Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 391

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 391

Chapter 391 

Shawn didn’t make a better game. Instead, he praised the game that Olivia had 


Andrew felt very bored and unhappy. Shawn, since you can’t make a game, why did you make a promise? You’re being too proud. It’s not good to be too proud.” Shawn was very embarrassed and explained in a low voice, I didn’t expect Olivia to be so impressive.” 

Andrew didn’t stay in the annex building for long and Elena came back with him. After sending Andrew upstairs to rest, Elena went to the study room to look for Olivia

Miss Taylor, tomorrow is the day of Gillian’s banquet.Elena turned on her computer with a serious expression and explained in detail, Almost half of the Smith family members will be coming. Some of them wanted to establish connections with Gillian, promising to support Jarron as the head of the family. Some who don’t understand the situation thought that it is merely a yearend banquet, so they came without knowing the situation.” 

Are we going to do something?Elena looked at Olivia anxiously

Olivia did not even look up. She lowered her head and was studying the music score. She said casually, Ignore them.” 

Elena frowned with a worried expression, but she did not say anything to dissuade her

She was getting more and more proficient in handling things now. She would never refute Olivia’s instructions. If there was anything she didn’t understand, she would slowly figure it out herself. Only when she couldn’t figure it out after trying so hard then she would ask for Olivia’s explanations

On Gillian’s side, everything was being handled carefully

There were many things to arrange for the banquet at the end of the year. They needed to consider numerous things including accommodation, the banquet hall, and the speech that day

Fortunately, the Grant family had sent people over to help. Otherwise, Gillian would not be able to handle it all by herself

During dinner, Gillian finally had time to take a break. After having some Cereal, she leaned back in her chair to rest after eating just a small portion of food. Why are you eating so little?Jarron handed a glass of hot milk to Gillian. You looked so exhausted. Don’t worry too much. We’re sure to win this time.” 

Gillian sat up straight and slowly drank the milk. She said worriedly, Olivia is too smart. At such a critical moment, we have to be more cautious to prevent her move. Who knows what she’s thinking?” 

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Gillian looked distressed. She has always been full of tricks. She has been quiet during this period, which means she must have a plan. On the day of the grand banquet, if she offers even greater benefits, there’s a chance that some of our members may waver.” 

The Sath family members were all opportunists. In order to win them over, Gillian offered a lot of benefits. Most of these benefits came from Tom’s personal wealth, nearly depleting his fortune

If they could successfully win over the family members and gain acceptance from the Smith family, then they were at least not wasting his wealth

What if, at the last moment, Olivia offered even greater benefits and managed to win over the family members? Wouldn’t that be a case of a double loss

At that time, Tom would not let Gillian and Jarron off

Thinking of this, Gillian was determined to meet a few more powerful figures. Gillian and Jarron met a few groups of people. They only heaved a sigh of relief when they completely persuaded them to join forces

In the hotel suite, more than family members gathered in the room, surrounding an old man, Johan Smith, in the middle and discussing the banquet

Johan, are we really going to support Jarron and Gillian?The one who spoke was Ernest Smith, one of the capable young men in the Smith family

Ernest was an elite lawyer and was very proficient in the law. He knew that the Smith family’s industries were all inherited by Olivia. Even if Jarron obtained the position of the head of the family, he would only be a figurehead without much power and benefits

Foolish.” Johan looked at Ernest coldly and pointed at him. You’re still too young 

When considering things, don’t just look at the immediate situation, you have to consider the long term

Indeed, Olivia is currently very popular and possesses a lot of assets. She is also the fiancée of the richest man. But she is just an ordinary woman and can’t compare to the Grant family

What’s even more crucial is that since Olivia took over the Smith family for so long, has she worked for the benefit of the family members

She simply doesn’t care about anything,” Johan said coldly. She doesn’t care about the family members at all. What gives her the right to be the head of the Smith family and give orders to them? Even if she’s rich, it has nothing to do with. them.” 

Ernest also knew that what his uncle said made sense, but another uncle, Alvin, had always supported Olivia

Alvin was the wisest elder in the Smith family and his words needed to be considered

Don’t mention Alvin to me.” Johan looked down on Alvin and his tone was 


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solemn. Just wait and see. Alvin will definitely not do well if he follows Olivia. In contrast, we will definitely prosper in the future.” 

At the same time, Roger Smith was reading a book in another room

His grandnephew asked him in a low voice, When Jarron came over just now, why didn’t you stand firmly on his side? Instead, you sounded hesitant.” 

Roger’s behavior was somewhat like that of a fencesitter

Silly child.Roger narrowed his eyes and smiled. I won’t insist on supporting Jarron. That way, he will give me more benefits. More importantly, Olivia hasn’t contacted me yet.” 

What do you mean?The grandnephew was confused

He chuckled. Among the branches of our family, we are the most prosperous one. We have more members than Alvin and Johan combined. With so many votes, how can Olivia not find us for support? She must be feeling anxious right 


Roger’s tone was firm. Tomorrow morning, no, there’s no need to wait until tomorrow morning. She’ll call me tonight and promise me even greater benefits.Are you saying thatHis grandnephew’s eyes lit up

Of course, we’ll support whoever offers more benefits.” Roger looked as if he was ready to leverage his position

He was at his most relaxed now. His branch had the most people and votes, making him the focal point of the competition between Jarron and Olivia. Of course, he couldn’t easily commit

He had to maximize the benefits

Roger had already made up his mind. When Olivia called later, he would put on airs and not agree easily. He had to make Olivia offer substantial benefits

Not only did he want her to arrange jobs for his grandchildren, but he also aimed to become the chairman. It would be even better if he could acquire some shares of the Sullivan Group

The shares of Sullivan Group are like a goose that laid the golden eggs. With these shares, all his younger generation would be free of worries

Charge my phone.Roger was confident and smug. Wait for Olivia’s call. Remember, don’t answer it immediately when it rings. Wait a few seconds before that. We need to make Olivia anxious.” 

There were nearly 10,000 members in the Smith family. Of course, not all of them could attend the banquet. Excluding some of the weak and underage. members, those who came to the banquet had decisionmaking authority

Even so, there were still more than two thousand people

Isaac was the eldest brother of the Smith family. With his eight younger brothers, they form the nine branches of the Smith family. Apart from Alvin, who openly 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

supported Olivia, everyone else was somewhat ambiguous

Yanis and Blake reported this matter to Olivia

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Although Olivia already had the intention to clearly divide these branches, Blake remained concerned and suggested, Miss Olivia, Roger’s branch has the largest number of people and his younger generation is mostly capable. I heard that they aren’t very supportive of Jarron. Should we consider bringing this branch over to our side?” 

Olivia was flipping through the genealogy book of the Smith family. When she heard this, she looked up with a puzzled tone. Does he have the most people?Yes, this branch has the most people.” 

Olivia nodded, saying, That’s perfect. Let’s split up with them. I don’t like crowds.Blake sighed

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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