Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 406

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 406

Bullionaire’s Missing Darling 

Chapter 406 

When Olivia learned that the Grant family wanted to have a meeting with Daniel, she felt a cold chill run down her spine

She was always aboveboard in her dealings with the Grant family. The only exception was when she drugged Tom. In any case, she was using the Great Nourishment Pill from the Grant family at that time

She never wanted to use her title as the director of Capitol Research Institute to revoke any collaboration with the Grant family. She was a firm believer in cutting deals in a fair and just manner

Since the Grant family did not keep their word and provoked her first, she had no qualms about getting back at them

They would compete to determine who was more influential

Olivia gave a call to Alexander directly

Alexander was shocked to receive Olivia’s call. When he regained his senses, he figured Olivia was calling him to plead for Daniel

Alexander curled his lips and sneered at that thought

Olivia was still very concerned about Daniel

He scoffed at Daniel for being such a weakling. He even needed a woman’s help. He wondered what was wrong with Olivia’s taste. How could she fall for such a wimp like Daniel

Alexander regarded Daniel with contempt

Alexandra sat on the couch with his legs crossed. He did not say a word. Instead, he waited for Olivia to plead with him

Unexpectedly, Olivia’s first sentence was, Get First Elder to come and answer the phone.” 

Alexander was dumbfounded

His confident facade crumbled when he was unexpectedly confronted with 

Olivia’s abrupt orders

Olivia was not looking for him. She wanted to speak to the First Elder

Anger rushed through Alexander. His hand was shaking. Why are you calling me to look for First Elder?” 

Alexander clenched his jaw, trying to press down his anger

Olivia blinked, surprised at how angry Alexander was. However, she had more important things to do and did not think about his feelings

She replied bluntly, I can’t get through to the First Elder. That’s why I called you. Ask him to come over.” 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Alexander clenched his fists in anger

Olivia only regarded him as a messenger

Rage seared through Alexander, and resentment clouded his thoughts. He had the urge to smash his phone. However, for some reason, he felt an invisible force forcing him to grip the phone tight

He could only reply curtly, Wait a moment. I’ll go and get the First Elder.” Alexander was already feeling very aggrieved to give in to Olivia’s demands. To make matters worse, Olivia added coldly, Go and look for him yourself. You should also listen to what I have to say.” 

He fumed inwardly, How dare Olivia bark orders at me!” 

Alexander’s face contorted with rage

Brimming with anger, he went out with his phone. He bumped into Bettany, who was running in his direction

Alexander frowned. Why are you running? Didn’t you attend etiquette classes? It’s very rude to knock over someone.” 

Bettany instantly stopped in her tracks. The smile on her face faded, replaced by a watchful and ingratiating expression

She stood upright and tried to appear graceful. Alexander, I made some ravioli. Would you like to try them?” 

Alexander looked displeased. Didn’t I tell you to stay out of the kitchen? There are servants handling such chores. All you have to do is to stay by my side and behave yourself.” 

Bettany lowered her head, looking helpless. I’m sorry, I just wanted to” 

Before she could finish speaking, Alexander interrupted impatiently, I’m busy. I have to go out for a while.” 

With that, he quickly left

Bettany followed after him. Alexander, where are you going?” 

Alexander ignored her and quickened his pace. At the same time, he picked up his phone and explained, The First Elder should be in the building at the back. I’m making my way there. I need around two minutes. Don’t get too anxious.” 

There was no response on the other end of the phone

Puzzled, Alexander called out, Are you there, Olivia? Are you still there?Olivia Taylor

Bettany’s body stiffened as she followed behind him. She instinctively clenched. her fists

Alexander was takling to Olivia on the phone

Bettany wondered, What did Olivia say to him? Did she mention anything about the whistle?” 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Bettany suddenly felt nervous

It was a long while before Alexander heard Olivia’s voice on the phone. What’s up? Is the First Elder here?” 

Alexander was flabbergasted

He gritted his teeth. Not yet. Where did you go just now? I called out to you a few times. Do you know that I…” 

Olivia interrupted, Just go look for the First Elder. Give me a call when you find


She then hung up abruptly

Alexander was about to explode with rage. He almost smashed the phone

The First Elder was in a meeting with the other elders in the conference room. Alexander called Olivia after making his way to the conference room. He changed the phone to speaker mode and said coldly, What’s up? You can tell us now.The First Elder and the others looked at each other, confused. They did not understand what Alexander meant. Who was he talking to on the phone? When they heard Olivia’s voice from the other end of the phone, the First Elder understood what it was all about

So it was Olivia who wanted to talk to him

He taunted Olivia for being impatient, even though he had requested a meeting with Daniel not long ago. At first, he thought Olivia could wait, but to his surprise, she was now pleading with Daniel so quickly

It was no fun at all

The First Elder was calm and composed. He waited for Olivia to speak first. He wanted her to beg him

Olivia leaned back in her chair. Except for the cold gaze in her eyes, her face was devoid of any expression

She narrowed her eyes and said, First Elder. Where’s the report on the Great Nourishment Pill that I asked for earlier?” 

First Elder was stunned for a moment. He did not expect Olivia to ask for the report at such a time

He frowned. Olivia, did you call just to ask for the report on the Great Nourishment Pill?” 

Olivia ignored the First Elder’s question. She repeated, Where is it?” 

Olivia, I’m asking you a question. Didn’t you hear me?The First Elder felt a flash of irritation and was unable to suppress his anger. What kind of lowly upbringing did you have? You’re very rude. Didn’t Isaac teach you manners? I really don’t know how Isaac could bring up such a rude girl like you.” 

The more the First Elder spoke, the angrier he became. He could not care less 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

about his righteous image as an elder

He always carried himself with dignity and spoke with restraint, rarely talking at length. Also, he hardly used harsh words on anyone

However, Olivia was testing his limits

Olivia’s expression was indifferent. She continued to ignore him. First Elder, I’m asking you. Where is the report?” 

The First Elder was so angry that he was shaking with fury. Olivia, you bitch. All you know is to ask for the report. Can you listen to me? I’m telling you. There’s no such report. There’s nothing at all.” 

Oh, I understand now.Olivia softened her voice. She continued impassively, Now that this matter is closed, let’s talk about something else. We have other scores to settle.” 

Other scores

The First Elder shuddered. He suddenly had a bad feeling

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
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