Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 396

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 396

Chapter 396 

the bathroom to wash her face. She felt 

After the teacher left, Bettany went to depressed when recalling Linda’s words. Just now, Linda said, Olivia’s nobility is innate. If you want to learn from her, it’s useless to learn about external actions. You need to acquire a high intelligence and status like her.” 

Bettany used her finger to write the word Oliviaon the mirror and wiped it with 


She felt that Olivia was indeed amazing. At such a young age, she was already the head of the Smith family and was in charge of the Smith Hospital

She had the power to influence or control a situation. Her single word could make a great impact

Bettany raised her lips slightly. She wasn’t lacking in talent herself too. Rose had mentioned that she was extremely talented, and with some more time of learning, she could hold her own art exhibition

Alexander had also brought up the question of whether she wanted to continue her education in the future or start her own business

Bettany chose to pursue a business career

She aspired to become a worldrenowned artist, own her art gallery, and be a valuable partner to Alexander

She believed that one day she would stand at the same level as Olivia

She could achieve what Olivia could

Even if she couldn’t match Olivia’s versatility, she aimed to have the power to influence the world, navigate the stock market, control real estate, and make her mark in the realms of art, economics, and even politics

After tidying herself up, Bettany went downstairs to the living room

Her back was straight, and she exuded grace and elegance

In the living room, the First Elder came over and was talking to Zelen

When he saw Bettany, he beckoned her to join them. Come here.” 

Bettany’s body stiffened as she felt a bit nervous at first. But she quickly recalled Olivia’s demeanor. She raised her eyebrows slightly, adopted an indifferent gaze, and descended the stairs leisurely

Zelen, who was drinking water in the living room, was taken aback by her behavior and nearly choked on her drink

She wiped her mouth and looked surprised. She turned around and asked the maid beside her in a low voice, What’s wrong with Bettany? Her eyes seem distant, and she’s walking like an old man. Has her recent etiquette training been 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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in vain?” 

The maid replied, Miss Fulham has excelled in etiquette. Even the teacher hast praised her. However, the teacher also mentions that her gaze occasionally appears distant, saying it looks lifeless. Yet, she refuses to change it, thinking it’s a sign of nonchalance.” 

The corner of Zelen’s mouth twitched as she was speechless

She thought in mind, This kind of dead look, akin to that of a blind person, how could it be considered nonchalant? Olivia was the epitome of nonchalance.” Thinking about Olivia, Zelen’s heart skipped a beat, she suddenly wondered if Bettany was trying to imitate her

It was like trying to turn a dog into a tiger and the imitation was downright hilarious

Olivia’s nonchalant attitude was backed by confidence, given her high social status. Many things couldn’t affect her, which made her seem somewhat condescending. It was impossible for others to learn, and if they tried, they’d end up looking foolish

Bettany walked up to the First Elder and casually nodded at him before sitting down

This nonchalant attitude made the First Elder a little dissatisfied and he frowned slightly

However, it was not the time to be picky as he still had a more serious matter to attend

First Elder questioned Bettany, You lived with Olivia for a while. How is she? Does she have good interpersonal relationships?” 

Bettany remained silent as she actually didn’t know that much

She subconsciously lowered her head. She pinched her fingers and thought for a long time before saying, I can’t say for sure, but she’s quite a kind person. Even when we weren’t close, she saved me twice and even cured my right hand. However, she’s a bit arrogant. She treats me with an average attitude. Her sincerity is lacking, and she comes across as somewhat insincere.” 

Insincere?Zelen responded in surprise, How did you come to that conclusion?” 

Bettany frowned and replied, Well, she promised Rose that she would look after me, but she didn’t put in much effort. Everyone in our circle knows I owe her a favor, and my teacher advised me to respect Olivia. However, she’s actually quite arrogant and fake. She appears to take care of me on the surface, but, in reality, she only gives me her old dresses. She pretends to ask me about my preferences at auctions but never actually buys anything for me.” 

Zelen listened to all this with a heavy heart and couldn’t help but retort, You’ve got some nerve. Why should she buy you dresses or bid on items for you at an auction? It’s like you’re taking all these for granted. Enough, go and do your own 


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things. We can’t get any valuable information about her from you. And please, don’t imitate her nonchalance. You look like a fool.” 

Zelen’s tone was filled with impatience

Bettany was extremely embarrassed and quickly left

Afterward, Zelen turned to the First Elder and suggested, Bettany is not very useful. Perhaps we should send someone to gather information?” 

There’s no need, the First Elder replied in confidence with a coffee in his hand. Someone like Bettany cannot be swayed even by Olivia. You can see how inadequate her capabilities are. There’s no way she could win Mr. Phil and Mr. Swift’s favor

As for what she mentioned about her connections with them. She must be overly confident. Mr. Phil and Mr. Swift must have shown her kindness out of respect for Isaac

Zelen suddenly understood. You’re absolutely right. I can’t even think of this just 


That’s enough, the First Elder said impatiently, unwilling to entertain Zelen’s flattery. He instructed her, Jarron and Gillian are not very competent. Be cautious when visiting Mr. Phil and make sure not to make any mistakes.” 

Zelen nodded. I’ll accompany them.” 

Joshua had been living in a large manor in Layfield

It occupied an extremely large area and was filled with all kinds of vegetables and fruits. It was like a small farm

Farms were not rare, but it was rare to own such a large piece of land in a major city with a good level of economic development

This was enough to prove that Joshua’s identity was extraordinary

Zelen, Jarron, Gillian, and the chef they hired went there with two cars

One of the cars was driven by Jarron with Gillian sitting in the front passenger seat. Zelen sat in the back seat. In another car followed behind them was a driver and the chef

Zelen’s tone was uncertain. Isn’t it inappropriate to only bring the chef along? Should we prepare some other gifts?” 

Gillian looked at her and smiled. It’ll be fine. Mr. Phil has a very good temper. When I was young, I visited his place many times. Although I haven’t been there. as often as Olivia, I’m quite familiar with him too. He likes to interact with juniors. very much.” 

Upon hearing this, Zelen rolled her eyes and leaned in. You’re saying that Mr. Phil knows you?” 

Gillian nodded and explained in a low voice, In fact, I’ve been in touch with Mr. Phil for many years. He has always been very warm and welcoming.” 


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Zelen was delighted. Why didn’t you say so earlier?” 

Gillian shook her head. It’s not that we have a particularly close relationship. Mr. Phil is kind to every junior, even those he’s only met once or twice. He treats everyone nicely.” 

Zelen nodded thoughtfully

When they arrived at the entrance of the manor, the security guard at the door informed Joshua

Who’s here?Even though Joshua was in his 80s, he was still physically robust and had a very loud voice

The security guard reported respectfully, Two juniors from the Smith family are here.” 

Joshua thought that it was Olivia who came to visit him

His eyes lit up, and his voice immediately became enthusiastic. Hurry, let them in.” 

The security guard sensed Joshua’s excitement in his tone and understood that these guests were not ordinary. It seemed that Joshua had been looking forward to their arrival. He immediately adjusted his attitude, becoming even more respectful

Mr. Phil is delighted to hear that you’ve come.The security guard greeted politely with a smile, Please come in this way.” 

Upon seeing the security guard’s attitude, Zelen looked at Jarron and Gillian. Her eyes filled with surprise

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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