Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 386

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 386

Chapter 386 

After hearing the words from Andrew, Copper realized how ridiculous his pity for Andrew had been

No matter what, Andrew was born into a wealthy family

Even though he grew up in a singleparent household and his future stepmother didn’t show much sincerity toward him, he didn’t need a person like Copper to sympathize with him

Thinking about his previous pity for Andrew, Copper felt a bit embarrassed. However, this emotion was shortlived and soon dissipated, leaving behind an untraceable sense of superiority

So what if Andrew’s father was rich? If he didn’t receive a good education and lacked personal skills, he might end up in a lower social class in 20 years

In this world, only knowledge, skills, and abilities are the means to make a living. At the thought of this, Copper used his status as an elder to persuade Andrew. Coffee and money are external things. A child of your age should learn more.He paused for a moment and continued to ask, During this winter break, did your father enroll you in any tutoring classes? You’ll be starting your first grade in elementary school tomorrow, right? You should be wellprepared for the transition.” 

Andrew held his milk and drank it earnestly. When he heard this, he raised his eyes and nodded in agreement with Copper, saying like an adult, The school curriculum isn’t that difficult, but it’s indeed important to prepare early and build a strong foundation.” 

Copper chuckled, finding Andrew’s confidence a bit audacious

Andrew was such a young child who was not even in elementary school. Yet, he claimed that elementary school courses were not difficult

Copper’s habit of being a mentor emerged, and he immediately said, If you think that elementary school courses are not difficult, then let me test you. What’s 9 plus11?” 

During a break from drinking milk, Andrew glanced at Copper. His lips curled slightly, appearing somewhat displeased

He wondered why the conversation had suddenly shifted toward asking him mathematics questions

Despite being a little unhappy, Andrew was still polite and answered, 20.” 

Copper was surprised, thinking that the child was quite impressive

He asked again, What about 17 plus15?” 



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Afterward, he reminded Copper, I already learned multiplication and division.Copper nodded in agreement, thinking to himself that it made sense. After all, Andrew came from a wealthy family that had provided him with a good education

Even though Olivia had interrupted his learning during the entire winter break, his previous knowledge base remained strong

You’re so smart and you shouldn’t waste your time. You should acquire more skills.” Copper thought of his own son and said, You can learn to play the violin. My son is also learning the violin.” 

Andrew blinked and replied, I know how to play the violin.” 

Copper then asked, Did you hire a tutor? It’s best to learn from a renowned teacher. My son’s violin teacher is a famous violin teacher from Evervale.Andrew clapped his hands and said, That’s great.” He didn’t mention who his teacher was

Copper inquired further, Who is your violin teacher?” 

Andrew squinted his eyes and proudly said, It’s Olivia.” 

Olivia asked me what instrument I wanted to learn so that she could teach me. I chose the violin.” 

Copper smiled faintly, and the curiosity in his eyes disappeared a lot

He had originally wanted to find out who Andrew’s teacher was. If possible, he would like to connect with that teacher to teach his own son

Little did he know that it was Olivia

His interest waned and he was not in the mood to talk

On the other hand, Andrew remained in high spirits. Olivia is very skilled. She knows a lot. She can play the piano, violin, and even the trumpet. She’s good at everything.” 

Copper humored him with halfhearted responses

Shawn came out of the room and was surprised to see the two of them chatting happily. What are you talking about?” 

Andrew enthusiastically began talking about Olivia.. 

In the past. Andrew had admired Olivia. After discovering she was his mother, hist admiration grew. He thought Olivia was perfect in every way. So, he couldn’t control his desire to show off

We were talking about the violin, and Olivia taught me how to play. She’s amazing.” 

The corners of Shawn’s mouth curled up, and his tone was perfunctory. Yes, Ms. Taylor is very talented.” 

Andrew was really clever. Even though he didn’t realize it when he was talking to 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Copper, seeing Shawn act in the same way, he immediately sensed something was wrong. They simply didn’t believe what he was saying, and they didn’t think Olivia was impressive

Andrew wasn’t too pleased and gave Shawn a cold look

In his heart, he had removed Shawn’s name from the list of his good friends. He felt that someone who didn’t respect or trust him didn’t deserve to be his friend. Andrew put down his glass of milk and stood up from the sofa. He pulled a chilly. expression and said, I’m going back.” 

Shawn noticed that Andrew’s mood wasn’t right

He asked, What’s wrong with you? Are you angry?” 

Andrew looked at own and snorted. Nevertheless, he decided to give him another chance. Shawn, I feel you don’t respect me. You don’t take what I say seriously, and you don’t trust me. You always treat me like a child.” 

Shawn felt unfairly accused. It’s a misunderstanding. I’ve always been serious. when talking with you.” 

Then why do you always look so dismissive when I talk about Olivia?Andrew questioned

Shawn scratched his head and explained, It’s not what you thought. It’s just that I think children have a different perspective on adults they’re close to. So I find it hard to believe.” 

I really like Olivia,Andrew said earnestly. And what I’m saying about her is also the truth.” 

He presented the facts and reasoned them out step by step. Olivia knows how to play the violin, and she’s really talented. My dad has told me that when she was. ten, she could compose her own music. She even created the violin piece Mom in My Dream.”” 

Copper questioned, Wasn’t it composed by The Girl in the White Dress?” 

Since his son was learning the violin, Copper had a little basic information about it

Andrew nodded. Yes, it’s Olivia. They’re the same person.” 

Copper was momentarily at a loss for words

Shawn was also very surprised. He had never expected that the great scientist Olivia had such a wide range of talents

Andrew counted on his fingers, saying, There’re a lot of composers who wanted to take Olivia as their student, but she declined. Apart from the violin, she’s also skilled in the piano and the string harp. I’m seriously discussing this with you, but you adults are too arrogant and don’t believe me at all.” 

Shawn quickly apologized, saying, I’m sorry. I was too arrogant. I didn’t know there were so many talented people in the world.” 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Copper remained silent, still in disbelief

He was genuinely taken by surprise

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Previously, Andrew had constantly praised Olivia, and he had thought it was just a child’s exaggeration. However, he now realized it was all true

Andrew had such a talented person willing to teach him. So, he didn’t need to look for another teacher

Copper felt he had been too superficial. 

Andrew was a loving child. He quickly forgave Shawn and said to him seriously. Shawn, Olivia is truly amazing. If you ever have questions about computer technology, you can also ask her.” 

Shawn couldn’t help but chuckle

In his heart, he thought, After all, he’s just a child. In his eyes, Olivia is practically omnipotent. Now she’s even skilled in computers.” 

Shawn didn’t agree with it in his heart, but he didn’t argue with Andrew. He simply said, Alright, if I have questions, I’ll definitely ask.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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