Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 389

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 389

Chapter 389 

Shawn couldn’t keep his concerns to himself. He wasn’t the type of person to remain calm and composed. He was deeply worried about Andrew, and he couldn’t wait any longer. He shut down his computer and headed towards the door

Copper stopped him and said with a patient tone, Please don’t meddle in this matter. Mr. Andrew is just playing some games and there’s no harm in it.” 

To be honest. Copper didn’t think it was a significant issue

He had initially felt sorry for Andrew, believing that even though he was born into a wealthy family, he would likely become an indulgent and idle rich kid. In the future, he would only be a man with nothing else but money

However, after Andrew’s questioning. Copper had a change of heart

Andrew was smart, rich, goodlooking, and would have a brighter future. There was no reason for others to pity him

Moreover, seeing how he learned the violin and painting, as well as how he displayed a wide range of knowledge, it was evident that he had put in effort, and his family had nurtured him well. Since that was the case, why were they worried? Copper tried to explain, Didn’t you hear him earlier? Mr. Andrew has to practice. the violin and learn painting. He can only play games in his free time. How can that be considered ruining him

He’s only six years old, even if he plays all day, it’s not ruining him.” 

Shawn listened to Copper’s advice and felt that it made sense

He realized that Andrew hadn’t wasted his time. He simply didn’t have the time to learn programming

Once he understood this, Shawn felt remorseful and ruffled his hair, saying, Copper, you don’t know how smart Andrew is. If he learns programming, he will definitely surpass me and become a top international expert in the future

Even so, we can’t force him to do something.” 

I just want him to be enlightened.Shawn plopped into his chair

Copper gave him an idea. You can try to tempt him. Kids are easy to influence. Tell him that programming is fantastic, and he’ll want to learn.” 

Shawn’s mood brightened as he considered Copper’s suggestion

He promptly called Andrew and said, Andrew, do you still want to learn. programming? We can create our own exciting games.” 

Andrew’s voice was full of enthusiasm. I love learning programming. I’m already. very good now, and Olivia says I’ve made great progress.” 

The mention of Olivia irritated Shawn. There was a look of disdain flashed in his 


wang you programming?” 

Andrew nodded and enthusiastically said, Yes, Olivia is very talented.Upon hearing this, Shawn’s anger flared. He sternly stated, Nonsense! Programning requires outstanding logical thinking. What I can teach you is profound knowledge. You should learn from me, and you’ll become a powerful hacker in the future. What is she teaching you? Isn’t it a waste of time?” 

The more Shawn thought about it, the angrier he became. He felt that Olivia was really scheming. She had coaxed Andrew so much and now Andrew only listened to her words

She hadn’t even married into the family, but she was already so scheming

When she really married into the Sullivan family and gave birth to her own child, would the Sullivan family still have a place for Andrew

Although Shawn’s rationality told him to mind his own business, he could not bear to see a genius like Andrew destroyed

He suppressed his emotions and advised Andrew, Andrew, come and find me. I’ll make a better game for you.” 

Andrew expressed disbelief with his widened eyes. Better? Is it better than the game designed by Olivia?” 

The little boy’s tone was doubtful and made Shawn chuckle

As an internationally renowned computer expert, creating a game was just a simple task for him

Copper also found Andrew’s doubts quite amusing. After all, this was Shawn, the internationally renowned Lord Toole.” 

Daniel had put in a lot of effort to bring him on board

But now, Shawn’s capability was being doubted by a little boy who hadn’t entered primary school

Copper leaned back on the sofa with a mischievous look in his eyes. He said, Today, you can give the kid a good demonstration.” 

His recent work had been exhausting, so it was a good way to unwind. Andrew didn’t believe Shawn, but Shawn was so confident in his words that it provoked his competitive spirit. So, he insisted on a comparison

Olivia was in the living room on the first floor. When she saw Andrew running. down with his phone, she asked curiously, It’s so late. Where are you going?Andrew hugged his phone and leaned against Olivia. He said angrily, Shawn said that the game he made is better than yours, but I don’t believe it.” 

What’s the big deal?Olivia ruffled his chubby cheek. There are always people more talented than others. There are many brilliant people in the world, and the game I design is not the best.” 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Andrew’s tone was solemn. But I think the game that you made is the best in the world.” 

Olivia couldn’t help but smile, feeling like she had been given a piece of candy, sweet all the way to her heart

She kissed Andrew and spoke softly, We should always stay humble, okay? Go ahead and find them.” 

Andrew held his phone and ran towards the door

Shawn was waiting on the second floor of the annex building. He was looking through the information and wanted to know what kind of games sixyearolds. liked to play. He aimed to create a game that would captivate Andrew completely. Seeing how seriously Shawn was taking this, Copper couldn’t help but smile and remarked, Don’t tell me that you believe Olivia can program or design games, do you?” 

Shawn’s hand that was holding the mouse froze for a moment, and he turned his head like a robot. What do you mean?” 

Copper was at a loss for words. He said, You geniuses are too serious. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten Mr. Andrew’s age. He’s only six years old and his idea of a game might be nothing more than a game graphic or something as simple as Candy Crush. Don’t overthink it.” 

Shawn found it hard to believe and asked, Really? Is it that simple?” 

It’s really that simple!Copper said confidently. Mr. Andrew has been playing this game for a few days. What does that tell you? It means that Olivia had. completed the game two to three days ago. Even a computer genius can’t create a game in just one day.” 

Copper continued saying while counting with his fingers, Games require a plot, level design, soundtrack, graphical character design, frontend engineering, animation engineering, and backend engineering. Even a small game involves several programming languages. Olivia can’t possibly be an allaround genius who knows everything, right?” 

Even you have your weaknesses. So, how can Olivia create a complete game in a day?” 

Shawn reluctantly agreed. You have a point.” He ran his hand through his hair, feeling a bit nervous. He realized that he had taken Andrew’s words too seriously. Just as they were relaxing. Andrew knocked on the door and entered. Shawn.” 

Andrew?Shawn waved at him. Come here.” 

Andrew ran over and showed him the game on his phone. Look, this is a game Olivia made for me. Can you really do better than her?” 

Copper teased, Have you changed your mind? Didn’t you doubt it just now? Why are you curious now?” 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Andrew’s tone was serious as he explained patiently, Olivia told me that there’s always someone better, and Shawn is very talented. He might be able to make a good game.” 

Copper smirked. He remained silent but thought to himself that Olivia was a slippery person who knew how to find excuses for herself

He extended his hand and said, Give it to me. Let me take a look first.” 

Andrew handed the phone over

Copper took the phone casually and found the application. The game icon on the screen was prominent. It was a image of a polar bear with glasses and a pointer in 

its hand

Copper analyzed in his mind, thinking that the icon was quite exquisite and was probably downloaded from some image library

With a touch of his fingertip, he opened the game

The game started with a beautifully designed guiding animation

Initially, Copper didn’t take it seriously, but as he continued to play, his expression. became increasingly focused. Finally, he sat up straight, holding his phone with both hands and looked quite serious

What’s going on?Shawn was curious and poked his head over

As Copper slowly raised his head, his arrogance and casual demeanor disappeared. from his face. It was replaced by an expression of shock

He thought to himself, How is this possible? Can it be true?” 

integration of 

The game was indeed a masterpiece. It had exquisite graphics, a perfect. soundtrack, clear and stunning video animations, and a seamless game and programming knowledge, making it highly entertaining

This was nothing short of a masterpiece

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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