Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 390

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 390

Chapter 390 

What’s wrong with you?Shawn was puzzled

Copper looked very strange while he was cradling the phone as if it were a priceless treasure

Let me take a look.” Shawn leaned over and wanted to take the phone away

Copper quickly stood up and handed it over with both hands. He said nervously, Please be careful. Don’t break it.” 

Shawn glanced at him, furrowing his brow

Why did he feel that something was wrong

It was just a phone, was there a need to be so careful

After taking the phone, Shawn casually opened it. It didn’t take long for his expression to change to match Copper’s, or even become more nervous

He was filled with astonishment

This?Shawn suddenly looked up, his eyes filled with surprise. If this can be called an ordinary game, then there won’t be any good games in the world!Shawn’s wrists trembled, and his entire body tensed up

This was no longer just a matter of a game. There was programming knowledge involved to facilitate learning

Integrating programming knowledge into a game was not something a computer novice could learn to do

How could this be?Shawn’s temples pulsed, and then he immediately turned to Andrew, grabbing his shoulder. Andrew, was this game really made by Olivia?He felt that it was absolutely impossible

Even a super genius could not create such an exquisite game

Andrew raised an eyebrow, feeling that these adults were making things difficult. They had various doubts and questions. Although they had already been told that it was Olivia who made it, they still didn’t believe it

Andrew reached out and snatched the phone back with a cold tone. Of course, it was Olivia who made it. How many times do I have to tell you?” 

He carefully blew off the dust on the phone and wiped it clean with a tissue. Then, he spoke proudly, Olivia knew that I liked programming and wanted to learn it, so she made an educational programming game for me.” 

At this point, his tone was carrying a hint of pride. His blissful expression was extremely arrogant. Elena told me that Olivia has already had someone researching an eye protection screen, and before long, the screens of phones and computers won’t strain my eyes anymore


Olivia loves me very much and she cares a lot about me.” 

Shawn wasn’t paying much attention to what was being said later. He was fixated on the words programming game.He stared at Andrew, asking. Did Ms. Taylor hire a team to make it, or did she do it herself?” 

Andrew glanced at Shawn and was a little unhappy. He had repeated many times that Olivia had designed the game, so he was puzzled by Shawn’s repeated questions

Out of politeness, Andrew answered solemnly once more, Three days ago, when I returned from the annex building, I told Olivia that I wanted to learn programming. Olivia didn’t have dinner and worked for over three hours to create this game for me.” 

Three hours!” 

Shawn was on the verge of exclaiming profanities

Copper was equally incredulous, saying, Three hours? A game this perfect in three hours? Is she a goddess?” 

Andrew, What’s the music for this animation? You should ask M.S 

He took his phone and opened the game. He randomly found a video and asked Andrew listened for a moment and immediately replied, There’s no need to ask 

Taylor.Olivia. This is Edward Elgar’s Greeting of Love.” 

He stretched out his small hand to adjust the phone. He found a few more animations, mentioning the titles one by one. These are all simple violin pieces. Since I’m learning the violin, Olivia included these pieces to help me learn. There are also pictures and animations with different painting skills that I have been learning.” 

Andrew was quite serious, pointing with his finger as he explained, Here are the Gorshish words. All of them were simple vocabulary commands. Olivia has annotated the meanings of the ones I don’t know.” 

Hearing this. Copper glanced through the game and realized that it was specifically designed for children

The visuals, music, and text all took children’s learning needs into account

This time, Copper was thoroughly convinced

He looked up and exchanged a glance with Shawn, then turned to Andrew and asked nervously, Can Ms. Taylor also code?” 

Of course.Andrew nodded. Olivia is very talented.” 

Andrew looked at Shawn and reminded him, Shawn, have you forgotten? I told you that if you encounter any problems, you can ask Olivia.” 

Shawn was speechless

He thought that the child was talking nonsense and did not take it to heart at all

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Copper held his phone as if he was holding a heavy treasure. Even now, after confirming that this game was created by Olivia, he still couldn’t believe it. This was because there were too many things involved in this game

For example, the soundtrack seemed to come effortlessly. Even searching for this many songs, not to mention editing them, would take a lot of time

Copper muttered in a low voice, How can one person find so many songs? Even if some of them are violin pieces, these songs are very compatible with videos and games. They complement each other. It’s obvious that they were carefully matched. They’re definitely not randomly selected.” 

Andrew heard Copper muttering

He blinked and looked a little puzzled. Is that very difficult? I think it’s very easy. Even I’ve heard of these songs. Olivia knows how to play the violin, the piano, the string harp, and the guitar. Isn’t it very easy for her to choose some songs?” 

Copper didn’t know how to respond

If it weren’t for the fact that Andrew was too young and sounded too sincere, he would have thought that he was showing off in front of them

Shawn also felt that this world was too fantastic. Was there really someone in this world who was so omnipotent

In the end, the two of them could not accept the truth, so they invited Elena over and asked her about the game

Elena was eating chips. She listened to the two of them talk for a long time about how challenging it was to create this educational programming game and how vast the amount of knowledge involved was

Her ears were getting tired of listening

Stop!Elena made a pause gesture and said helplessly, It’s just an educational programming game, and you can’t accept it. If you knew the other things Miss Taylor has done for Andrew, would you go crazy?” 

Elena counted on her fingers. To help Andrew with learning violin, Miss Taylor specially wrote a book of sheet music, covering everything from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels

When Andrew wanted to practice Taekwondo, Miss Taylor specially designed at set of techniques for him to ensure it wouldn’t harm a child’s body but would still be effective for strengthening. What’s even more amazing is that this set of techniques is very suitable for Andrew, allowing him to hold his own even when facing an adult

There are also customized recipes, clay figure tutorials, plant experimentsTowards the end, Elena felt a tinge of jealousy as Andrew was a fortunate kid. Shawn and Copper were even more bewildered

Elena cast a sidelong glance at the two of them and sighed. Don’t think I don’t 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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know what you’re thinking. Previously, you watched Miss Taylor bring Andrew to go out and play, and you kept frowning. Did you think Miss Taylor has a bad influence on Andrew?” 

Elena found them being too narrowminded

With a master of many skills like Olivia around, going to various talent classes would be foolish

After hearing Elena’s words, Shawn and Copper were left completely dumbfounded. They stood inside the room, stiff as statues

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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