Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 409

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 409

Chapter 409 

What shocking news

Stupefied at the news, the First Elder took a few steps back and collapsed into the 


He mumbled, Impossible. It’s impossible. She’s so young. It can’t be true.” 

Hal.Jeremy no longer wanted to talk to the First Elder

So what if they threatened him with the Great Nourishment Pill? Since the Watson family was already done for, it did not matter anymore. He could not care less

Jeremy hung up the phone, determined not to get involved in the Grant family matters in the future

Meanwhile, Olivia was at Smith Hospital in Layfield

She was visiting Isaac

Isaac’s condition had stabilized, and all his health indicators had returned to normalcy. However, he was still in a coma because of the voodoo worms

The worms in Isaac’s body were activated during his previous heart attack. They had been absorbing the energy in his body

That was the reason why Isaac had not woken up after so long

Olivia sat by Isaac’s bed. She held his hand, thinking of how healthy and active he used to be. Now, he was lying motionless on the bed, barely breathing

Her heart wrenched to see him in that state

She missed her grandfather very much

Just then, Ben, the deputy director of the hospital, walked into the room. When he saw the thin and slender girl sitting by the bed, his heart welled up in sorrow. Olivia was only in her twenties. While many girls of her age were still protected by their parents, Olivia had already experienced a multitude of life’s challenges. Her grandfather had fallen gravely ill, and her siblings had turned against her. Not only did she have to take care of her grandfather, but she also had to take on the responsibility for Smith Hospital

Although Olivia never complained, Ben knew she must be tired

With such a huge burden on her shoulders, she must be under intense pressure. At the thought of that, Ben felt a sharp pang in his heart. He walked up to her and patted her shoulder. Olivia, if you cannot take it any longer, just cry out loud. You’ve to shoulder the responsibility of such a big hospital. If this burden is too huge to bear, get some professional help.” 

Taken aback, Olivia’s eyes blinked. Ben, what are you talking about? How can the 


hospital be a burden to me?” 

Ben did not say any further

After leaving the hospital, Olivia went back to the old house to take a rest

Blake waiked up to her, looking worried. Miss Olivia, if the Grant family doesn’t give you the cure for the Great Nourishment Pill, what should we do next?” 

Yanis was equally worried

Isaac’s health was getting worse. No one knew how long he would last. Olivia had already decoded the secret of the Great Nourishment Pill, but the Grant family refused to give her the cure. Thinking about it made Yanis exasperated

He said in a low voice, Miss Olivia, should we think of another way to make the Grant family give us the information?” 

Unruffled, Olivia continued tapping on the keyboard. Suddenly, she said, I’ve got 

  1. it

Blake’s voice was a little hoarse. Miss Olivia, what did you just say? What do you mean you got it?” 

Yes, that’s right.Olivia nodded

Not only Blake but even Yanis was startled. He asked, How did you get it?Olivia answered impassively, I hacked into the Grant family’s system.” All along, Olivia did not expect the Grant family to hand over the Great Nourishment Pill’s cure voluntarily. Even if they gave it to her, she would not know if they were being truthful. They might forge the information before handing it to her

She had threatened them with the Great Nourishment Pill to make them panic so they would rush to check if the information was indeed missing

She could then follow their lead to get the information

Earlier, Olivia had already hacked into the Grant family’s security system. However, the Grant family was a big clan, and the system contained a vast amount of information. Olivia had no idea where the information regarding the Great Nourishment Pill was stored. She could only wait for them to start looking for it 


After keying something into the computer, the printer nearby started up. Three copies of the document containing information on the Great Nourishment Pill were printed

Olivia gave Yanis and Blake a copy each

She pointed to something on her copy. The Grant family doesn’t have much information on the cure for the Great Nourishment Pill. They’ve never researched much about it. It seems like they never had the intention of finding


Then what should we do?Blake was worried. She read the document anxiously

Suddenly, her eyes fell on one sentence

The De Laski tribe of the Mysthoran knew a skill that could purge the voodoo worms from one’s body. However, members of the De Laski family were 

separated from each other during a war more than a hundred years ago. Since then, the skill was lost

Lost?Blake muttered

How could the skill be lost

Olivia also stared blankly at the sentence. After a brief moment of silence, she decided, Regardless, this is still a clue. Both of you can continue to search with this clue using the Smith family’s connections. I’ll try to look for people from the De Laski tribe.” 

Although she could make use of the Skynet system to look for the De Laski tribe, it might still be an uphill task given that the system was only set up recently. It contained no records dating back to hundreds of years

That day, Olivia did not stop at Layfield. Instead, she made her way to Evervale. On the way back, she called Ivan and asked him to check on the De Laski tribe in Mysthoran using the Skynet system

With so few clues, Ivan knew it was not going to be easy to look for them. Nevertheless, he had to follow Olivia’s orders. He immediately went into the Skynet system to check on the information

Elena was driving the car when she overheard Olivia looking for someone from the De Laski tribe. Curious, she asked, Miss Taylor, why are you looking for these people?” 

Olivia briefly explained the situation to Elena

Elena kept quiet for a while before saying, Miss Taylor, I know of someone.” Olivia immediately looked up

Elena explained, My friend’s aunt sounds like the people you just described. Her last name is De Laski, and she’s highly skilled in voodoo craft. However, my friend has not contacted her for many years.” 

After some hesitation, Elena continued, Since this concerns Mr. Smith’s health, I’ll contact my friend and ask him about it.” 

Olivia looked at Elena gratefully. Thank you.” 

Elena pursed her lips and smiled. Although she seemed outwardly cheerful, her eyes looked vacant. She was not her usual lively self

Elena put the earphones into her ears and dialed a string of numbers on the number pad. She had not saved the phone number in her phone, but it seemed engraved in her memory. She did not need to think. The numbers naturally appeared in her mind

Pressing the dial button,Elena tightened her grip on the steering wheel


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

After a long time, the call was finally connected. The soft and soothing voice of a woman was heard on the other end of the phone. Hello? Who is this?” 

Though shocked, Elena quickly recovered and smiled. She greeted chirpily, Hello Anna. This is Elena.” 

Oh, it’s you, Elena. The person sounded apologetic. I’m sorry, Wesley didn’t save your number in his phone. I didn’t recognize the mobile number.” 

Anna’s voice carried a probing tone. Elena, are you looking for Wesley? Is it urgent? He’s making soup for me in the kitchen. As you know, my legs are not in good shape. I frequently need medical cuisine, but I don’t know how to cook them. Wesley cares for me very much and takes time to prepare the soup personally

I tried to stop him from cooking many times since we have a nanny at home. Besides, he has to go to work every day. It’s very tiring to make soup for me. But he refuses to listen to me. There’s nothing I can do about it.” 

Elena said, Anna, don’t get me wrong. I need a favor from him on behalf of my boss. It’s about work. There’s nothing else. Don’t worry.” 

Elena, don’t misunderstand. I’m not doubting you.Anna changed the topic and asked about Elena’s work. By the way, Elena, are you working? Aren’t you involved in some scientific research? Why are you working? What kind of work is that? Is it tiring? Who’s your boss? Does he treat you well?” 

Elena took a deep breath, looking helpless. Anna, can you please pass the phone. to Wesley? I need to ask him about something.” 

After a brief silence, Anna finally said, Okay.” 

Elena waited for quite some time before she heard a panting noise. It appeared that the other person had rushed over in a hurry

Wesley tried to calm himself down. Elena. Are you looking for me?” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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