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Chapter 398 

How could they have an appetite to eat

Jarron and the othersexpressions were stiff and pale

No one expected Joshua to be so good to Olivia

They were still trying to please Joshua, doing their best to win his favor. But they didn’t expect that Joshua was actually trying to please Olivia

Joshua even planned to make a trip to Evervale personally in order to meet Olivia

Gillian could not sit still. Her fingers gripped her sleeves tightly, and her knuckles turned white and green

She recalled that when she was young. Isaac would only bring the three children to visit Joshua on Christmas

She could only visit once a year, and Olivia had no such restrictions. She could go whenever she wanted

Gillian had always been jealous of Olivia, thinking that Isaac was favoring her. Now, looking back, she thought that it wasn’t her grandfather’s favoritism but rather Joshua’s fondness for Olivia that allowed her to do so

Thinking of this, Gillian touched her cheek and talked inwardly to herself, Gillian, how much longer are you going to be stubborn? Aren’t you going to give up?‘ 

All the facts were overturned

Back then, when Olivia took away the position of the family head and left their hometown, she did not give up. After experiencing Olivia’s brainwashing and being attacked by Rose, she was indignant

So what was she still holding out for now

Did she have to put in all the effort and try until she hurt before giving up

Did she need someone to point at her nose and say she was not as good as Olivia for her to give up

After leaving Joshua’s manor, the three of them didn’t have the mood to talk. Gillian stood at the door and looked back. A great sense of grief and indignation suddenly surged in her heart.. 

She suddenly turned around and ran towards the main building in the manor, completely ignoring the surprised gazes of the people around her

Gillian ran very fast, relying on sheer determination. When she arrived at the living room, she saw Joshua sitting down and drinking coffee

She widened her eyes and stared at Joshua. She asked word by word, Mr. Phil, there’s something I don’t understand.” 



Joshua had always been very patient with the young ones. When he heard this, he waved at Gillian and gestured for her to sit in front of him. He asked gently, What’s wrong?” 

Gillian parted heavily. When her agitated emotions calmed down, she said, Mr. Phil, why do you all like Olivia but not me? I don’t understand. I don’t understand at all. Is it just because Olivia is smart and beautiful that everyone’s eyes are on her

And I, because I’m not as smart as Olivia Taylor, not as beautiful, and not good at pleasing people, am I not as good as her?” 

Gillian’s heart was full of hidden resentment, which finally erupted completely at this moment

Back then, she had questioned Isaac in the same way, but unfortunately, Isaac had a heart attack and didn’t provide her an answer

Gillian didn’t want to remain confused like this. She wanted a clear explanation from him

She wondered what the exact reason was

She thought, Why did they all like Olivia but not me? Was being smart and beautiful so important? I have worked so hard and treated everyone sincerely, but all I got in return was being ignored. This wasn’t fair at all

Feeling that God was unfair, she wanted to find an answer for herself

Joshua was originally holding a coffee cup, thinking that Gillian would ask him some special questions. In the end, she only vented her emotions

He shook his head in disappointment and sighed. Gillian, you only see Olivia as smart and beautiful. Can’t you see anything else when you see others treat her well?” 

Gillian frowned, unable to see beyond those qualities

People always say, when you meet a wise man, you have to observe and learn about his wisdom.” Joshua’s tone was faint. You grew up with Olivia Taylor. Didn’t you learn anything from her?” 

Gillian did not say anything, but Joshua could feel her unease from her body 


Joshua continued, You asked me why I’m good to Olivia Taylor. I’ll tell you now. Back then, your grandfather brought her to my house to nurse my body. My leg had always been weak. When I was injured when I was young, and since then I have often felt pain. When it acted up, it was so painful that I wished I were dead. Because it was a longterm illness, I couldn’t treat it even after many years of seeking medicine. I gave up and didn’t expect to recover

Even Isaac didn’t take my leg illness to heart. He just nursed my body

At that time, Olivia was only around six to seven years old. She looked small and 


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quiet, not saying a word, like a beautiful doll

No one expected that a sixyearold girl would take my leg disease to heart. She followed Isaac and asked about various treatments for my leg disease. She 

consulted ether doctors and studied books about it. After a year of pondering, she ran to me excitedly and said she could treat my leg

Hearing this, Gillian was surprised and asked, She cured your leg disease?Joshua shook his head and explained, How is that possible? She was still so young, but her effort was precious. She genuinely cared.” 

So that was how it was. Gillian finally understood that Joshua doted on Olivia because she was sincere to him

Gillian pondered in her heart. Just as she was about to speak, Joshua smiled and asked her, Do 

you the that I love Olivia because she’s sincere to me and cares 

about me?” 

Isn’t it?Gillian looked up

Joshua shook his head. Of course not. Old men like me will not be not so easily moved. At that time, I only thought that Olivia was sincere and cute but I didn’t dote on her.” 

The real love for her was three years after that incident. The little girl always remembered that my leg was not in good condition. Since it could not be cured, she tried all kinds of ways to reduce the pain I suffered. One had to say that Olivia was really talented in medicine. She had created a powerful painkiller before she was ten. After applying it, it could reduce most of the pain

At that time, I was really surprised and asked Olivia about the reasons she was so concerned about me

you. I’m 

Olivia smiled and replied seriously. Mr. Phil, I’m not concerned about concerned about Grandpa Isaac. I can feel his fear and flattery towards you. He hopes to cure you and gain your favor. Grandpa’s hope is my hope

Therefore, I hope to cure you and make you value Grandpa

Joshua’s voice became emotional as he said, That child’s heart is truly like crystal. She’ll give all she has to those people she holds dear in her heart. So” 

At this point, Joshua paused and continued, So, I hope that one day, I will also be taken seriously by her and become someone she respects.” 

He turned to Gillian and said in a puzzled tone, You’re already someone Olivia cares about. Why aren’t you satisfied? Why do you always want to disappoint her?” 

Gillian stood up and suddenly looked up

Joshua’s tone turned colder, no longer gentle and friendly but rather carrying the scrutiny and judgment of an elder towards a junior. Gillian, your aptitude is not high, just average. Without Olivia, you would never have achieved what you have today


It’s because Olivia has been exceptionally kind to you, to the point where you’ve developed the illusion that you stand on an equal footing with her and can compete with her

If it weren’t for Olivia and if you weren’t someone she cared about, you might never have had the chance to interact with someone of her caliber, let alone step. through the doors of my house. Do you know why you and Isaac can visit me every year? Do you know why I praised you and treated you kindly? It’s because of Olivia. She knew you wanted to visit me, so she begged me to agree to Isaac bringing the children along and begged me to take good care of you

Gillian, to be honest, without Olivia, I wouldn’t even give you a second glance. Your attitude is even lower than my assistant’s. I don’t have the time and energy to entertain everyone.” 

Gillian staggered back a step and fell heavily on the chair

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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