Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 401

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 401

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Chapter 401 

Olivia was brought up by Mr. Swift

Mr. Swift was once the head of the country, and his breadth of mind was beyond the reach of ordinary people

He had taught Olivia many things, the most important of which was the rule of the country. In other words, regardless of whether it was a black or white cat, it was a good cat if it caught a rat

Some things were about the outcome, not the process

Therefore, she used some tricks to deal with Tom

She could not always be led by the nose by the Grant family. She did not have that much time to fight against Tom and deal with the Smith family

Therefore, she would solve it from the root

After everyone left, Blake stayed behind. She still did not understand Olivia’s thoughts

Miss Olivia.Blake frowned and looked worried. How do you plan to resolve the matter with the Smith Hospital? The Grant family is not so easy to deal with. Our chances of winning are low if we fight against the Grant family.” 

The hospital’s problem is indeed not easy to solve.Olivia nodded and agreed. with Blake

However, she looked up with a mischievous expression. But I can solve the person who created the problem.” 

What does she mean?thought Blake

Blake was completely stunned

Olivia leaned back and raised her eyebrows at Blake. She said lazily, As long as we solve Tom, the hospital’s problem will be solved. If necessary, we can also solve the Grant family’s First Elder.” 

Things at the hospital were too troublesome to deal with

As Ben had said, it was fine to ask someone to expand the publicity and say that the Smith Hospital was fake. The director of the First Smith Hospital was the real Smith family’s heir, born into a family that had been glorious for a thousand 


Olivia had a way to invite business and political celebrities to promote the Smith Hospital

However, she felt that it was too troublesome. Since there was an easier way, why did she have to go around it

To deal with the Grant family, there was no need to reason with them. She would just use a powerful drug


All she needed to do was to get rid of Tom

The corners of Blake’s mouth twitched when she heard Olivia say that she wanted to get rid of Tom. She whispered, Miss, is this not that appropriate? It will cross the bottom line.” 

Don’t worry,Olivia comforted her. I’m a lawabiding citizen. How can I break the law knowingly? I’m just returning the Great Nourishment Pill that the Grant family gave me. How can I be the only one to take such a good thing? Of course, everyone should share it.” 

Blake was at a loss for words

First Elder had also contacted Olivia

The location was the Smith family’s villa in the western suburbs

When Olivia returned to the villa in the western suburbs, First Elder had been waiting for a long time. Behind him stood Zelen, glaring at Olivia with a gloomy expression

Olivia, was it speak, Zelen questioned angrily. Her fingertips almost poked Olivia’s face. Olivia pushed her fingertips away and walked to the sofa in front to sit down. She instructed Roland to make a cup of coffee before turning to Zelen. Her tone was calm and did not hide anything. Yes.” 

You? Did you do something to Tom?Before First Elder could 

Zelen was rendered speechless by her nonchalant tone, as if she was talking about. a trivial matter

Zelen had been in the industry for many years and was a scheming person. She was not a rash person who could not control her emotions. The reason why she questioned Olivia before First Elder was to deliberately anger her and provoke her emotions, wanting to find her flaws

In the end, Olivia openly admitted to it, instantly extinguishing Zelen’s anger. Zelen did not know what to do next

She turned to First Elder, her eyes a little dazed

Looking at Zelen, First Elder’s eyes darkened slightly

Olivia was acting so brazenly. It was obvious that she was prepared. It seemed that this trip would not go smoothly

All along, First Elder had never taken Olivia seriously. He only treated her as a newborn calf that was not afraid of the tiger. She did not know how powerful the Grant family was. That was why she dared to provoke the Grant family

First Elder did not 

could just arrange ven bother to deal with this kind of young lady personally. He 

could just arrange for someone to suppress her

Unexpectedly, this little girl was not a hothead at all. Instead, she was ruthless yet brilliant. She had some ability

Even Tom had fallen into her hands

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Thinking of this, First Elder’s heart became heavier. He looked at Olivia and said solemnly, Is it really you who attacked Tom?” 

