Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 392

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 392

Chapter 392 

Miss OlivialBlake cried out

She couldn’t believe that Olivia wanted to separate Roger’s branch. This branch had the largest number of people in the Smith family

Due to being too surprised and nervous, Blake stuttered as she spoke, Ms. Olivia, there are quite a few people under Roger. Is it a good idea to split so many family members away?” 

Olivia tapped her fingertips on the desk and asked, I’m not raising livestock. What’s the use of having more of them? Since Gillian and the others are trying to get more support, just let them have it.” 

Blake wanted to say more, but Olivia shook her head, indicating that she was not interested in listening

Blake could only remain silent

On the other hand, Yanis hesitated for a long time before asking, Miss Olivia, the yearend banquet organized by Jarron and Gillian is tomorrow, do you want to go?” 

There was a reason for Yanis’s question

Not all of the Smith family members who attended the yearend banquet supported Jarron and Gillian. Some of them either supported Olivia or were vaguely neutral. These members really thought that Gillian and Jarron were merely holding a yearend banquet

If they were all the members who supported Jarron, there was indeed no need for Olivia to go over. However, for those who supported Olivia, Olivia should not disappoint them

Olivia closed the genealogy book on the table. After thinking for a moment, she said, Let’s see how it goes.” 

Yanis and Blake looked at each other. They were a little confused by this ambiguous answer

What did it mean by see how it goes‘? They wouldn’t even know how things. would go if they didn’t show up

Moreover, if they wanted to go, they had to prepare in advance. Gillian might not welcome Olivia at the banquet and all of these required time for arrangement. Yanis had a lot of questions to ask. Miss Olivia, what do you mean by that?” 

Olivia spoke calmly, I promised Andrew that I would accompany him to the zoo tomorrow. If I return early and have enough time, I’ll go. If I return late and don’t have any time, I won’t go.” 

Yanis didn’t know how to respond


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She thought in her mind, Isn’t this too casual? It seems like Miss Taylor isn’t taking such a significant matter of the Smith family seriously.” 

Blake stammered, Miss Olivia, it might not be a good choice to go over at the last minute, we need more time to make arrangements. The yearend banquet is held at the hotel under the Grant family. If we want to attend, we need to plan in advance.” 

No need to plan.” Olivia waved her hand. She was already a little impatient. Olivia was more and more unwilling to hide her abilities. She began to act as she pleased and no longer suppressed herself like before

Given her current status, her willingness to take over the Smith family was due to Isaac’s sentiment. It’s completely impossible for her to waste time caring about the Smith family members

All along, Olivia had spent the most time on family matters

Initially, it was towards Isaac, Gillian, and Jarron. Later, it was towards the Taylor family, and now it was towards Daniel and Andrew

In the past, she cared about them, which was why she was willing to spend time. But now, they were just a group of strangers. Olivia could not be bothered at all. On the day of the grand banquet, Gillian repeatedly confirmed the event timeline with the staff

Three main points were made clear

First, they must be vigilant against Olivia and stall for time. By the end of Jarron’s speech, they should completely win over these family members. Only after confirming the decisions of the family members, they could allow Olivia to enter. Second, when Olivia arrived, they must overshadow her in terms of presence to boost the confidence of the Smith family members in Jarron

Third, they should utilize the pressure from these family members on Olivia, forcing her to relinquish a portion of the Smith family’s businesses

After confirming it numerous times, the staff was getting a bit annoyed with Gillian. Ms. Gillian, please relax. Olivia is running out of time and she won’t stand a chance. Her presence is pointless. She will just empty talk without giving any benefits. No one will listen to her

Most importantly, we have the powerful backing of the Grant family. Even ten Olivias can’t compare with the Grant family, and the Smith family members could understand this.” 

