Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 410

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 410

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Chapter 410 

Elena looked down, trying to sound normal. Wesley, I’m calling you because I need to ask you about something.” 

A call to Wesley already caused Anna to be in a state of panic. Elena wanted to cut the chase and get to the main point. Do you have an aunt from the De Laski tribe living in Ritchfield and is proficient in voodoo craft?” 

Yes.Wesley nodded. He instinctively frowned and asked in a worried tone, Why are you asking about this? Are you ill?” 

Elena explained, It’s not me. It’s my boss. She’s looking for someone who knows voodoo craft from the De Laski tribe. Wesley, can you introduce her to me? It’s not something illegal or evil. My boss needs help from the De Laski tribe to save her grandfather.” 

Wesley immediately agreed, Okay. Where are you now? I’ll go look for you.” Elena was stunned for a moment. She quickly turned down his offer. It’s all right. There’s no need for you to come over. You can just give me your aunt’s phone number. I’ll call her myself.” 

Wesley frowned. Elena, you don’t have to be so polite with me.” 

I…” Elena wanted to explain, but Wesley refused to accept no for an answer. My aunt’s character is rather strange. You can’t look for her yourself. She won’t help you if I don’t come along. Didn’t you need her help to save someone? This is a matter of life and death. We can’t afford to take any risks.” 

Elena sighed. Okay then. I’ll have to trouble you. But what about Anna? Can she manage by herself?” 

Wesley did not want to give Anna any chance to refuse his offer. There are servants at home. Don’t worry about her. Where are you now? Give me the address.” 

Hearing this, Elena turned to look at Olivia

Olivia nodded

Elena then gave Wesley the address of the Smith family’s villa

After hanging up the phone, Elena sighed deeply, sounding as if she had just fought a hard battle

She then caught sight of Olivia looking at her through the rearview mirror. Elena stuck out her tongue sheepishly. Miss Taylor, I must have embarrassed myself in front of you. My relationship with Wesley is a little complicated.If not for Isaac, Elena would probably not have contacted Wesley for the rest of her life. Since they had nothing to do during the drive, Elena started to tell Olivia about. Wesley


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

It was not as complicated as it seemed. Elena and Wesley were childhood sweethearts. They grew up together

Both families were neighbors and were also business partners. Earlier, their parents verbally agreed to a marriage arrangement for the children

However, there was no formal agreement. It sounded more like they said it in jest. Elena had always liked Wesley, her dashing neighbor, when she was young. She would follow him around everywhere

Wesley was two years older than Elena. When he left home to study at

university abroad, Elena vowed to catch up with him. She studied hard and finally got admitted into the same university as Wesley

Before the school term started after her SAT exams, Elena wanted to give Wesley a surprise by visiting him at the university

Before setting off for the university, Joanne Wayne, Elena’s mother, handed her two duffel bags and a huge backpack containing many things

Elena protested loudly, Mom, I’m only going away for two days. Are we moving house? I haven’t started school yet!” 

Joanna glanced at Elena, They are not for you, you little imp. You have no lack of things. These are for your cousin, Anna. She’s also studying in Evervale. You should visit her while you’re there.” 

Flabbergasted, Elena exclaimed, Mom! Do you know how far Anna’s university is from Wesley’s? One is in the north, and the other is in the south. Do you want to make me walk till my legs break?” 

Elena was only joking with Joanne. Both mother and daughter always bantered. with each other

However, Joanne was a little sensitive this time. Her eyes reddened, and she said. solemnly, Elena, do you despise your cousin? Anna’s family is not rich. Are you shunning your relatives from my family just because of what your paternal grandmother always says?” 

Joanne came from a humble background. She had suffered much after marrying. into the more affluent Wayne family. Her motherinlaw never held her in high regard

Feeling helpless, Elena hugged her mother and tried to pacify her. After some time, Joanna’s tears finally turned into smiles

Mom, don’t worry. I’ll bring all the bags to Anna, even if there are ten of them.Joanne chided, We have a driver. You don’t have to carry these bags. Anyway, Anna’s room in the dormitory is too small to hold too many things.” 

Elena was about to set off when Joanne reminded her, Elena, you have to take care of Anna. She’s not as strongwilled as you.” 

Okay, okay. I get it,Elena replied impatiently


When Elena reached Evervale, she went to Anna’s university first to pass the stuff to her. She then brought Anna along to meet Wesley. The three of them had a meal and went to a karaoke together

After partying till late at night, they parted ways

Elena had planned to confess her feelings to Wedley during that trip. Unfortunately, she did not get a chance to do so since Anna was with them. Back in the hotel that night, Elena was about to ask Anna to go back to school herself the next day. She also planned to tell Anna about her feelings for Wesley. However, before she could say anything, Anna caught her unaware

Elena, is Wesley your neighbor? Do you think we will make a good match?” 

Elena immediately froze up. She looked at Anna several times, trying to determine if the latter was joking

Anna sat on her bed, her eyes sparkling. She waved a note at Elena. Elena, Wesley secretly gave this to me. He asked me to go on a movie date with him tomorrow Do you think he likes me?” 

Elena’s feet were rooted to the ground. She was unable to move at all

Anna’s revelation hit her like a sudden splash of icy water, leaving her with a stunned expression and a rush of overwhelming, unexpected emotions

It felt very painful and shocking

Elena was at a loss for words. Unable to react for a long time, she wanted to reach out to take the note from Anna. Let me take a look.” 

No.Anna moved away nimbly, blushing. I’m not showing it to you.” 

Elena looked down

Elena.Anna kept the note and walked up to Elena. Can you go out by yourself tomorrow? I can’t keep you company. I want to go to the movies with Wesley.” All right,Elena mumbled

The next day, Elena did not go out. Instead, she headed straight for her home. Following that episode, she did not know much about what happened between Wesley and Anna

She only knew that they were in a relationship marked by frequent ups and downs over the years. One day, she received news that Anna got into a car accident and broke her leg

Both of them finally settled into a stable relationship after that

After recounting her experience to Olivia, Elena pursed her lips. It was a tumultuous relationship. They had a pattern of splitting up and getting back together.” 

Olivia looked down at her phone while listening to Elena’s story. When she heard Elena’s last remark, she suddenly looked up. Are they married?” 


Elena shook her head. No. The Robert family refused to let her marry into the family.” 

Olivia nodded. Hmmm, You only appeared briefly in their story. Why is she so wary of you?” 

Elena was taken aback by the question. She then broke into a smile. Miss Taylor, I can’t seem to hide anything from you

When I was in my sophomore year, Wesley confessed his feelings for me. He said I was the one he liked. He was with Anna because she had deceived him.” 

Do you trust him?Olivia asked

Elena took a deep breath. It doesn’t matter if I trust him. The day before he spoke to me, I had accompanied Anna to get an abortion. She said the child was Wesley’s. He had fallen in love with someone else and didn’t want this child. How absurd is this? I unknowingly became the murderer of this child.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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