Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 408

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 408

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Chapter 408 

The Grant family did not know why Mr. Book would interfere in that matter. The First Elder frowned

Although Mr. Book and the Grant family were competitors, they had always. stayed clear of each other’s business. There was no reason for Mr. Book to get involved in their business

The First Elder could not make sense of it all. He wanted to contact the head of the family and ask what was going on

Before he could get hold of the head of the family, the Grant family was dealt another blow

First, Jonny called to inform them that several of their projects with Capitol Research Institute had been terminated. The experts sent by Capitol Research Institute had packed up and left

The research institute would also not renew the patent licenses it previously granted to the Manson family

The First Elder tried to stay calm and consoled Jonny, Don’t get too anxious. Something must have happened at Capitol Research Institute. Jeremy mentioned. to me that there’s a deputy director in the research institute who doesn’t get along with him. There is a power struggle between them. I’m sure that person is behind this

I’ll give Jeremy a call later to check what’s happening at the research institute. I’ll also ask him if he has met with the dean.” 

Jonny became excited when he heard the First Elder mention the dean. Has the dean appeared? Is Jeremy confident of getting the dean to our side?” 

The First Elder curled his lips and contemplated, It’s highly likely. The Grant family is very powerful. If the dean is smart, he will definitely agree to work with

  1. us

That’s great.” Jonny was relieved to hear that

The next family to call the First Elder was the Holmes family. First Elder, for some reason, Capitol Research Institute has stopped all our cooperation.The First Elder said unhurriedly, Don’t worry. There’s some competition. between Jeremy and another deputy director of the research institute. Somehow, you are all implicated in this power struggle. It will be over soon. I heard that Jeremy managed to obtain the dean’s contact information. He should be able to meet with the dean soon.” 

Larson was pacified when he heard that. That’s good. I almost got a scare.” The First Elder then hung up the phone

He first thought of contacting the head of the Grant family. After some thought



he decided to give Jeremy a call first

The matter involving Capitol Research Institute seemed more serious because it involved the investments of both the Manson family and the Holmes family. They could not afford to lose their money

The First Elder then called Jeremy

The latter answered the phone after it rang a couple of times

Jeremy’s voice sounded defeated. First Elder?” 

The First Elder was a perceptive person. He could tell immediately that Jeremy’s voice sounded strange

He wondered if Jeremy was fighting a losing battle with the other deputy director. The First Elder frowned and tried to maintain his composure. Jeremy, did something happen at the research institute?” 

Rubbing his face, Jeremy said, First Elder, I’ve gotten the mobile number of the dean,His voice was hoarse. It sounded as if he had not rested for days. The First Elder clapped his hands excitedly. Really? That’s good news.Good news?Jeremy’s tone was faintly mocking. First Elder, I want to ask you a question. What if the dean of Capitol Research Institute decides not to support the Grant family? Or worse, what if he is on Mr. Book’s side? Do you think the Grant family will still stand a chance of winning the presidential election at the end of this year?” 

What’s wrong with you? Why are you saying such things?The First Elder was displeased

When people grew older, it was inevitable for them to become more superstitious. Most people liked to see and hear auspicious signs and omens. Yet Jeremy was uttering such discouraging words for no reason. The First Elder was not happy to hear him saying that the Grant family might lose the presidential election. He chided Jeremy coldly, I think you’re too distracted from your fight with that deputy director. How can you curse the Grant family? Don’t worry about your power struggles for the time being. The most important thing now is to contact the dean. Don’t you have the dean’s mobile number? Hurry up and call him.After saying that, the First Elder felt uneasy. Forget it. Give me his number instead. I’ll contact him personally. The Grant family had to eat the humble pie and show our respect to get him to our side.” 

Jeremy replied curtly, You don’t have to ask me for the dean’s phone number, First Elder.” 

What on earth are you talking about?The First Elder was simmering in anger. He did not understand why Jeremy was behaving so rudely toward him. It was unlike his usual self

Jeremy sounded very agitated that day

ARRAITU s Missing Darling 

Jeremy was unfazed by the First Elder’s wrath. He snorted, Hal I’m doomed. The Watson family is doomed. First Elder, do you know that the Watson family is ruined this time

I’ve already received news that I’m not going to be reappointed as the deputy director. I’m going to retire. Do you know what mandatory retirement means? This is the dean’s order. It will be announced during the annual meeting later this year. I’m no longer Capitol Research Institute’s deputy director

The Watson family has been slogging hard at the research institute for years. Now, everything’s gone.” 

Jeremy was laughing in a deranged manner. He looked like he was suffering from a mental disorder

The First Elder finally realized that something had gone wrong

The other elders held solemn expressions too

Taking a deep breath, the First Elder said sternly, Jeremy, stop laughing. What happened? Quick! Tell me! The news has not been announced. We can still salvage the situation

There’s still the dean. Don’t you have the dean’s mobile number? Send it to me quickly. I’ll talk to him personally. I’ll make sure you get reappointed.” 

Jeremy went berserk. That’s impossible. Do you want to talk to her personally? Do you know that she hates the Grant family most?” 

The Manson family and the Holmes family should have received the news by now. The research institute has terminated all cooperation with them. The patent licenses will be revoked this 


Do you know? Currently, all the technologies in the research institute have been upgraded. When the patent licenses granted to the Manson family and the Holmes family expire, the research institute will activate the new technologies, rendering the technologies of the two families obsolete

The research institute is determined to destroy the Manson family and the Holmes family!” 

That’s impossible!The First Elder’s body was quivering although he tried to put up a brave front. The Manson family and the Holmes family are large corporations. They have businesses across many industries and have a lot of employees under them

I don’t believe the research institute will allow these big organizations to fall so easily

Besides, there is no feud between us and the research institute. There’s no reason to attack us.” 

Who says so?Jeremy mocked, Apparently, the Grant family was the one who started this

Do you know who the dean of Capitol Research Institute is?” 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Jeremy looked like a maniac with bloodshot eyes

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He recalled how he lost his composure when he received the news the day before. Now, he wanted the arrogant Grant family and the elders to experience the same anguish

The Watson family was already done for. Jeremy was bent on dragging everyone else down with him

After a brief pause, Jeremy said sarcastically, The dean of Capitol Research 

Institute is Olivia Taylor.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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