Olivia lifted her cup and drank the coffee, ignoring First Elder

Seeing this, First Elder’s eyes darkened. He suddenly laughed. Ms. Taylor, don’t tell me you that I came here to ask you to treat Tom?” 

Isn’t that so?Olivia blinked

“Of course not.First Elder seemed to be very confident. There was no worry in his eyes as if Tom’s illness was not a problem

He could not show his fear in front of Olivia. Otherwise, the initiative would be in the other party’s hands

This was the confidence of negotiation. Once they lost their confidence, they would lose without a doubt

First Elder couldn’t lose. He had to hold on

Only when he stabilized himself would Olivia panic. This way, he could control the direction of the matter

Thinking of this, First Elder’s expression became even more confident. There was no anxiety or worry on his face at all. He did not look like his son was seriously ill at all. He even had the heart to fiddle with the coffee cups

He was waiting, waiting for Olivia to panic

As expected, Olivia was surprised to see that he was not here to seek treatment. Didn’t you come here to beg me to treat Tom?Olivia was surprised

Of course not.” First Elder smiled smugly

Great, Olivia panicked

She was still too young

This was now his game, controlled by him

First Elder sat up straight and was about to speak

Olivia had already said, If you don’t want me to treat you, why are you here? I don’t have that much time to waste. Roland, send the guests out!” 

As she spoke, she stood up and was about to leave

First Elder squinted his eyes, and his heart sank

This Olivia could not be underestimated

Wait.First Elder stopped Olivia. Although I’m not here to ask you to treat Tom, I’m indeed here for him.” 

Olivia turned around and pretended to be all ears

First Elder said coldly, Olivia, I’m familiar with your grandfather. Although you’re not inferior to the Grant family and are unwilling to listen to his commands, I don’t want to see you go to jail. The reason why I came this time is 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

to give you a chance

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As long as you’re willing to save Tom, I’ll let you off and pretend that nothing happened. Otherwise” 

Otherwise what?Olivia was curious

First Elder’s eyes were cold and threatening. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend the rest of your life in jail.” 

In jail?Olivia chuckled. First Elder, you have to have evidence when you do things. Do you want me to go to jail for what I did? I’ve never poisoned Tom.Heh.First Elder sneered. Little girl, you’re still too inexperienced.” 

He turned to Zelen and said, Play the recording.” 

He had recorded everything Olivia said from the moment she entered the room. With the recording evidence, Olivia could forget about escaping

Zelen quickly took out the recording pen and found the previous recording. Then, he lifted his head and looked at Olivia smugly before pressing the play button

After a while, a hissing sound came from the recording pen as if it had been disturbed

Zeen instantly froze and lowered his head to 

Olivia sat back in her chair and supported her chin with one hand. She looked at First Elder and said, Sometimes, I wonder if you guys have brains. If you can think of the recording, can’t I

Moreover, this is my territory. Are you trying to scheme against me in my territory? Aren’t you being too arrogant?” 

You!First Elder’s expression was cold. His expression was terrifying as he stared at Olivia. I really underestimated you!” 

Thank you for the compliment.Olivia’s eyes curved into crescents as she kindly reminded him, First Elder, have you forgotten? I’m the most powerful candidate that you’ve carefully selected after going through layers of trials

You should feel very proud. Speaking of which, I was personally nurtured by 


Speaking of this, Olivia changed her hand to support her chin and continued. First Elder, you’re really a strict father! I’ve gone through layers of trials since I was young and learned all kinds of scheming skills. What I’ve experienced in just twenty years has surpassed the hardships of others in their entire lives

Speaking of which, I should be considered quite powerful

As for such a powerful person like me, you assigned your pure and innocent son to fight against me. I really don’t know. Do you think he’s strong enough to deal with me, or do you think he won’t die quickly enough?” 

Bang! First Elder slammed his palm heavily on the table. His anger soared to the 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

sky. His eyes were red as he glared at Olivia, wishing he could tear her into pieces

Raising someone like Olivia was a disaster

He had really underestimated her


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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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