned red, and a line of bloody words appeared. It read. [You’re courting death!

Immediately after, all the smarthome devices in the villa screamed. The 

television began to roar, the refrigerator began to glow, the air conditioner began to cool, and the temperature in the house dropped rapidly

The chandelier above their head first flickered, then exploded with a bang

The flying glass pierced Gillian’s neck, causing her to scream in pain

Olivia’s voice came from the computer again. I’ve always allowed you to fight 

over it, but it has to be an open conspiracy. I’ll give you a warning this time. If you do it again, I can kill you as long as there’s internet.” 

As soon as she finished speaking, all the smarthome devices in the room exploded

The room was ablaze with fire

Olivia Taylor!Gillian exclaimed

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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