You’re right. I am too nervous.” Gillian admitted and closed her eyes

Inside the banquet hall, the family members were already seated and eagerly awaiting the start of the grand banquet

The brothers of Isaac had varying expressions and their own thoughts. Johan remained quiet but his support for Jarron was evident


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Roger, on the other hand, had an indignant expression, with noticeable dark circles under his eyes

He had waited for Olivia’s call the entire night yesterday and was quite infuriated. He thought, Olivia was really not sensible at all. Such a person was not worthy of leading the Smith family.He wanted to lead his younger family members to support Jarron and Gillian to make Olivia regret it

Alvin wore a stern expression as he scolded everyone for forgetting their principles

After reprimanding the crowd, he began to worry

Jarron and Gillian had stirred up such a commotion. Could Olivia really turn the tables

Even though he supported Olivia in his heart, and he knew some of her capabilities, he couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious at this moment

A younger family member approached him and whispered, Alvin, I just went outside to check, and Olivia hasn’t arrived.When he said this, his tone carried a hint of urgency

At this point, with Olivia still not here, it looks like we’re destined to lose.” 

Alvin sighed. Let nature take its course.” 

He had lost hope for Olivia deep down

At this moment, the doors on the stage in front of them opened. Jarron stepped forward and delivered a spirited speech

He outlined three main points. Firstly, Olivia betrayed the Grant family, which was an act of ingratitude. Secondly, Olivia failed to work for the benefit of the Smith family members. And thirdly, if he were to take over the Smith family, he was determined to find ways to elevate the Smith family to new heights and increase the status of the family members

As Jarron finished his speech, the crowd applauded

Then, the family members began to cast their votes and tally the results. 

In the end, Jarron emerged as the victor. Among Isaac’s brothers, only the branches of Alvin and Boris supported Olivia, while the rest changed their positions

Seeing the overwhelmingly onesided outcome, Gillian was filled with excitement, and her eyes welled up with tears

Jarron also felt his heart race, and his palms grew sweaty

Finally, Jarron became the head of the Smith family

However, the yearend banquet lost its excitement at this point because Olivia was conspicuously absent

People couldn’t help but sense that something was amiss. They began to exchange 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

puzzled glances, wondering if that was all there was to it

It was completely different from what they had expected

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They had anticipated that there would be an intense competition, but Olivia never showed up at all

Besides, they felt that this sudden change of family head was a little inappropriate

Some more calculating individuals had already begun to make plans

They started to realize that although Jarron became the head of the Smith family, the Smith Hospital was I owned by Olivia

The Smith family’s industries as well as Isaac’s properties, antiques, and jewelry, were all still in Olivia’s possession

They found Jarron in a position of powerlessness

As the newly appointed head of the family, Jarron himself was somewhat bewildered and didn’t know how to proceed

Before returning to Hushen, with Gillian’s advice and his own thoughts, he mentally prepared for the fact that competing with Olivia for control of the Smith family would be challenging. It was because he recognized Olivia’s formidable capabilities

However, since he returned to the country, he didn’t encounter any setbacks. Whether it was winning over the Smith family member or hosting the yearend banquet, Olivia didn’t interfere and everything had gone surprisingly smoothly. Jarron had anticipated feeling joyful after becoming the head of the family but now, he felt confused

Just as the audience was starting to feel a bit dull and uninspired, the multimedia screen at the front suddenly lit up

A familiar figure appeared on the screen. It was Olivia

The moment she appeared, the crowd erupted in excitement

Everyone was thrilled, thinking, She’s here, she’s finally here!” 

Jarron and Gillian both had smiles on their faces, feeling a sense of relief and closure as if everything had fallen into place

Olivia had finally arrived

Meanwhile, Olivia was sitting in her study, observing the enthusiastic crowd through the computer screen. She raised her hand, signaling everyone to lower their voice. I understand how eager you all were for my arrival, and I appreciate your warm welcome.” 

The crowd remained silent

Some of them inwardly spoke, No one was eager!” 

Gillian and Jarron turned even paler, feeling as if they were merely a warmup act, while Olivia was the belated main attraction


Missing Darling 

They couldn’t help but feel insignificant

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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