Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 393

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 393

Chapter 393 

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As soon as Olivia appeared, Jarron’s momentum was completely suppressed. Olivia appeared on the big screen, but she was sitting at home peacefully. She was wearing an elegant white shirt, exuding a calm and confident demeanor

On the other hand, Jarron and Gillian were dressed neatly in formal attire. They stood at the side of the big screen and looked up

They looked just like the emcee of the event

Olivia hadn’t said a word yet, but her presence on the screen had already changed. the atmosphere in the banquet hall

The expressions of the family members under Johan were a little unnatural

They had just decided to unwaveringly support Jarron and Gillian, but they were immediately contradicted

Jarron and Gillian’s presence was too feeble to even remotely overshadow Olivia’s. Ernest was one of the smarter individuals in the family. He immediately realized that something was amiss and whispered to Johan, Johan, Olivia doesn’t come with good intentions.” 

Let’s hear what she has to say first.” Johan frowned, his expression carrying a hint of disdain. It’s just about competing for the control of the Smith family. The voting process is already over, and whatever she says won’t make a difference.Alvin, along with the others, was initially excited to see Olivia, but that excitement. turned into concern

It was too late that voting process had just ended. Although Olivia appeared, she couldn’t change the 


On the big screen, Olivia took a sip of water and said calmly, I know what happened here. There are two main reasons for my appearance this time. First, Alvin, Boris, and the people who support me can leave. Second, Yanis and Blake will come over later.” 

Why were Yanis and Blake coming

Everyone was shocked

Jarron and Gillian’s expressions changed slightly. They turned to look at each other and had a bad feeling

Yanis and Blake were both people by Isaac’s side. They had extremely high prestige in the Smith family. There might be family members who would support them if they came

The situation was not good for Jarron and Gillian

Gillian furrowed her brow, her eyes showing a touch of determination

She couldn’t let Olivia gain the upper hand



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At the thought of this, she strode to the microphone, ready to reprimand Olivia. As she was building up her momentum, ready to accuse Olivia of being disrespectful to Isaac, she realized the microphone was malfunctioning, rendering her words inaudible

What happened?Gillian panicked and attempted to call for assistance

Olivia saw the commotion and coldly remarked, No need for the trouble. I am the one turning off the microphone.” 

Why?Gillian suddenly raised her head and questioned, You’re too despicable. Do you think this will enable you to” 

Stop!Olivia interrupted, her brow furrowing in impatience. You’re 

overthinking it. I turned off the microphone because I didn’t want to waste time listening to your speech.” 

With that, she raised her gaze. Her demeanor was cold and indifferent, keeping others at a distance. Later, Yanis and Blake will bring the genealogy book and remove all the family members who support Jarron and Gillian

From then on, you’ll be free, no longer part of my Smith family, and have no relation to me.” 

As soon as she finished speaking, the entire hall fell into dead silence

Olivia ignored everyone’s shock and continued, Later, I will announce this to the public through the official website of the Smith Hospital, Twitter, and other channels

I’m done talking. Goodbye!” 

She waved at everyone twice, then cut off the big screen and instantly disappeared

After Olivia disappeared for a moment, everyone in the banquet hall reacted and completely clamored

Everyone was astonished. No one had expected Olivia to act this way

She not only didn’t try to win them over, but she also expelled them

How dare she do that

Several of the older uncles were infuriated, their faces turning ashen, and their neck veins bulging. They wished they could rush into the screen, pull Olivia out, and give her a sound thrashing

Even those who supported Olivia, like Alvin and Boris, did not look too pleased. Olivia’s actions were too unexpected and unconventional

Who would sever ties with their family members just because of a simple disagreement

Tracy, Healix, and others exchanged puzzled looks, not understanding how the situation had developed this far




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Yanis and Blake arrived, carrying the genealogy book. They tossed the pages with those members being split directly to Gillian, saying coldly, From now on, the Smith family branches, despite sharing the same surname, are no longer one family!” 

Before Gillian could react, Alvin stopped them. Blake, you’re too impulsive. No

you can’t” 

Alvin.” Yanis stood in front of Alvin and said in a deep voice, Miss Olivia has given instructions that the anticancer drug that her team is researching will be authorized for your company. Your company is the only pharmaceutical enterprise in the world capable of producing anticancer drugs.” 


was instantly choked

After saying this, Yanis ignored Alvin and turned to Boris. She explained. earnestly, Boris, as for your beauty chain, Miss Olivia has already established contact with the world’s largest cosmetics company, Olle Group. They will collaborate closely with your beauty salon.” 

Boris raised his walking stick, initially intending to strike Yanis. However, upon hearing this statement, he forcefully thudded his walking stick onto the ground and exclaimed loudly, This division within the family is well done. Our family has grown too many branches and should have been separated a long time ago. Miss Olivia shows great foresight!” 

The corners of Yanis’s eyes twitched, but she managed to maintain her solemn expression. She continued, “The matters entrusted by Miss Olivia have been completed. I urge all family members to return and rest. Specific arrangements will be announced at the yearend banquet taking place in three days.” 

A yearend banquet for the Smith family?Alvin appeared somewhat bewildered, wanting to seek clarification

Yanis explained, The banquet scheduled for three days from now is the true Smith family banquet.” 

She stomped her foot with a hint of contempt, and declared, As for this one, it’s nothing more than a mock celebration!” 

After Yanis and Blake left with some of their family members, the remaining individuals gradually awakened from their daze. They looked at each other in bewilderment

The events had unfolded so suddenly, leaving them feeling disoriented. It was like a sudden earthquake, and they struggled to comprehend what had occurred. How did the Smith family divide into branches in such a short span of time? And how had Alvin, Boris, and the others transformed so swiftly to attain such substantial benefits

Johan was with a stern expression. When he thought about the few shops he had acquired from Jarron and Gillian, and in comparison to the substantial rewards 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

that Olivia had given to Alvin and Boris, he couldn’t help but feel agitated. The contrast was too stark, making him feel quite inferior

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In contrast, Roger seemed to have no qualms. After noticing the numerous benefits that Alvin and the others had received, his envious eyes turned red. He emphatically slapped the table and said sternly, What’s the point of dividing the Smith family? I disagree!” 

Bring me my phone. I want to call Olivia. Who does she think she is? She’s not even part of the Smith family’s bloodline. What right does she have to divide the Smith family’s branches? This is an act of rebellion. When Isaac wakes up from the coma, he will surely punish this unfilial girl.” 

Roger was fuming with anger. He took his phone and dialed Olivia

  1. ne. Hello?” 

After ringing for a while, Olivia answered with an indifferent tone, Olivia, I disagree with the division!Roger stated angrily. How can you let your grandfather down by doing this? What right do you have to split up the family?Is this Roger?Olivia responded softly. You’re of advanced age, and it seems you’re confused. Let me remind you that the Smith family belongs to me. I can divide it if I wish.” 

As she spoke, her tone suddenly turned sharp, and her dominance surged. She enunciated every word as she said, My possessions are determined solely by my will. If I don’t want you, I won’t have you. There’s no room for your interference!” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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