Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 405

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 405

Chapter 405 

The head of the Grant family would not easily get involved in such matters. The political circles in the country were very special. Unlike other circles, it was taboo for those in power to abuse their power for personal gain

He could support the family in private and promote the younger generation of the family, but he had to be fair and just on the surface. He could not bend the law for personal gain

Otherwise, not to mention affecting his reputation, his political enemies would bite him to death

He was at the center of the political vortex, and everyone watched his every move. It was impossible for him to personally go and make things difficult for a woman like Olivia

However, this incident was too big. Great Nourishment Pill’s matter concerned the Grant family’s life and death. Once this matter was exposed, he would be the first to fall

Not to mention, being in the political power circle, even business would be dealt a huge blow

He had to destroy Olivia while she was still vulnerable and had not made any 


Therefore, the head of the Grant family made an exception and made an appointment with Daniel

After the news spread, the upperclass society was stunned. They discussed whether Daniel had touched some taboo. Otherwise, why would the higherups ask to see him for no reason

Although the news of the Grant family’s appointment with Daniel had not spread completely, it was only circulated in a small area

However, it also dealt a considerable blow to the Sullivan family

Loaning banks have raised interest rates and shortened loan maturities, requiring the Sullivan companies to pup quickly

The partners began to lose confidence in the Sullivan family and canceled their cooperation. Some shareholders also started to sell their shares

The media kept a low profile and removed all the previous interviews about Daniel. The entertainment industry no longer discussed the matter of the wealthiest man and the head of the Taylor family

Twitter even blocked the two keywords, Daniel and Olivia. All the posts about. them disappeared

For a moment, the Sullivan family was in a state of panic, and the storm was striking. It was like a small boat swaying in the sea

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

This was the power of politics. A small action could make the wealthiest man in the country keep a low profile

First Elder had been paying attention to this news. Seeing this, he sneered. This is nothing. In two days, the Miss Liebsig will meet Daniel. If we label him as a monopoly, the Sullivan family will suffer.” 

The Second Elder sat at the side and waved a feather fan. Jarron, you were too softhearted previously. Couldn’t you have dealt with Olivia earlier? You didn’t have to let her jump around for so long. It’s annoying to watch.” 

Bettany happened to bring coffee over to the two elders. When she heard this, she was very surprised and subconsciously looked up

She wondered, What did that mean? Had the Grant family taken action against Olivia?” 

The Second Elder took coffee cups and raised his eyebrows as he glanced at Bettany. He said, I remember that you’re Olivia’s junior. Did the two of you acknowledge the same Miss Liebsig?” 

Bettany replied respectfully, It’s Painting Association’s Mrs. Liebsig. Olivia and I learned painting from Mrs. Liebsig.” 

Oh.Second Elder nodded and said in a benevolent tone, You’ve served Mr. Alexander well during this period of time. I’ll reward you with a favor. Hurry up and tell your Miss Liebsig to keep her away from Olivia. Otherwise, her position as the president will be gone.” 

When he said this, Second Elder’s tone was casual as if the title of the president of the Painting Association was just an identity that was not worth mentioning in his eyes. He casually reached out and took it off

Bettany was shocked and overjoyed

The Grant family was too snobbish. It was so big that it exceeded her imagination. He could actually casually decide the candidate for the president

Bettany nodded at Secodn Elder and ran upstairs to make a call

As soon as Mrs. Liebsig picked up, Bettany quickly said, Miss Liebsig, something happened. Something happened to Olivia.” 

When she heard that something had happened to Olivia, Mrs. Liebsig 

subconsciously stood up. Her eyes were filled with worry. What happened to Olivia? Don’t be anxious. Tell me slowly.” 

Bettany took a deep breath. Olivia has angered the Grant family. Now, the Grant. family is going to attack Olivia. The Grant family will attack everyone related to Olivia if they don’t express their attitude immediately and cut ties with Olivia. Miss Liebsig, do you know the Grant family? The Grant family’s family head is the one who appeared on the television news. Now, Daniel has already been interviewed. After the Sullivan family is settled, it will be your turn.” 

Mrs. Liebsig found it unbelievable. She had a good impression of the Grant 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

family’s family head. In her memory, Mr. Grant was the same as Mr. Book. He was a good official who served the country and the people. Why would he mobilize so many people to deal with a little girl like Olivia

This was too exaggerated

Seeing that Mrs. Liebsig did not believe her, Bettany panicked. Miss Liebsig. believe me. I heard it from First Elder and Second Elder.” 

At this point, Bettany paused for a moment. Her tone began to become subtle and carried an unknowing sense of superiority. Miss Liebsig, Second Elder said that he will let you off on my account as long as you make a statement and draw a line with Olivia.” 

Nonsense!Mrs. Liebsig reprimanded. The news is still uncertain. How can you believe everything you hear? Even if it’s true, Olivia is still my student. This will. never change.” 

Miss Liebsig.” Bettany frowned. She was very dissatisfied with Mrs. Liebsig’s attitude. She felt that she did not know how to appreciate favors. If it were not for her, the Grant family might have dealt with Mrs. Liebsig

Not only did Mrs. Liebsig not appreciate her kindness, but she was also stubborn. She even wanted to help Olivia

Bettany was very angry

She said angrily, Miss Liebsig, don’t blame me for not reminding you. If something really happens to you, I won’t plead for you.” 

Bettany, what are you saying?Mrs. Liebsig was very surprised. You disappoint me. Not only did Olivia save you, she healed your right hand and let you pick up your paintbrush again. She even recommended you to me. Aren’t you grateful at all that Olivia saved your life?” 

What’s the point of saying all this now?Bettany flew into a rage out of 

humiliation. She’s the one who’s arrogant and conceited. She insisted on going against the Grant family. What has it got to do with me? The Grant family is so powerful. What can I do?” 

Mrs. Liebsig did not want to talk to Bettany and hung up

When she heard the busy tone on the other end of the phone, Bettany’s eyes turned cold as she said in a low voice, You don’t know what’s good for you!” 

Then, she turned around and stomped downstairs. She ran to Second Elder and said, Second Elder, do whatever you want with Mrs. Liebsig. You don’t have to let her off on my account.” 

Second Elder was discussing the rest of the plan with First Elder when he heard Bettany’s words. He immediately choked.. 

Second Elder stared at Bettany with a speechless expression

The Grant family had no time to deal with so many people. Was he going to 

make the entire world his enemy? He only had to deal with the Smith family and 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

the Sullivan family to restrain most of the forces. There was no need to complicate matters

For those who were not related to him, he would usually threaten them and would not attack

What he said to Bettany just now was just to scare Mrs. Liebsig so that she would take the initiative to draw a line with Olivia

Unexpectedly, Bettany could not even handle such a small matter. She actually came over to ask him to deal with Mrs. Liebsig

She was such a fool

Did she really think that she could ask him to do anything she wanted

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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