Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 394

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 394

Chapter 394 

Roger placed his arms on the table to support himself. His head was buzzing and he almost couldn’t stand

He was completely dumbfounded. His brain seemed to have rusted and could not move at all. He could not think of anything. 

When he made the call, he actually didn’t think that Olivia would easily agree with his opinion of not splitting the family. He just wanted to use his power as an elderly to make Olivia give in slightly so that he could plan later

Roger believed he still had some dignity left

However, he never expected Olivia to give him absolutely no face

Being an old man with slightly poor hearing, he had the volume on his phone set to the maximum. Even though the phone wasn’t on speaker, Olivia’s voice came through loud and clear to everyone present

Faced with Olivia’s merciless words, his first reaction was shock, then followed by embarrassment

Olivia actually publicly humiliated him in front of so many family members. In his 80 years of life, Roger had faced many challenges and difficult situations, but nothing had left him as embarrassed and humiliated as this moment

He gripped his phone tightly and said with a dark expression, Olivia, after all, I’m your uncle. How dare you not show any respect to me like this?” 

Respect?Olivia chuckled, a hint of coldness flashing in her exquisite eyes. Roger, respect is something you earn for yourself, not something others owe you

Let me ask you, have you ever earned the respect yourself

How are your medical skills? Have you inherited the aspirations of the Smith family, reviving the dying, helping the wounded, and bringing the medical skills. of the Smith family to a higher level

How’s your conduct? Have you followed the teachings of the Smith family, showing integrity and selflessness, and becoming a role model for the Smith family members

How broad is your mind? Have you set aside your selfishness, refrained from jealousy, and shown the generosity of an elder to educate and nurture the younger generation of the Smith family

May I ask if you have achieved any of these three points?” 

With each questioning, it felt like a knife was stabbing at Roger’s chest

He clutched his chest, taking a staggered step back

If someone hadn’t supported him from behind, he might have fallen to the ground

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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These three consecutive questions by Olivia felt like she was throwing Roger’s dignity to the ground and trampling on it mercilessly

Olivia, that’s enough!Jarron quickly stepped forward, snatched the phone, and roared into the microphone

It’s you.Olivia recognized Jarron’s voice. She changed hands to answer the phone and walked to the window. Looking at the lights outside, she suddenly found everything absurd

She chuckled at her own naivety. She had once wished to protect people like Jarron and Gillian

Jarron,Olivia said calmly. There was a hint of doubt in her tone. I’m quite puzzled. How do you have the audacity to come back? I provided you with such a highlevel setup, including graduating from a prestigious school, possessing reasonably advanced surgical skills, and a certain level of international 

recognition. I even specifically hired someone to teach you about interpersonal skills to enhance your emotional intelligence

All of these can make you successful. However, you couldn’t make any significant. impact in Mala and even suffered from bullying and suppression

If you can’t handle such minor issues and can’t navigate the interpersonal relationships in a small hospital in Mala, who gave you the confidence to think you can come back and compete with me

Is it your ridiculous audacity or your ill intentions?” 

These words came directly at Jarron, leaving him speechless and his face turned pale

Gillian stood at the side, clenching her fists tightly. She was so angry that her entire body was trembling, but she didn’t dare to step forward to speak up for Jarron

She was genuinely afraid. It was a fear from the depths of her heart

Olivia, who used to always stand in front to protect them, would no longer speak to her gently. Her expression was cold, her gaze sharp, and she had taken a completely opposing stance

She wouldn’t protect them even a bit anymore, and she might even direct her criticism at them

Therefore, Gillian didn’t dare to confront Olivia directly. She only dared to engage in some schemes behind her

Olivia said this and then fell silent, finding the conversation uninteresting. She had never considered Jarron and Gillian as her rivals. After completely overshadowing them, she naturally felt no sense of accomplishment

She raised her eyelids and her gaze became distant. Her fingers moved toward the buttons, preparing to end the call

Just then, Johan’s voice came from the other end of the phone


issing Darling 

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He was a shrewd and experienced man who was more reliable than Roger and surpassed him in abilities and aura

After taking the phone, he directly posed two sharp questions. Olivia, with your abrupt splitting of the family, do you not care about your grandfather’s feelings? If he wakes up one day and finds out what you’ve done, how will you face him? The Smith family has always been a subservient family to the Grant family. Even putting aside the fact about your unfaithfulness and loss of heritage, just consider the Grant family’s enormous influence. By betraying them openly, aren’t you concerned about endangering your family members behind you? As the head of the Smith family, don’t you consider your members even a bit

I admit that my support for Jarron and Gillian had elements of selfinterest and some selfish motives. But more importantly, it was for the development of the Smith family and the wellbeing of all its members

Going against the Grant family is foolish, and you are simply inviting trouble!Olivia’s lips curled up slightly, and she sneered. Since you brought up Grandpa, let’s discuss this matter. I dare to ask you, how do you know that Grandpa doesn’t want to split the family

My intentions align with Grandpa’s. If I want to split the family, Grandpa will certainly support me!” 

At this point, Olivia paused for a moment. Her tone turned mocking and carried a faint arrogance. Also, Johan, how do you know that I can’t protect my family members? How do you know that I’m not a match for the Grant family?Before Johan could carefully consider the meaning of her words, Olivia continued, I’ve already done my best for you and all the members. Even though I’ve separated you, I’ve made plans to ensure that all of Tom’s wealth belongs to you. I have a clear conscience regarding your settlement. The Grant family’s support for Jarron and Gillian this time, and especially Tom’s unwavering efforts, are merely aimed at obtaining the Smith family’s network and resources. They want to leverage this to get close to Mr. Swift and Mr. Phil.” As Olivia casually pointed out the Grant family’s motives, Gillian suddenly trembled and her heart grew cold with a sense of foreboding

She had a premonition that Olivia’s next words would push her into an abyss. Sure enough, Olivia slowly lifted her eyelids

Her eyes were deep and inscrutable, exuding a powerful aura from her longstanding high position. There was also a touch of playful and mocking demeanor, typical of a young woman

She playfully added, Please convey a message to Tom and the Grant family. The Smith family doesn’t have any connections with Mr. Swift and Mr. Phil. It’s me, Olivia, who has the connections with them.” 

Also, thank the Grant family for helping me regroup my family members. They 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

made it easy for me to identify the unfaithful and disloyal Smith family members

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I also thank them for offering a substantial amount of their family wealth to ensure each of the split members can enjoy their own gains.” 

With that, Olivia hung up the phone

All that was left in the hall was a group of people that were dumbstruck like 


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Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
Billionaire’s Missing Darling” by Theresa Wilde is a thrilling romance novel that follows the passionate and suspenseful journey of a billionaire’s beloved who mysteriously disappears, weaving together love, intrigue, and a quest for truth… Billionaire’s Missing Darling” by Theresa Wilde is a captivating romance novel that immerses readers in a world of luxury, love, and suspense. The story revolves around the enigmatic disappearance of a beloved character, whose absence sends shockwaves through the billionaire’s opulent life. As the plot unfolds, the reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from deep romance and desire to nail-biting intrigue and suspense. The novel masterfully weaves a tale of love tested by adversity, drawing readers into a web of secrets and mysteries that they must unravel alongside the characters. It’s a thrilling blend of romance and suspense, promising an unforgettable reading experience.   Billionaire's Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde  
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