Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 404

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 404

Chapter 404 

News soon spread to the Mason family

After the Manson family’s head received a call, his expression changed. His face. was filled with shock

Winona sat beside him and looked at his father curiously. Dad, what’s wrong?” 

Jonny’s tone was dumbfounded. The Grant family has issued a ban on Olivia. They asked us to gather up and annihilate Olivia.” 

What?Winona was shocked. Then, joy flashed across her face. Really? Did the Grant family really ban Olivia?” 

The head of the Manson family, Jonny, nodded solemnly. Yes.” 

That’s great!Winona jumped up from the sofa excitedly. Some time ago, she lost to Olivia in painting and promised never to pick up a paintbrush again. She had been cooped up at home

She was so frustrated that she was about to go crazy

If the Grant family surrounded Olivia and no longer had the right to speak, there would be no way to threaten her. Wouldn’t she be able to draw again

Winona was overjoyed

Dad, what are you going to do? How are you going to ban Olivia?” 

Jonny was in deep thought. the Grant family has ordered a complete 

encirclement and suppression of Olivia, without any leeway, at all costs. First step, the Grant family includes all of the Grant family’s subjects. Remove all commercial cooperation with the Smith family and the Sullivan family.” 

Winona frowned slightly. Why is there still the Sullivan family?” 

Jonny turned to look at his daughter with a deep gaze. This is forcing the 

Sullivan family to stay away from Olivia. If they don’t, only death awaits them.” 

Hearing this, Winona was relieved. Then, her eyes were filled with interest

Wasn’t Olivia and Daniel’s relationship strong and unbreakable? She wanted to see if Daniel would still like her if she implicated the Sullivan family’s business

All relationships in this world could not withstand setbacks, especially conflicts of interest

She did not believe Daniel would choose Olivia’s side and fight against the Grant family

The Watson family, the Holmes family, and the Smithson family also received ban orders

Greg, the head of the Smithson family was shocked. There’s no need for this. There’s no need for this.” 


Bulionaire’s Missing Darling 

His nephew Harvey was very surprised to see the Smithson family like this. What exactly happened? Why would the Grant family ban Olivia?” 

As a close subservient family, they knew exactly how powerful the Grant family 


The head of the Grant family, Alexander’s uncle, was now the most powerful contender for the next head of the nation. He was only a step away from the highest position

Although the matter had yet to be certain, the Book family was still running for the position with the head of the Grant family as his rival

However, the Book family was far inferior to the Grant family. The Grant family had been passed down for more than a thousand years, a few ministers protected itters. Its tentacles covered every corner of the country. Be it business, industry, technology, culture, medical skills, and so on, it could see the figures of a few ministers

As for the Book family, they were fighting alone

At the end of next year, the head of the Grant family would be the head of the nation

At that time, the Grant family’s forces would reach their peak

With such a powerful force, the Grant family could easily deal with Olivia. Olivia had no resistance at all

Facing such a powerful force, no matter how smart Olivia was, she was just throwing an egg at a rock

The head of the Smithson family’s words were filled with regret. He admired this girl, Olivia. She was innovative and valued relationships. In the future, she would definitely be a powerful big shot

Unfortunately, she was destroyed by the Grant family before she could grow up. Harvey also felt that it was a pity. Olivia was a very charming person. Although the two of them did not interact much, Harvey had a good impression of Olivia. Uncle, what should we do?Harvey was conflicted. Should they really attack Olivia

The head of the Smithson family closed his eyes and said helplessly, This is not something we can decide. As a subservient family, we can only listen to the Grant family.” 

Speaking of this, Greg sighed. Pass down the order. Remove all contracts with the Smith family and the Sullivan family.” 

Similarly, the Manson family and the Holmes family gave the same order

Only the Watson family’s head, Jeremy, had yet to give the order. The Watson family was in scientific research and did not have much cooperation with the outside world. He had always been giving patent authorization to companies and 


Billionaires Missing Darling 

taking dividends himself

Basically, all the technologies that the research institute could control were licensed to the Manson family and the Holmes family. They were rarely given to outside companies

If Watson family did not cooperate with the Smith and Sullivan families, there was no need for him to pass down the order

The secretary beside him asked, Mr. Watson, are we not going to do anything? The Grant family has already given the order. Isn’t it not good for us to do nothing?” 

I know.Jeremy squinted his eyes. There’s no hurry. Our priority now is to control Capitol Research Institute. As long as we rope in the dean and obtain control, we can check and balance the Smith family and the Sullivan family from the highest level of technology.” 

The secretary nodded. Understood. I’ll go and find out where the dean is now. The dean didn’t appear at the end of the year, so the dean will definitely appear at next year’s New Year’s Assembly.” 

Jeremy nodded. He was very satisfied with the secretary’s ability. Go.” 

Olivia was still celebrating Christmas with the Sullivan family and Andrew 

Sullivan. However, Taylor received a message from Yanis. Many business partners. outside had terminated their contracts with them

Not only that, but many industries were also competitors

In order to deal with the Smith family, the other party did not hesitate to lose money and sell a large number of goods at a low price

With the exception of a few industries with exclusive recipes, all other mass industries have suffered major attacks

Do you know the reason?Olivia handed a fruit to Andrew. She raised her hand and took a tissue to wipe the water off her fingertips before asking unhurriedly. She didn’t seem too worried about the Smith family being attacked

Yanis was originally anxious, but when she heard Olivia’s calm tone, she instantly. calmed down

She felt more at ease

All along, as long as Olivia was around, no problem could not be solved

Yanis reported in a low voice, I asked some business partners. They said that the Manson family, the Holmes family, and the Smithson family have joined forces to resist us. Not only their own industries but even their business partners have been informed not to cooperate with us.” 

Speaking of this, Yanis’s tone was worried. The Grant family has revealed their true intentions. They are not hiding their intentions at all. They ar trying to bring us down!” 

Olivia listened to Yanis quietly. She suddenly thought of something and asked, Is the Sullivan family alright?” 

Yanis said in a low voice, It’s also affected. It’s said that the higherups want to talk to Daniel.” 

Higherups? The head of the Grant family?Olivia raised her eyebrows in surprise. Tsk, could it be that the Grant family’s top boss is going to make a move?” 

Yanis frowned. Miss Olivia, will it affect your relationship with Mr. Sullivan?After all, not everyone could withstand such huge pressure

No,Olivia said confidently

Yanis’s eyes 

lit up. You’re saying that Mr. Sullivan’s feelings for you are stronger than gold and won’t be affected by external pressure?” 

No.Olivia shook her head. The corners of her lips curled up into a smile. The calm and soft aura on her body instantly receded like a tide, and an indescribable temperament rose

Looking at Olivia, Yanis’s heart palpitated. It was the fear of seeing a stronger 


Olivia was calm and composed. When I said that the Grant family would not affect my relationship with Daniel, I meant that the Grant family is not qualified enough. What is the Grant family? It’s not worthy of adding pressure to our relationship and causing trouble

Only Daniel and I can decide my relationship with Daniel. No one else has the right to interfere!” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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