Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 388

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 388

Chapter 388 

After Andrew finished his dinner, he came to look for Olivia and discovered the educational programming game 

He could not believe it. He looked up with his round eyes and asked, Is it really for me?” 

That’s right.” Olivia nodded. She hooked the little boy’s cheeks with her fingertips. and said firmly. I knew that you enjoy programming, so I specially made it for you.” 

Andrew thought in his mind, It was specially made for me!” 

When he found out about this, his first reaction was happy. He threw himself into Olivia’s arms with his arms wide open. He was so happy that he almost fainted

He felt that she had been treating him so well

After happiness, worry followed

He was a bit nervous. He tugged at Olivia’s sleeve and scrutinized her carefully, expressing his concern. Olivia, are you tired? You haven’t even eaten your dinner.At this point, the little guy pouted, and his heart was filled with guilt as if he had caused some troubles to Olivia. It was so uncomfortable

Olivia hadn’t eaten because she was busy designing an educational programming game for him

Are you hungry?Andrew snuggled in Olivia’s arms, his eyes full of concern. Upon hearing such tender and caring words, Olivia was taken aback

Suddenly, she felt a bit dazed and at a loss

In her over twenty years of life, she had been doing many things for others and giving them numerous gifts. When they received her gifts, their first reaction was usually happiness. But after being happy, they often sought more from her

This was the first time someone had cared if she was tired

In the past, she tutored Gillian and advised her to select suitable universities after her SAT exam. She had spent the whole day comparing, screening, and checking the required documents of various universities. She even prepared a list of information for Gillian

However, when Gillian received it, she didn’t express any gratitude. Instead, she just remarked that Olivia was great and quickly left with the list

She didn’t care whether Olivia stayed up late or had her meal. She was only concerned about what she received but not the efforts others put in for her. Olivia was already used to this

She had always been intelligent and accustomed to considering others and giving to others. She was used to others making requests of her


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This was the first time someone had shown concern for her. Andrew was still was whether she was tired

so young. While he loved this game, what he cared about most 

Olivia’s eyes were wet

She had never expected repayment when giving to others, but when it came, she found it sweet and touching

She lowered her head and gently patted Andrew’s forehead. She whispered, I’m not tired. I hope that you are happy. I like to see you being happy.” 

Andrew crossed his arms and smiled. His tone was soft and serious. I want you to be happy too. I hope that your life can be filled with happiness.” 

Olivia tapped his nose and took out her phone. Let’s try this out and see if it’s fun.” 

Andrew nodded seriously, saying, Okay, I’ll play the game, and you can go for dinner

Alright. I’ll head over now.” 

Andrew was still worried, so he kept watching Olivia as she went to the dining room before returning to the sofa to play the 


This educational programming game was excellently designed, making learning enjoyable while playing. Andrew quickly became enamored with it and couldn’t bear to let it go

It was Olivia who came over and reminded him that it had been an hour and he needed to take a break. Only then did he reluctantly put down his phone. Olivia helped him to massage his eyes and said in a low voice, You shouldn’t play anymore today, but you can continue tomorrow, okay? We need to take care of our eyes. Let’s go outdoors for a while and have a walk.” 

Okay.Although Andrew really wanted to play games, he was a very disciplined child. Once he decided not to play, he wouldn’t play. He wouldn’t make a fuss. He happily went outside to take a stroll with Olivia

On Shawn’s side, he contacted his previous teacher to ask for some materials

He was truly amazed by Andrew’s intelligence. This child was exceptionally smart. With time, he believed that Andrew would undoubtedly become a more outstanding hacker than himself

However, on the second and third days, Andrew didn’t show up. Shawn, who had been waiting for him, became anxious

Why isn’t he coming?Shawn asked

Copper was speechless when he saw how concerned Shawn was. How old is Andrew? He’s just a sixyearold kid. Do you really expect him to have the patience to learn programming?” 

Even Copper as an adult found this stuff quite overwhelming



Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Hearing Copper’s words, Shawn also realized he had been too impatient. When encountering a genius, he had a tendency to try to force all the knowledge into his mind, disregarding his age

Shawn lay back on the sofa and sighed. Alright, we’ll give the learning materials to him when he comes next time so he can learn slowly.” 

However, on the fourth day, when Andrew still didn’t show up, Shawn became. worried. He stopped a servant and asked, What is Andrew doing?” 

The servant didn’t have much information; she worked in the annex building and rarely went to the main building

After some thought, she replied, Oh, it seems he has been playing games

Playing games?Shawn raised his voice

The servant was shocked by his loud voice, but she still nodded. Yes, Mr. Andrew has been quite fond of a game recently. Miss Olivia had made it for him.” 

Shawn didn’t react in front of the servant. But as soon as the servant left, he slammed his fist on the table

He felt that Andrew was wasting away in frivolous activities

What was Olivia thinking? Did she not care at all just because Andrew wasn’t her biological child

Not only was she not concerned with Andrew’s studies, but she also let him play video games

Shawn was furious.. 

Copper reminded him, This is their family matter. Stay out of it” 

Shawn, with a stern expression, remained silent for a while before saying, I’m. truly worried that Andrew might get derailed. He’s exceptionally talented, and if we don’t nurture him properly, he might end up an ordinary person.That’s none of your business, Copper warned. No matter what Olivia has in mind, she’s about to marry Mr. Sullivan, and ture, she’ll be Andrew’s mother. Moreover, Olivia is not a poor girl marrying into wealth, she’s the head of the Smith family, a renowned scientist. She is highly capable and has great influence


No one can stop her from doing whatever she wants.” 

Ignoring Copper, Shawn returned to his computer and continued programming. He didn’t say a word all day, and only in the evening did he speak up, Andrew is such a brilliant child. I can’t just stand by and watch him go to waste.” 

What are you going to do?Copper furrowed his brow

Shawn turned to look at him and reassured him, Don’t worry, I know my boundaries. I’m just going to call Andrew out and teach him programming knowledge.” 

Copper nodded without objecting

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Andrew had a phone watch that allowed communication. So, Shawn called him. When he received the call from Shawn, he was thrilled. Shawn, why did you call?” 

Hearing the cheerful voice of the young boy, Shawn’s mood improved. Why didn’t you come to the annex building to find me? Are you not interested in learning programming anymore?” 

In response, Andrew sighed while playing with his small fingers. Shawn, I’m really busy. I have a lot of things to do, and I don’t have time.” 

What are you busy with?Shawn wanted to laugh. What could a young child be busy with

Andrew listed his activities one by one. I have to play the violin, practice 

Taekwondo, and learn painting. I don’t even have enough time to play games.” Hearing the words play games, Shawn furrowed his brow and said, Don’t play games. Children shouldn’t play games. Come over to find me, and I’ll teach you programming.” 

Andrew declined, saying, Thank you, Shawn, but I really enjoy playing games.As he continued, his tone brightened. Shawn, do you know? Olivia specially designed this game for me. She loves me so much, and I’m so happy.” 

Shawn remained silent

Andrew was still chattering about how good Olivia was

Shawn became frustrated when he heard this. He wanted to say something to the child but did not how to begin. He wore a cold expression, his brow furrowing deeper

He believed that if this continued, Andrew’s future would be ruined

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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