Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 407

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 407

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Chapter 407 

Olivia had never liked to beat around the bush. She went straight to the point. I heard you have banned everyone from working with us.” 

Finally, they had come to the main topic

The elders exchanged looks. The First Elder spoke up, Olivia, you are Isaac’s granddaughter. You are also chosen by the Grant family to marry Alexander. We have been very patient with you all this while

You treated the Grant family with much disrespect. You wanted the Smith family to break away from us. But we didn’t hold them against you

Not only did you not appreciate our goodwill, but you got more bold. We tolerated you because we are your seniors and also on Isaac’s account

But you drugged Tom and also created a lot of trouble for us because of the Great Nourishment Pill. We all have our limits. Once you push us beyond our limits, we will have to take action against you

Now that you’ve incurred our wrath, we can only stop all our cooperation with you. You deserve it.” 

Olivia lowered her eyes, and a cold glint flashed across her face. That’s a coincidence. I’ve also been very tolerant toward the Grant family.” 

She had given them many chances

The First Elder frowned. He did not understand what Olivia meant. He was about to ask Olivia to clarify her statement when the Fifth Elder said, Olivia, where did. you get so many voodoo worms?” 

The essence of the Great Nourishment Pill was the voodoo worms

They were special worms that were similar to cordyceps. They looked like plants. that had no life before they were awakened. Even the most advanced technology would be able to detect them

The voodoo worms were not easy to breed. For many years, the Grant family tried to breed them in hopes of accelerating their reproduction. They experimented with various methods but were still unable to significantly increase their population. In fact, the number of voodoo worms in their possession had diminished

Left with no choice, the Grant family gave up the idea of speeding up their numbers. They could only stick to the traditional method of breeding the worms

After trying for many years, the Grant family was left with around one dozen voodoo worms. They could only breed one or two worms every year

Yet Olivia managed to breed thousands of voodoo worms within a short period

No one knew how she did it. No matter how hard he thought, the Fifth Elder could not figure out what went on

JOILUTE & MIssing Darling 

He had been bogged down by that question for the past few days. Unable to hold it any longer, he could not resist asking Olivia

Do you mean the voodoo worms?Olivia asked dismissively. To her, it was not a difficult thing to do, so she told the Fifth Elder without hesitation, That can be easily done. Just clone them. I don’t have time to breed them slowly. They’re just some small insects, and their genetic sequence is very straightforward.” 

The Fifth Elder was speechless

Olivia made it sound like a simple job. He did not expect such a brief answer. If breeding those worms had been a straightforward task, the Grant family would have been considered fools for centuries

The Fifth Elder did not believe what Olivia said. He retorted coldly, That’s impossible. The Grant family also tried to clone them. It cannot be done at all. Even if we manage to clone them, their growth will be impaired. They will die eventually.” 

Olivia looked up, looking calm and composed. She exuded a commanding presence. Just because you guys can’t do it doesn’t mean I can’t.” 

The Fifth Elder felt a flicker of irritation. He could not speak for a long time, as if he was in a trance

He muttered to himself, This is impossible. It’s impossible. How can Olivia be so powerful?” 

Seeing that the Fifth Elder had gone quiet, the Second Elder snatched the phone away from the Fifth Elder and warned, Olivia, don’t think that you can threaten us with the Great Nourishment Pill. The Grant family’s influence is greater than you think. Don’t even think about posting the report about the Great Nourishment Pill on the internet. You should be familiar with the Skynet system. All online information in the country must be vetted before they can be published

I know that you will release everything you know about the Great Nourishment Pill if we take any action against you. But so what if you know the secrets of the Great Nourishment Pill? We don’t care at all

For Isaac’s sake, I’ll give you one last chance. Stop whatever you’re doing and hand over the recipe of the Great Nourishment Pill. Also, swallow one of the pills. After that, kneel and beg for our mercy.” 

Olivia wanted to laugh out loud when she heard him mention the Skynet system. She was the one who developed it

Olivia narrowed her eyes. Not wanting to argue with the Second Elder, she snapped, You can dream on!” 

The Second Elder went cold with fury. Olivia! You’d better wise up.” 

Olivia sneered, Is the Grant family always so arrogant? Have your desires become insatiable because of the long legacy of the family? You’ve become too smug for 

Bullionaire’s Missing Darling 

your own good

Is there no one in this world who can deal with you?” 

The First Elder snarled, Stop talking nonsense, Olivia. I’ll give you one last chance. Beg for mercy. Otherwise, the head of the Grant family will hold a meeting with Daniel

And that is only the beginning.” 

What if I don’t do as you say?Olivia asked calmly


The First Elder’s expression darkened. Ha! Then can just wait for doomsday.” 


Olivia kept quiet

The First Elder’s expression froze. Thinking that his threats had scared Olivia, he was about to continue when Olivia said, Have you really decided not to cooperate with me? Does that include the Grant family and the entire clan? Are you bent on severing all ties with me?” 

Of course.The First Elder smiled smugly. Haven’t you already seen for yourself? The Grant family and all the clans have stopped our cooperation with both the Smith family and the Sullivan family.” 

Olivia smirked. Really? We still have a lot of projects on hand. I know the cooperation for these projects is still ongoing.” 

The First Elder frowned, while the others looked equally bewildered. What did Olivia mean? They had already issued an order for the entire clan to stop all cooperation. It was not possible that they were still working with Olivia. Did someone disobey their orders? Were they still secretly working with Olivia? The First Elder’s face turned pale. He decided to investigate the Grant family and the clan to stop them from defying his orders

He then looked at the phone and said, Olivia, there’s still time. I’ll give you three more days. If you kneel and beg the Grant family for mercy within these three days, we will let you off.” 

After the First Elder finished speaking, he waited for Olivia to reply. However, there was still no response after a long time

He wondered if Olivia did not understand what he meant

Alexander also looked in the direction of the phone. He then took his phone and checked it carefully. Shortly after, his face fell

He looked up and said, She’s already hung up.” 

Everyone in the conference room was flabbergasted

A wave of fury crashed through them

The First Elder slammed his hand on the table. The Second Elder kicked the stool. The third elder smashed the cup. The fourth elder clenched his fists in 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

anger. They were all venting their frustrations

Meanwhile, Olivia went to get something to eat after hanging up the phone. She did not feel angry or nervous

She was not the least bothered by what everyone in the Grant family said

Back in the conference room, the First Elder almost choked on his anger. He said, Go and look for the head of the family. Tell him to hold a meeting with Daniel. We have to deal with the Sullivan family as soon as possible.” 

The Second Elder was also livid with rage. I’ll tell the head of the family that Olivia is too arrogant. This time, we have to make sure she suffers. We’ll show her what the Grant family is capable of.” 

The Grant family quickly got down to work and soon, everything had been arranged. They then waited in anticipation. They were certain news that the Sullivan family was in dire straits would spread

Indeed, a day later, the media published a piece of news about the Sullivan family. However, it was not the news they were anticipating

The Deputy Head of State, Mr. Book, met with Daniel. He commended the latter for playing a crucial role in upholding the wellbeing of the country. The Sullivan Group was also named one of the best private enterprises in the country

The Grant family was stunned to read the news

All the elders were flabbergasted how things turned out

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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